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White House officials insisted on Wednesday that the recommendation of bribery and fraud charges against Mr. Netanyahu would have "no impact on the ... Mr. Trump's tone first changed on Sunday, when he told a right-wing Israeli newspaper, Israel Hayom, that he was concerned about the growth of ...
At a gobsmacking press conference the morning after the country's latest public school mass shooting, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said an armed officer stationed on campus at the ... to the shooting involving what authorities describe as AR-15 "type" weapon it appears the suspect obtained legally.

Iran's prosecutor General has revealed that the authorities in Tehran have dismantled a US-Israel spy network and arrested its members. "The defendants gathered information about the country in strategic areas, under the cover of scientific and environmental projects," said Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi.
"It is a perfect opportunity to stop in Israel, coordinate substantive policy and strategic messaging with the Prime Minister, and execute a joint U.S.-Israeli strategy on other stops," Shapiro wrote in a Haaretz op-ed published Sunday, after the Israel-Iran-Syria clash. "Many Secretaries of State have done ...
Norwegian Legislator Criticised After Nominating BDS Movement for peace Prize, Israeli officials Brand BDS 'Anti-Semitic' ... BDS is a Palestinian-led non-violent movement that aims to pressure Israel to comply with international law, and Haskel's comment is a recurring claim by BDS detractors used to ...
Moscow (Sputnik) - Palestine supports Damascus in opposing Israeli attacks, which are seen as an interference in Syria's sovereignty, the foreign affairs adviser of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Nabil Shaath, told Sputnik in an interview.

Dr. Nimrod Goren, the founder and head of Mitvim - The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, a progressive Israeli think tank, said Netanyahu's offer to host the Visegard conference is "another signal to the change in direction of Israel's foreign policy concerning Europe. The Netanyahu government ...
The Israeli officials used their Israel passports to enter Malaysia to attend the week-long World Urban Forum (WUF 9) in Kuala Lumpur that started on Feb 7, according to a report in ... "Proud to have led Israel's official delegation to the UN's international WUF 9 meeting in Kuala Lumpur," he wrote on twitter.
His remarks come amid Israel's fears that its escalation through airstrikes on Saturday could spiral into a war with Syria and Iran. The Israeli military, which has long boasted of superior aerial power, lost its first warplane in 35 years since the regime's war on Lebanon in 1982. The Syrian military, which has ...
The Israeli authorities must immediately release teenage activist Ahed Tamimi whose continued detention is a desperate attempt to intimidate Palestinian children who dare to stand up to repression by occupying forces, Amnesty International said. Ahed Tamimi's trial is due to start tomorrow in Ofer juvenile ...
Many Arab and Islamic nations do not recognise Israel and, therefore, disallow airlines from using their airspace for flight services to that country. According to the official, an approval from Saudi Arabia to use its airspace will allow Air India to take a shorter route by flying over Ahmedabad, Muscat, Saudi ...
A U.S. envoy has assured Lebanon that Israel does not seek an escalation between the countries following a surge in hostile rhetoric in recent days, Lebanese and Israeli officials said on Thursday. A senior Lebanese official said that David Satterfield - the U.S.' acting Assistant Secretary of State, who ...
Lebanese and Israeli officials said David Satterfield, acting assistant U.S. secretary of state, was in Israel last week and in Lebanon this week on a ... the (border) wall with Israel and said there is no call for concern, and there is no direction toward escalation," a senior Lebanese government official told ...
Jerusalem (Reuters) - A Palestinian stabbed and killed an Israeli man on Monday in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, Israeli officials said. The incident ... Tensions have risen in the West Bank since U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Dec.
On Monday this week, when Moked activists learned about the incident, they demanded that Israeli authorities bring her home. "With obtuseness that cannot be justified, nobody bothered to tell the minor where she was or made sure the family knew of her release, as is required in view of her age," Moked ...
