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updated Mon. July 15, 2024

The Israeli Supreme Court decided to return the body of fisherman Isma'il Abu Riyalah to his family in Gaza after the interim order not to release it was cancelled. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR), the legal representative of the fisherman's family, said it exerted serious efforts to return the ...
By then the debt had ballooned to 778 billion shekels, and he appealed to the Supreme Court. “To put it in perspective, we are talking about an amount that exceeds Israel's national debt and is more than double the annual state budget,” the debtor's lawyers, Mordehai (Moti) Baicz and David Shmulevitz, ...

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Egalitarian Jewish prayer is a protected right in the area set aside for it at the southern end of the Western Wall, Israel's attorney general told the country's Supreme Court. The pronouncement means that the state considers the special area near the Robinson's Arch set aside for ...
While Israel's Supreme Court rarely overturns laws, he continued, its rhetoric is imperial and it demands power under the guise of checks and balances. Stein also quoted the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia as saying that he read Israeli Supreme Court verdicts whenever he wanted to be ...
A cryptocurrency brokerage based in Israel won't have its bank account closed - for now , anyway- thanks to an intervention by the country's Supreme Court. Bits of Gold, which launched its services in 2013, was on the cusp of having its Bank Leumi account cut off on account of its business model, ...

“We could not be prouder of his well-deserved appointment to the Israeli Supreme Court, where we know he will make important and lasting contributions as a jurist — as he has as a law professor and practicing lawyer,” Allard continued. Stein was born in the former Soviet Union before he moved to Israel ...
Israeli judges have a mandatory retirement age of 70. The newly appointed Supreme Court justice, Prof. Alex Stein as pictured on January 11, 2018.Twitter/ Screenshot. In addition, until today the president of the Supreme Court has always been chosen based on seniority, and if this practice continues it ...

“The question of whether or not she had details isn't an answer [expected from] the Supreme Court president, but an answer [expected from] a defendant in Local Affairs Court,” said a judicial colleague. If that's how such a senior law enforcement official acts when she hears how they tried to buy an attorney ...
Israel's Supreme Court and Israeli Arabs are undergoing a similar process. Only in 2004 did the first Arab justice receive a permanent appointment to the Supreme Court – Justice Salim Joubran, a Christian. Only upon his retirement was Justice George Kra, also a Christian Arab, appointed to replace him.
RAMALLAH, March 12, 2018 (WAFA) - The Israeli Supreme Court Monday dismissed an appeal filed on behalf of two minor prisoners aged 16 and 17 from Jerusalem to reduce their 11- year- sentence, according to Mufid al-Haj, attorney of the Palestinian Prisoner's Society (PPS). In a statement issued on ...
Israel is a pretty intriguing country when it comes to cryptocurrencies in general. So far, we have not seen any major regulatory actions in that part of the world. That makes it all the more surprising to see the Supreme Court of Israel intervene in a recent spat between one of the country's banks and a ...
Without any festive ceremonies or emotional speeches, Supreme Court Justice Yoram Danziger left the bench on Wednesday after 10 years on Israel's High Court of Justice. Danziger announced a year ago that he would retire at 65, five years before reaching the mandatory retirement age of 70 for Israeli ...


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