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updated Fri. April 28, 2017

Atlanta, GA, based Investment company Benedict Financial Advisors Inc buys Stanley Black & Decker, TransCanada, Gilead sciences, LyondellBasell Industries NV, Siemens AG, American Express Co, C.H.
Investment company Perennial Advisors, LLC buys PowerShares Preferred Portfolio, Tiffany,, SPDR Gold Trust, facebook, PowerShares Exchange-Traded Fund Trust, Goldman Sachs Group, US Bancorp, Schwab U.S.
Looking out a few years, I believe you will see a reduction in the number of broker-dealers as well as Advisors. Firms (and Advisors) that will be successful will be offering a flexible platform without conflicts of interest while delivering advice to ...
Investopedia is expanding advisor Insights, the platform it launched a year ago, to host advisor-created content with a new program called Priority Leads that connects Advisors with potential clients. Whenever an advisor answers a question on Advisor ...
This analyst blog is part of our coverage of the 2017 Morningstar Investment Conference. By Rhiannon.
Advisors are no longer worried about losing business to robo Advisors, according to new research by the Shareholders Service Group.
20 years ago, financial advisor collateral material was an eight-page firm brochure that described company history, teams of professionals, services, and unique benefits.
IFP advisors, Inc initiated holdings in Colony NorthStar Inc. The purchase prices were between $12.87 and $21.77, with an estimated average price of $14.6.
Novato, CA, based Investment company Hennessy Advisors Inc buys VF, Coca-Cola Co, Plains GP Holdings LP, AstraZeneca PLC, ConnectOne Bancorp, Kemet, Opus Bank, BP PLC, China Mobile, Dime Community Bancshares, sells Spectra Energy, ...
Name and address of issuer: Advisors Disciplined Trust 1637 c/o Advisors Asset Management, Inc. 18925 Base Camp Rd., Suite 203 Monument, CO 80132 2. The name of each series or class of securities for which this Form is filed (If the Form is being filed ...
The desire for increased transparency and a concerted effort to provide a best interest standard for service will benefit Advisors and consumers. Advisors will have the opportunity to use these issues to differentiate their offerings, which will in ...
Robert Shiller seems to be publicly airing a dispute between his brain and his heart. Jeff Miller, in contrast, coolly and analytically compares two market valuation hypotheses.
It's been clear for some time that the US is particularly fertile ground for robo-advice - the country has far more robo-advisors than any other geography. However, absolute numbers alone might not be an unqualified indicator of a healthy industry ...
I thought I'd ask this investment advisor what he tells his clients about that part of their portfolio that he has no role in managing.
AT&T logo Heritage Way Advisors LLC purchased a new position in AT&T Inc. (nyse:T) during the fourth quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
A capital One survey of investors, capital providers and Advisors found that 96 percent of respondents believe economic conditions are "better" or "the same" as last year, signaling widespread optimism and opportunities among professionals.
Coldwell banker Commercial Advisors expands its Ontario, Calif., operations with the opening of a new full-service commercial real estate office located in the first building at 3959 Inland Empire Blvd.
Investopedia, an online resource for financial information for Advisors and consumers, has added tools to its advisor Insights platform to help match Advisors with potential clients. Priority Leads enables people who are looking for an advisor to ...
Disclaimer: Investment advisory services offered through Acute Investment Advisory, LLC. insurance and annuity products are sold separately through Acute wealth Advisors. We do not provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your attorney or tax advisor.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - (Newswire) - April 25, 2017 - Nevada Clean magnesium, Inc. (NVM)(otc pink sheets:MLYFF) (the "Company") is pleased to ...
Kelly talks with former Clinton Foundation General Counsel Scott Curran about social impact and innovation and how Scott's early classes in improvisation informed his career choices.
Investment company Delphi Private Advisors LLC buys iShares Core S&P 500, iShares Core S&P Small-Cap, Vanguard FTSE Developed markets, Danaher, iShares iBoxx $ Investment Gradeorate Bond, Xenia Hotels & Resorts, NetScout Systems, Fortive, ...
For those of us who had hoped Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, the president's National Security Advisor, would make up for the inexperience and curb the impulses of the current administration, the last few weeks have been ...
A newly created firm, Resolute investment advisors LLC based in Colorado Springs, Colo., has joined HighTower, a national advisor-owned Financial Services ...