Media reports of the lower house's passage of the bill last Friday created a political, public and media storm in Israel. Israeli officials took several steps in response, including a telephone call between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Polish counterpart, Mateusz Morawiecki. The contacts resulted ...
Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah will meet with Israeli finance Minister Moshe Kahlon in Jerusalem on Sunday, an Israeli official said yesterday. ... Kahlon and Hamdallah frequently meet to discuss economic issues, however the last meeting between the senior officials was on 30 October, over a ...

Israeli scientists in a state institution have published highly classified information on the internet that Israel has made a great and consistent effort to hide. ... Defense establishment officials are now trying to erase any trace of the secret information from the web, but they have run into difficulties because the ...
With the dollar trading at its lowest against the shekel since 2011, despite efforts by the Bank of Israel, central bankers urged lawmakers to have patience before taking their own measures aimed at weakening the Israeli currency. Amit Friedman, an adviser to the head of the Bank of Israel's market ...
ESTRIN: Israeli officials say the timing of the proposed law is unfortunate. It passed a vote by the lower house of the Polish Parliament on the eve of International holocaust Remembrance Day. Now Israel has summoned Poland's deputy ambassador and says Poland has agreed to begin an immediate ...
Michael Oren, Israel's senior official in charge of diplomacy, was roundly mocked on Thursday for admitting that he had opened a formal investigation of a family of Palestinian activists based on an internet conspiracy theory, which claims that they are not a real family but a troupe of Actors paid to pretend ...
Senior Israeli defense officials expressed grave concern Jan. 15 that unemployment of around 50% among young Palestinians, along with the dead end in reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah, would result in an explosion with security, environmental and health implications for Israel.
Vice President Mike Pence told the Israeli parliament Monday that the United States will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem next year, ... On Tuesday, Pence will visit Yad Vashem, Israel's official memorial to victims of the holocaust, and the Western Wall in the fabled Old City, home to holy sites for ...
The population and Immigration Authority has begun informing asylum seekers at the Holot detention center that they will have to leave Israel for Rwanda, otherwise they will be incarcerated at Saharonim prison indefinitely. Molugeta, a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from Eritrea, was one of the first to be ...
The economy in the Strip is on the verge of total collapse, like from zero to below zero, as one official put it, and so is civilian infrastructure. ... About two weeks ago, Haaretz reported that the number of trucks passing through the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza has been cut in half due to ...
India today assured Israeli firms to resolve their concerns and make things easier for them to do business here, a senior government official said. ... "I assure you to resolve all problems and make things easier and better for Israeli companies to do business in India," he said here at the India-Israel Business ...
The World Bank has criticized this state of affairs because the Israeli firms do not pay license fees or taxes to the Palestinian authorities. The Israeli ban on 3G also remains in place in the ... Officials did not respond to questions about Israel's yearslong ban on 3G. Israel has delayed approval for Palestinian ...
Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas has "officially lost it," a senior government official traveling with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was quoted as saying in response to the ... Regarding the Balfour Declaration, Abbas said that "Israel is a colonial project that has nothing to do with the Jews." ...
The Israeli authorities must release her without delay. In capturing an unarmed teenage girl's assault on two armed soldiers wearing protective gear, the footage of this incident shows that she posed no actual threat and that her punishment is blatantly disproportionate," said Magdalena Mughrabi, Deputy ...
The economy in the Strip is on the verge of total collapse, "like from zero to below zero," as one official put it, and so is civilian infrastructure. ... About two weeks ago, Haaretz reported that the number of trucks passing through the Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza has been cut in half due to ...
Buoyed by Trump's support in recent weeks, Israel enacted a law Tuesday tightening its grip on Jerusalem, arguably the most important issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Days earlier, a guiding body for Israel's governing party unanimously voted to apply Israeli law to West Bank settlements. The move ...
To date, Israel has yet to recognize the Abayudaya - the community to which Kimani belongs and which is based in Uganda - as Jewish. They are, however, recognized as Jewish by the Jewish Agency. Kimani's conversion to Judaism in 2010 was overseen by the rabbi from the Abayudaya community in ...
