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EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles-based finance and distribution outfit 13 films has hired former Endgame Entertainment head of business and legal affairs Greg Schenz as VP.
13 films has hired former Endgame Entertainment head of business and legal affairs Greg Schenz as VP.

Kevin Costner filed suit on Tuesday against Kylin Pictures, accusing the Chinese financier of firing him from the film "Shanghai Sojourners" in breach of their contract.
Industry leaders shared strategies, challenges and concerns for the future as the office and industrial real estate association celebrated its 75th.

Joshua Cohen, a financier with the U.S.D.A.'s Rural Utilities Service in Washington D.C., got to see the federal dollars at work on the tour.
Added to the law putting a ceiling on interest rates, financiers must now tread a thin line if they were to avoid heeling over.
SURAT: A 26-year-old financier, who was also into the dairy business, was brutally killed by two assailants riding a motorcycle in Katargam area of the city on Friday night.
New Delhi: Two men have been arrested for bludgeoning a financier to death on Friday in West Delhi's Vikaspuri. One of the accused had borrowed some money from the victim and wanted to take another loan.
Singapore, Oct 21 (PTI) International banks were competing to finance Indias ambitious target of 175-gigawatt solar and wind energy development by 2022, a top international banker has said.
One of the founding partners of Mission capital advisors' debt and equity finance group is embracing new technology with a crowdfunding website that brings more real estate investors into deals.
Dubai Film Festival initiative is aimed at private financiers looking to invest in the film industry. The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will launch film finance initiative The Dubai investors Club at its upcoming 13th edition, running ...
Macquarie backs fracking in the UK and beyond, holds positions in climate change denying oil majors such as ExxonMobil, and has loaned hundreds of millions to coal companies and projects.
financiers backing the development of a $550 million golf and spa resort in southeast Queensland have taken possession of the Brookwater Resorts site after a protracted dispute with the developer.
In a statement Au financiers, MD, Sanjay Agarwal said, "As a small finance bank with a digital-first approach, our aim is to offer an enhanced customer experience by capturing customer imagination through our products offering and services levels.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged Bimstec leaders to find out the mentors, masterminds, abettors, financiers, arms suppliers and trainers of terrorists and extremists to defeat terrorism.
A private financier fired three rounds from a revolver at a man in Bilkha village over some old animosity on Thursday midnight.
London (Alliance News) - South African diamond miner DiamondCorp PLC on Friday s. aid it is in "accelerated discussions" to secure the GBP500,000 it needs to continue as a going concern after a potential financier pulled out of talks. Alliance News ...
A center at Harvard University devoted to the study of people of African descent has received a $10 million donation from its namesake, financier Glenn Hutchins, for projects including a study of poverty, inequality, and race in Greater Boston's most ...
Advice for us from the financiers who built the British Empire. 6 Replies. Summary: Andrew Odlyzko, one of our top polymaths and futurists, gives us a new perspective on the economy and markets of our time by comparing them with those of Victorian ...
The Employers' Confederation of Zimbabwe (EMCOZ) which wholly funds supports the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF) human capital development projects, has voiced grave concern over the looting of funds by Higher and Tertiary ...
After learning that Srinivas had allegedly transferred his properties to his relatives, the financiers started pestering his family members.
Scaramucci spoke at New York City's CORE Club at an event moderated by Bloomberg politics Tuesday. Skybridge capital founder Anthony Scaramucci, a fundraiser and economic adviser for Donald Trump, said Tuesday the Republican presidential ...
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Sunday's debate reiterated his promise to kill the "carried interest" tax loophole that benefits hedge fund managers and others - but his tax plan offers other goodies to Wall Street financiers, a ...
Rafael A. Olvera Amezcua is tied to at least 17 properties valued at $13.44 million in South Florida, either as an owner, through a shell company or through affiliates.
