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updated Tue. January 16, 2024

Pearson. Publishing giant Pearson took on a much bigger change project at the end of 2012 when John Fallon took the CEO reins from longtime leader Marjorie Scardino. Rather than getting a feel for the way the company operated during his first few months on the job, Fallon announced an entirely new ...
On a light-hearted note, Marjorie Scardino, former head of Pearson PLC, was once asked by a journalist what it was like to be the first woman chief executive of a FTSE 100 company. “Well, I'm the only one that wears a dress”, she replied in her laconic Texan drawl. We need young women to see politics as ...

Following the company's repositioning under Marjorie Scardino, which saw Pearson retract from UK media ownership (having formerly owned the Financial Times and half of The Economist, among other famous names) and enter into education, where the company sold textbooks to schools and ...
Even Pearson accepts that it is too early to call a turning point in US higher education. The company is being reshaped. There is a perception that the rot started on the departure of Mr Fallon's predecessor, Dame Marjorie Scardino, at the end of 2012. That's not entirely fair; the price climbed thereafter, ...
Then, under Marjorie Scardino it transformed itself into an education company, flogging pricey textbooks to schools and universities. Along came the digital revolution and, as in so many other media-ish business, margins took a powder, something Pearson is still struggling with today. Send for Accenture ...

Pearson is to cut 3,000 jobs as the embattled company looks to slash costs after a slump at its US higher education business. The world's largest education company, which has issued five profit warnings in the past four years, intends to axe about 10% of its 32,000 global workforce by the end of 2019.
This admission deals a blow to the vision that CEO John Fallon, and his predecessor Marjorie Scardino, held for transforming Pearson into a digital empire. The statement adds that “the future focus in [U.S.] K-12” will be Pearson's virtual schools business (Connections Education), digital assessments, and ...

Almost £2bn was wiped from the stock market value of Pearson after the beleaguered FTSE 100 company issued profit warnings for the next two years and said it would cut its payout to shareholders. The group is also putting up for sale its 47% stake in publisher Penguin Random House. Shares in the ...
Trickier to explain, however, is Fallon's relative confidence only three months ago. Last October, when revenues from higher education courseware material were running at minus 13% at the nine-month stage, Pearson spoke of “improving trends”. In the event, revenues plunged 30% in the final quarter of ...
At Pearson, the Texan-born former lawyer is credited with expanding the company's highly profitable education business, and keeping a sharp focus on technology. She tripled profits to a record £942m. Penguin Books, which used to be wholly owned by Pearson before its recent merger with random House ...
Twitter has announced the appointment of its first female board member, Marjorie Scardino, the former CEO of media company Pearson. The appointment is effective immediately. She's also joining the audit committee, where she replaces David Rosenblatt. “There couldn't be a more exciting time in ...
Marjorie Scardino, the chief executive of the global educational and media conglomerate Pearson and one of Britain's highest-ranking female executives, will step down after nearly 16 years, the company said Wednesday. John Fallon, currently chief executive of Pearson's international education division, ...
Remember Marge-in-charge, Dame Marjorie Scardino, the former Pearson and Economist boss, who famously said that Pearson would only sell the FT over her ... Time was when Scardino would gather the press in the Pearson dining room on the Strand to boast that the then Oxfam director, Dame Barbara ...


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