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updated Fri. May 3, 2024

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set to visit Washington this coming week, the mix of politics, personalities and historical grievances that has ... It's all contributing to an intensified pessimism in the U.S., Israel and the West Bank about prospects for a Trump-brokered initiative to succeed.

The recent weeks have seen a flurry of developments in a number of criminal investigations involving Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. These developments fueled debates as to whether Netanyahu should continue serving as prime minister while facing criminal charges. Netanyahu has ...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is fighting new allegations of corruption from the Israeli police that have led to calls for his resignation. This is not the first time Mr. Netanyahu has struggled with corruption investigations — he is sometimes referred to as Mr. Teflon for the trouble the police have ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) sits next to Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman (R) and Israeli Intelligence and Transportation Minister ... Israel's Minister of Intelligence Israel Katz said on Sunday that by striking key Iranian sites in Syria, Israel sent a clear message to Iran that it would not ...
The cancellation of Bennett's trip scheduled for Wednesday came several days after Israel's foreign ministry requested the postponement of the planned visit of the head of the Polish National Security Council that was set to take place in coming weeks. The bill proposed by Poland's ruling conservative Law ...
Companies that dominate their markets, even if they have less than a 50% share in that market, could be subject to monopoly controls under legislation approved on Sunday by the ministerial legislative committee. The reform, which is promoted by Economy and Industry Minister Eli Cohen and Antitrust ...


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