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updated Tue. March 12, 2024

“Lee Raymond has been an inspirational figure throughout his half-century career in the oil industry, but it is his tactical insight in steering ExxonMobil towards sustainable growth in a low and high oil price era which defines his leadership qualities,” said the foundation's chairman, Abdullah bin Hamad ...
Action now is seen as the only safe insurance.” 1996: Exxon solidified its public stance on dealing with climate change when chief executive Lee Raymond wrote an article for a company publication saying that scientific evidence was “inconclusive” on whether humans were contributing to climate change.

Noto's statement took place in 1998 — one year prior to Mobil's merger with Exxon — and raises critical questions about top executives' awareness of the ... In response to staff complaints, Noto — the man who would become ExxonMobil's second in command alongside Lee Raymond — appears to ...
With oil prices where they are today, the idea of Exxon increasing its capital spending plan to around $35 billion annually by 2020 sounds a little frightening. ... Current CEO Darren Woods' predecessors -- Lee Raymond and Rex Tillerson -- both came from the upstream production side of the business.
De lange periode onder Exxon-CEO Lee Raymond (1993-2006) was een bloeiperiode. Kenmerkend waren de overname van Mobil in 1998 (in een periode van zeer lage olieprijzen) en de geleidelijk stijgende return on capital tot boven de 30% in de jaren van stijgende olieprijzen die hierop volgden.

In 2006, Lee Raymond, Exxon's former CEO, invited David Rockefeller, who remained one of the most influential people in New York finance, to lunch with Rex Tillerson, who was ... “Don't believe for a minute that ExxonMobil doesn't think climate change is real,” a former Exxon manager had told Coll.
“I think it's put Rex into personal conflict with the president,” one former ExxonMobil executive who worked extensively overseas with Tillerson told me. Tillerson deeply values process—“lives and dies” by it. It is the way of life for most senior Exxon brass, this former executive explained to me. The president ...

ExxonMobil's deliberate attempts to sow doubt on the reality and urgency of climate change and their donations to front groups to disseminate false information .... Former CEO Lee Raymond ran Exxon from 1993 to 2005, a period during which the corporation was known to fund scientists and writers to ...
A new study shows how Exxon Mobil downplayed climate change when it knew the problem was real ... At the company's annual meeting in 1999, The Times reported, then-CEO Lee Raymond denigrated the models underlying the company's own research as projections "based on completely unproven ...
Exxon Mobil Corp. says it plans to spend $20 billion over 10 years on refineries and chemical and liquefied natural gas plants along the Gulf Coast. ... Wolfe Research analyst Paul Sankey contrasted Woods' "owlish" demeanor with the "imperial and intimidating" force of Lee Raymond, the longtime CEO ...
ExxonMobil CEO and chairman Rex Tillerson at the annual Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, ... The company's interests aren't always aligned with those of the U.S. “I'm not a U.S. company,” Tillerson's predecessor, Lee Raymond, once told an ...
For years, ExxonMobil has been running away from the environmental politics of former CEO Lee Raymond, a salty-tongued chemist who spent ... Beginning in 1977, Exxon scientists began to produce a decade of papers that described a general scientific consensus that the burning of fossil fuels was ...
... overlooked in the list of 200 candidates for CNBC 25 contenders: Lee Raymond, the 75-year-old former CEO of Exxon Mobil, and George P. Mitchell, the ... When Raymond retired in January 2006, ExxonMobil had annual revenue of $371 billion and net income of $36.1 billion, a record in U.S. corporate ...
In an earlier case, a U.K.-based insurance association that owned shares in ExxonMobil actually sent a press release opposing the reappointment of CEO Lee Raymond on environmental grounds. If groups such as Corporate Accountability International (formerly known as INFACT), the Interfaith Center on ...


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