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updated Sat. March 30, 2024

Earlier this month, a spokeswoman for the Israel Prison Service said that the teen made an attempt to escape from police custody as he left a police van in Jerusalem. The FBI is still hunting the teen's clients, as well as possible accomplices, a search warrant unsealed by a US court in July suggested.

Teaching in prisons is lacking, with only two classes offered: Maths and Arabic. The Israeli Prison Service prohibits the teaching of other subjects, such as Geography or Islamic Studies, citing "security concerns". Classes in prisons where both adults and minors are being held together tend to be taught by ...
The ambitious petition, cleverly submitted while a lively public dialogue on the subject was underway, was one of no fewer than 1,000 procedural issues with which Magabada says he flooded the Israel Prisons Service during his incarceration. To maintain the tide of petitions, Magadba did not confine ...
There is not enough room in Israel's prisons to take in the thousands of asylum seekers who refuse to leave Israel, senior Israel Prison Service officials have told the National Security Council. Israel's detention facility for asylum seekers will be able to house no more than 1,000 more detainees, and no ...
RAMALLAH, February 27, 2018 (WAFA) – The Israel Prisons Service is holding Palestinian prisoner Wael Natshe in solitary confinement, with his hands and feet tied and denied food or going to the toilet, the Palestinian Prisoner's Society said on Tuesday. It said Natshe, who is serving a life sentence, was ...


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