David Booth is co-founder of mutual fund powerhouse Dimensional Fund Advisors and now executive chairman of the company. He stepped back from his role ...
The campaign is a continuation of Schwab's "My Independence Day" ad campaign which the firm started in 2014 and was also aimed at advisors. In conjunction with the current ads, Schwab is offering Advisors mulling independence case studies and other ...
President Museveni has asked Parliament to make room for another 18 presidential advisors in the next financial year. The move is in keeping with the president's tradition of shoring up the numbers of his presidential Advisors after every election ...
Morningstar behavioral economist Sarah Newcomb, PhD, has put out a new research paper designed to help financial Advisors address "financial ill-health" among their clients.
Here's another line item for your "things to discuss with my financial advisor" checklist: cybersecurity. With the Financial Services industry consistently considered a prime target for cyberattacks, some financial Advisors say the electronic safety of ...
This effort to suit the needs of financial advisors in terms of mobile technology comes as Interactive brokers is building the capabilities of its Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) business segment.
Adams Asset Advisors, LLC initiated holdings in CBL & Associates Properties Inc. The purchase prices were between $8.93 and $11.88, with an estimated average price of $10.26.
advisors capital Management, LLC initiated holdings in Aircastle Ltd. The purchase prices were between $21.11 and $25.65, with an estimated average price of $23.15.
Sterling Risk advisors Inc., 2500 Cumberland Parkway in the Cumberland area, and Savannah-based Seacrest Partners Inc. announced plans to merge and operate as Sterling Seacrest Partners Inc. The new company will be the largest privately held, ...
Nationwide Fund advisors initiated holdings in Uniti Group Inc. The purchase prices were between $25.32 and $29.24, with an estimated average price of ...
Former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page has been infiltrating cable news (and possibly your nightmares) with his shifty mannerisms for the past several weeks.
"Although both female and male Advisors are disciplined for misconduct, female Advisors are punished more severely," the report notes.
Omaha, NE, based Investment company Cambridge Advisors Inc. buys Vanguard Total Bond market, Vanguard Intermediate-Termorate Bond ETF, Vanguard Total stock market, iShares Core S&P Small-Cap, Intuitive Surgical, Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal ...
ds0417_audioAdvisors_logo Founded in 1982 as a traditional car stereo company, Palm Beach, Fla.-based Audio Advisors has adapted with the ever-evolving retail and consumer technology industries over the last 35 years.
"Some people are concerned with the return 'of' their money by their advisor in as much the return on their money," said Jon Ulin, a managing principal of Ulin & Co.
Helping clients give money away isn't just good service, a new survey from Foundation Source finds that it can actually be good for one's advisory practice, too.
Prosperity capital Advisors, a Westlake-based registered investment advisor, has named Douglas King as its president and CEO.
As managing director and regional president of Wells Fargo's Gateway Region, Byer will be responsible for about 1,000 employees in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Colorado.
Calamos advisors Llc initiated holdings in NCR Corp. The purchase prices were between $41.56 and $49.59, with an estimated average price of $44.67.
Hoffman's article offers many ideas for minimizing investment costs, and to his immense credit, the professional financial advisor intelligently subjects the acquisition of professional Financial Services to the same sort of analysis, noting that "a ...
Concord, NH, based Investment company Granite investment advisors, Inc. buys Abbott Laboratories, Danone SA, AT&T, Bank of New York Mellon, Merck, Viacom, Transocean, Wal-Mart Stores, United Technologies, McKesson, sells Corning, American ...
New York, NY, based Investment company Beech Hill advisors, Inc. buys Citigroup, Exxon Mobil, Vodafone Group PLC, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Bank of Americaoration, Gilead sciences, Dick's sporting goods, Amazon.
DIVIDEND RULER COVERED CALL PORTFOLIO, SERIES 2017-2Q (advisors DISCIPLINED TRUST 1790) A portfolio pursuing a covered call option writing strategy consisting of common stocks of foreign and domestic companies selected by applying a ...
In the next several weeks Raymond James is setting its sights on rolling out a revamped suite of "longevity" planning tools. The updated software comes with the kinds of bells and whistles that advisors might expect from a nearly five-year-old package ...
"As financial Advisors, we don't manage money as much as we manage behavior. And when you're managing behavior, that is an ongoing service, which lends itself to the subscription-style service offering," said Moore, who recommends Advisors interested ...






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