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In a recorded phone call obtained by HuffPost, Jenni Weinman, the longtime publicist of actor Danny Masterson, suggested to one of the four ...
David Cassidy, the teen heartthrob star of the hit "The Partridge Family" who went on to have a long show business career although he battled ...

Cassidy died surrounded by his family, his publicist said. Cassidy's nephew tweeted that he didn't think "I'm alone in saying that we will all miss ...
Page Six has learned that the reality superstar dropped Stephanie Shepherd, the COO of her company Kardashian West Brands, within the ...
Washington (CNN) The British publicist who set up a 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between a Russian lawyer and several members of ...
Country music legend Mel Tillis is pictured with his National Medal of arts after being presented with the award by U.S. President Barack ...

Rob Goldstone, the music publicist who helped arrange the June, 2016 Trump Tower meeting between the Trump campaign and a Russian ...
The British music publicist who arranged a meeting between Donald Trump's inner circle and a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging ...
Publicist and Crisis Management expert Hunter Frederick opens up about how the climate has changed for publicists in the last six weeks.
(CNN) Special counsel Robert Mueller is in talks with the attorney for the British publicist who set up the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between ...
Shortly after the career-damaging report published by The New York Times on Louis C.K. was confirmed true by the man himself, Netflix has ...
There's at least one woman in America still willing to star in a Harvey Weinstein production. Public Relations specialist Sallie Hofmeister, ...
Their decision came hours after comedian's publicist, Lewis Kay, released C.K.'s written remarks. (Hours later, Kay tweeted that he was no ...
His publicist, Lori De Waal, confirmed his death. She did not specify the cause. After 30 years of acting on Broadway and in Hollywood, Mr.
UPDATED throughout: Louis C.K. has lost his longtime manager, 3 arts Entertainment's Dave Becky, publicist Lewis Kay as well as APA ...
As a slew of country superstars, including Dolly Parton, ditch Nashville power publicist Kirt Webster because of sexual-harassment allegations, ...
He's also been stripped of an honor by the International Television Academy, ditched by his talent agency and publicist, and, most importantly, ...

The allegations include Spacey putting his hands down people's pants without consent. As pressure mounts, Spacey's agency and publicist are ...
In the wake of mounting accusations of sexual harassment and assault against actor Kevin Spacey, his publicist and talent agency will no ...
"We've all been through hell," one of the firm's former publicists told Variety. "He had one of the best PR teams in the business, and we all just ...
Kirt Webster, a Nashville publicist accused of sexual assaults, represents a number of clients, including Kid Rock, Dolly Parton and Kenny ...
RZA's Publicist Responds to Azealia banks' 'Drop Dead' Reamrks was a Top 10 story on Monday: ( ( A publicist for Wu-Tang Clan ...
The music legend now domiciled in the US confirmed the cancellation of the tour through his publicist, Blessing Vava. "Chimurenga Music ...
Can we talk about this George H.W. Bush thing for a minute? We've now got two women -- Heather Lind and Jordana Grolnick -- with the ...
Macmillan is a group of media companies in the United States held by Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, based in Stuttgart, Germany, ...
Earlier this week, Wu-Tang Clan member RZA had an interesting interview with Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club. In that interview, he ...
After reports emerged that "Megyn Kelly Today" was destroying NBC's morning ratings, celebrity publicists spoke to Variety and revealed that ...
Comments at the bottom of news stories become such breeding grounds for vitriol they're often best ignored, but the realization a public ...
Variety reports that even though publicists still want to book people on other sections of Today, that stops when it comes to Kelly, with many ...
Aaron Carter's ex publicist and manager claims he's a "violent" and dangerous man with a "drug problem," can exclusively ...
You can -- and should -- be your own publicist, according to Dr. Adam Harris, a Colorado physician who recently shared his PR tips with ...
When looking at publicist Kiki Ayers, the last thing you would suspect is that she overcame homelessness, not once, but twice. This first ...
Longtime theatre publicists Molly Barnett and Chelsea Nachman have announced the launch of a private boutique public relations firm, ...
Some publicists distinguish between "samples for review," which might be delivered with little more than a press release, and gifts like flowers, ...
In a facebook post, a man has accused Nashville publicist Kirt Webster of sexually assaulting him in 2008. In a statement to News 4, Webster ...
Since then, the "212" rapper took to Snapchat, where she dragged RZA for his lack of support, and now, his publicist is firing back in his ...
Chronicle Books is looking for a Publicist for our Food and Lifestyle publishing group. This position will be based either in San Francisco or our ...
A publicist for Wu-Tang Clan member RZA has made an official statement in response to Azealia banks' social media attacks following a highly ...
There's no plan to amputate both legs of Nollywood actor Victor Olaotan, his publicist, Demola Sanyaolu, has Revealed. The veteran actor has been in the.
The legs of Nollywood actor Victor Olaotan are not due for amputation, his publicist, Demola Sanyaolu, has informed TheCable Lifestyle.
BEREA, Ohio -- At 12:45 Friday afternoon, Kevin Ruple was eating a chicken wrap and drinking a Bud Light at the Oriole Cafe near the Baldwin Wallace University campus.
Willie Nelson's publicist is setting the record straight about the country icon's health. Despite circulating reports and rumors that the singer is "deathly ill," Elaine Schock says Nelson is "perfectly fine.
Your job will be to design campaigns, plan effectively, set up interviews, photo sessions and implement an overall strategy on artists given to you to work on, to help out the other publicists in the team, and also to contribute to the wider objectives ...
Willie Nelson's publicist is fighting rumors that the 83-year-old country music icon is on his last legs. "He's perfectly fine," Elaine Schock, Nelson's rep, told the Associated Press this week, in response to a Radar Online report that claimed Nelson ...
Los Angeles (AP) - Willie Nelson has played nearly a dozen shows in recent weeks and is not deathly ill, his publicist said, despite a series of reports claiming the country music legend is struggling to breathe.
A publicist to the stars, the Chatswood resident is a self-described music entrepreneur whose CV claims responsibility for the development of performers including Abba, INXS and David Bowie in Australia.
Sanga Tembo is a Zambian Radio Personality, Publicist (NXTSolutionz), Voice-over Artist, Events DJ and Audio Producer born January, 28th, 1989 in Ndola City on the Copperbelt.
Jimmy Fallon's playful hair-tousling of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump on "The Tonight Show" last September may or may not be one of the reasons ...
Three veterans of fashion Public Relations are partnering to launch a new firm based in New York. NFHF Projects opens April 3 under the stewardship of Silvia Negri Firman, Libby Haan and Anne Fahey-Storment, all of whom have been working in fashion and ...
Rabbi, tzaddik, shaman: there may be something of all of these in David Rothenberg, who was celebrated Feb. 24 at an "Evening With David" on the roof of the Castle, a beautiful five-story neo-Gothic structure in Harlem at 140th Street and Riverside ...




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