A political action committee linked to liberal financier George Soros is injecting at least $179,000 toward targeting the defeat of Jefferson and Gilpin County District Attorney Pete Weir, part of a national effort by the Democratic donor to reshape ...
"The police should understand the facts that those who committed suicide were harassed by unauthorised financiers who charge hourly interest rates," he said.
police in Northern Mindanao have admitted that none of the more than 100 persons arrested in the campaign against illegal gambling that started on Sept.
"He is the main financier of all terror attacks in Bangladesh," he added. The RAB official said Rahman's wife and three children were also detained during the drive.
On Thursday, October 6, word broke out that a former presidential candidate, Peter Kenneth had been endorsed by the Asian Business Community to run for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat.
RAB Media and Legal Win Director Mufti Mahmud Khan later told reporters that Abdur Rahman was the main financier behind all the recent subversive activities carried out by New JMB group.
Chennai: financiers are promising spend more, gain more with a slew of exciting offers. This Diwali, banks, NBFCs and microfinance lenders are coming together to bring in a bonanza from trips to exotic locations to high-end mobiles to EMI holidays.
"After complying with all the stipulations, we had applied to RBI on September 12 and are awaiting for final approval, which takes typically three months," Au financiers India's business banking chief Priyam Alok said here on the sidelines of an event ...
NEW YORK - In this citadel of the rich and powerful, where the imperious Trump Tower looms over those who pull the financial strings, it is astonishing that not one CEO of a Fortune 100 company has donated to Donald Trump's effort to become president.
Fighters from the Nusra Front drive through the city of Aleppo as they head to a frontline in May 2015. Fadi al-Halabi/AFP/Getty Images.
VISAKHAPATNAM: The Anakapalle Town police on Wednesday arrested a private financier on charge of thrashing a woman over immediate repayment of a two-year-old loan and interest amount, in Gavarapalem area.
The Anakapalle town police on Wednesday arrested a private financier, B. Seetharam, for allegedly threatening and beating up a woman, B. Ramalakshmi, who had borrowed some money from the financier. The financier had allegedly been demanding her ...
fishing and hunting chain Cabela's Inc. has agreed to be sold to rival Bass Pro Shops in a deal worth $5.5bn. Under the terms of the deal announced on Monday, Bass Pro Shops has agreed to pay Cabela's shareholders $65.50 per share held.
Litigation finance or Litigation Funding as it is also known has seen a fair degree of press coverage lately. With more and more companies and individuals utilising the services of a Litigation Financier it is becoming accepted as a viable tool to ...
Freedman (who also represents PMC, the parent company of Variety) said the suit should send a message to overseas financiers. "No matter where they live, or what country they come from, or whatever they think they can do, they ought to read a contract ...
Before IFP Film Week fades too far in our rearview mirror, we're elaborating upon several of our snaps from our Instagram feed with further comments by the filmmakers, speakers and panelists.
financiers from other countries come in and they turn around and want to disregard the contracts." "Smart Chase" is about a private security agent who is ambushed as he attempts to escort an antique out of China.
MORE than 160 people took part in a fund-raising activities weekend in the Lake District organised by Henley investment company Invesco Perpetual.
Before IFP Film Week fades too far in our rearview mirror, we're elaborating upon several of our snaps from our Instagram feed with further comments by the filmmakers, speakers and panelists.
It was for a relaxing walk that a Mumbai police DCP had headed out to Worli sea Face, but the first hint of shady business was enough to push him into action, booking one of Mumbai's big-time financiers for using tinted glass and a fancy number plate ...
Puducherry: police arrested six more people in connection with the murder of a financier in the Union territory of Puducherry.
The 61-year-old was accused of cheating 2,000 investors between September 1998 and October 2004 by promising them rich returns if they used his self-developed financial software.
This one is called the "American Association of Evangelicals," and I at first expected it to be more or less in line with the other white Republican culture-warrior outfits that make up the direct-mail fundraising industry often referred to as the ...





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