The soldiers, who had posted themselves on her family's property, eventually retreated. The case made her into a potent worldwide symbol of Palestinian bravery and resistance, a dilemma for the occupation that led a commentator in Israeli left-wing newspaper Haaretz said Israel risked turning her into the ...
Israeli officials are saying that Vice President Mike Pence has indefinitely postponed a planned January trip to Israel, the Times of Israel reported. ... When Pence cancelled his planned December visit to Israel, the official reason given was that Pence was staying in Washington, D.C., to help whip up ...
A future train station in Jerusalem near the sacred Western Wall will bear the name of President Donald Trump, Israel's minister of transportation said Wednesday, calling it an honor bestowed in response to Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. "The Western Wall is the holiest ...
Kono said: I think the bilateral relationship is expanding. Specially, the number of the Japanese companies in Israel has doubled in the last three years and the investment, Japanese investment into Israel has increased 20 times in the last three years. So I think the relationship, bilaterally, is going very well, ...
Israel views the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as a key problem it must face, and stipulates the improvement of conditions in the Strip on humanitarian projects it is interested in collaborating on with the Palestinian Authority and not Hamas, a senior officer in the Israeli army said Thursday. Infrastructure ...
Israel destroys home of Palestinian charged with murder. AFP | Published ... Israel routinely destroys the homes of Palestinians it accuses of carrying out attacks, arguing the tactic acts as a deterrent. ... Israeli authorities say most of the Palestinians killed were carrying out knife, gun or car-ramming attacks.
The "very senior" member of President Donald Trump's transition team who directed former national security adviser Michael Flynn to reach out to Russia in an attempt to delay or defeat a U.N. resolution on Israeli settlements before Trump took office was Jared Kushner, sources with knowledge of the ...
Officials agreed that local police and their Israeli counterparts likely face similar challenges in their communities. "I think the issues of ... Barak Mordechai, chief superintendent commander, Petah Tikva police Station in Israel, said he was impressed with local police operations. "It's been very interesting to be ...
Israel now claims the entire city as its undivided capital, while the Palestinians believe East Jerusalem is occupied illegally and hope to one day establish it as the capital of their future state. RCS sport's reference to "west" Jerusalem obviously touched a nerve with the race's Israeli hosts. "In Jerusalem ...
... had also learned of the decision via media sources, and was in contact with Israeli authorities to clarify and - in the case of confirmation - to find a solution. The news comes as the Palestinian faction Hamas, which is designated a terrorist organisation by Israel, the European Union, and the United States, ...
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, November 19, 2017. Thomson Reuters. JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A top Israeli diplomat was rebuked by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday for suggesting that American Jews have a poor commitment to service in the US ...
In this photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Syrian ... Jerusalem - Israeli officials are giving a lukewarm reaction to an ...
Lobbyist organised Priti Patel's meetings with senior Israeli officials ... Stuart Polak attended all but one of Priti Patel's summer meetings in Israel. ... with an Israeli minister, Gilad Erdan, and Yuval Rotem, a government official.
Israeli authorities have demolished or seized some $1.5 million worth of European Union-donated structures in the occupied Palestinian ...
Israeli authorities have sealed off the occupied West Bank and the ... But Kamal Haddad, a local official in Beit Iksa, a village northwest of ...
Innovation Minister Paul Goldsmith confirmed NZ officials were in talks with Israel about an agreement "facilitating research and development ...
A senior Israeli government official has expressed support for Catalonia's referendum of separation from Spain. Deputy Defence Minister ...
US vows to fund a UN agency for Palestinian refugees Israeli leader wants shuttered ... defying calls by Israel's Prime Minister and pro-Israel lawmakers to ... they view as its pro-Palestinian bias, U.S. officials find ways each year to raise ... Hady Amr, a former State Department official, said UNRWA faces ...


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