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updated Sat. October 28, 2023

Everyone is counting on Giro Israel to spur tourism, which he believes could reach 5 million, compared with a record 3.6 million visitors in 2017. He predicted that one day people looking back on the Israeli tourism industry would speak of the pre-Giro and post-Giro eras. The Tourism Ministry itself is ...

Israeli authorities have been actively pursuing Chinese tourism. As far back as 2015, Israel's ambassador to China vowed that his country would attract 100,000 Chinese tourists by 2017. Last year, Israel attracted 113,000 Chinese tourists. Palestine's Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities has stepped marketing ...
The company is the result of a December 2017 merger between Waltham, Massachusetts-based Sevion Therapeutics, Inc., and Israel-based Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Read more ... Hainan will receive a grant of around 750,000 euro ($914,000) from as part incentive run by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
The Ministry of Tourism is aiming to bolster kibbutz hosting for incoming tourism. Kayouf explains, "We will devise hosting packages including flights and overnight stays in a kibbutz. This is aimed mainly at a tourist's second and third visit to Israel, but there is value available in it, and we recognize its ...
The 'Big Start' is unprecedented in size as a logistical event in Israel, Tourism Ministry officials said. it is expected to attract thousands of tourists, while hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide will follow the three days of live broadcasts from Israel. Helping the Tourism Ministry to arrange the Israeli leg of ...
Israel Ministry of Tourism has joined hands with Ola cabs in India to collaborate on a two-week contest that will run on the Ola app which is valid for its Mumbai and Pune users only. The Ola users who undertake the maximum number of rides during the two weeks period and use code ISRAEL stand a ...
LATAM will become the only airline operating a direct route between Latin America and Israel. The new route will connect Santiago and Sao Paolo to Tel Aviv. The airline will receive grants amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, which regards Brazil as a ...
Even though Saudi Arabia granted permission for the route, El Al is asking the Israeli court to prevent Air India from taking the shorter path unless the Israeli .... The Israeli Tourism Ministry has provided Air India with a grant to market its new route, as part of a campaign to encourage Indian tourism in Israel.
The Tourism Ministry has switched gears a bit in its current advertising campaign in Europe as it promotes Israel as a tourist destination. It's based on the assumption that, although Israel has a wealth of historic sites and unique landscapes to offer the tourist, what many people are looking for when planning ...


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