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... late Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn, who backed Democrats, and the late Houston homebuilder Bob Perry, who supported Republicans. Perry won from the Legislature protections against lawsuits over defective construction and even a new if short-lived state agency to handle homeowner complaints.
For more information contact Kitty Hawk Town Hall at 252-261-3552 or Public Works at 252-261-1367, or email Town residents are encouraged to utilize the Recycling Center located at 4190 Bob Perry Road, next to the Dare County Boat Ramp, to dispose of large items at their ...

Composite construction also hit its stride, and the company was chosen to build Baraka, Lyman-Morse's first all-carbon sailboat, designed by Reichel Pugh ... Stephens Waring Yacht Design, C. Raymond Hunt, Ted Fontaine, Michael Porter, Mark Fitzgerald, Pursak & Wurmfeld, Bruce Farr, Bob Perry, Robert ...
For a moment in the summer of 1996, it appeared that the renewed interest in the contra-cocaine story might offer an opportunity to revisit the crimes and misdeeds of the Reagan-Bush era, but those hopes were dashed when the “the Big Media” decided to double down on its earlier failures to cover this ...
The Swig Co. will break ground in June on the city's only large new office building slated to open in 2020. The project at 633 Folsom St. includes a five-story addition of nearly 100,000 square feet atop a 1966 office building developed by Swig, one of San Francisco's oldest landlords. The existing building ...
Lighting design is by Gary Bigelow; prop coordinators are Claudette Correiro and Beverly Pereira; costumes by Kim Macomber; hair/makeup by Ashley DeCosta; set design by Bob Gillet and Kathy Castro; and set construction by Bob Gillet, Ron Caisse, Adam Vitale, Ken Rego, and Roberto S.C. Soares.

Of course, there is no better person to record these anarchic outback charity fund-raising Bush Bash events than a veteran cameraman who was his own news director. Stacked away somewhere in all Bob's stores are those reels of film, tape, audio, video and digital records of some of the State's crazier ...
Redmond resident Robert (Bob) Perry announced Thursday that he will withdraw from being one of three nominees to fill the Oregon House District 59 seat vacated by John Huffman of The Dalles. Perry said he intends to support the candidate who earned the precinct committee members' nomination on ...
I never thought I'd hear the words “climate change” from either of my parents. Growing up in Houston, my family subscribed to a meteorological view prevalent in the Bayou City: that the weather was controlled by God. Houston is home to the nation's largest church, as well as scores of churches founded by ...
The Houston-based builder is stepping into the second largest market in Texas with a line of luxury homes under a new Britton Homes brand. By Kayla Devon ... Growing up, she spent her time off from school on sites with her dad, Bob Perry, founder of Houston-based Perry Homes. Britton's first job in high ...

Earlier this year, on April 12, Texas construction magnate Bob Perry cut a million-dollar check to the Republican Governors Association, a group he regularly ... In our present, Florentine era of big-money politics, the death of Bob Perry is a cautionary case study in what happens when one of the engines of a ...
Bob Perry, a homebuilder who became one of the largest Republican campaign donors in Texas and eventually the nation, gaining notoriety in 2004 as ... attention as a national donor during Mr. Bush's re-election campaign, in 2004, when he gave $4.4 million to a group known as the Swift Boat Veterans ...
Mr. Perry attracted wide attention as a national donor during Mr. Bush's re-election campaign, in 2004, when he gave $4.4 million to a group known as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth for its attack ads accusing Mr. Kerry of overstating his military accomplishments in Vietnam and discrediting his former ...
Since 2000, Bob Perry, the wealthy Houston home builder, has contributed about $28 million to more than 400 candidates and political action ... He gave $4.4 million to the Swift Boat Veterans campaign that attacked the Vietnam War record of John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate.
One is Rick, the state's longest-serving governor. The other is Bob (no relation), the state's largest individual political donor during that time. There is no close second. Since 2000, Bob Perry, a wealthy Houston home builder, has contributed about $28 million to more than 400 candidates and political action ...
A Mansfield couple's nearly decadelong legal battle with their home builder, Perry Homes, and a home warranty company took another step toward closure Monday when a ... Perry Homes is owned by Bob Perry, who has contributed heavily to judicial candidates and political action committees in Texas.


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