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updated Sat. January 1, 2022

Israel's intelligence minister, Israel Katz, said that his country intended to make clear that “Israel will never allow nuclear weaponry to be in the hands of those who threaten its existence – Syria then, and Iran today.” The Israeli military described in detail events leading up to the night of Sept 5-6, 2007, ...
... military operations in recent memory. Although Israel was widely believed to have been behind the Sept. 6, 2007, strike, it has never before commented publicly on it. Intelligence Minister Israel Katz sent "congratulations" to then-prime minister Ehud Olmert for the "decision to destroy the nuclear reactor in ...

Israel is willing to resort to military action to ensure Iran never acquires nuclear weapons, the Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said in October where he is seeking backing for President Trump's tougher line on Tehran. He wanted the nuclear agreement to be revised to remove an expiration date, and to ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, sits next to Cabinet Secretary Tzachi Braverman, right, and Israeli Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz, at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem, on Sunday. RONEN ZVULUN/THE ASSOCIATED ...
“They, and we, know what we hit and it will take them some time for them to digest, understand and ask how Israel knew how to hit those sites,” Israel's Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told the Army Radio station. “These were concealed sites and we have intelligence agencies and the ability to know ...
At Hebrew University, Katz founded the Communications Institute, and as director of the Israel Institute of Applied Social Research he helped introduce television broadcasting to Israel. Katz, an American Academy of Arts and Sciences member, won the 1989 Israel Prize and the UNESCO-Canada McLuhan ...

After more than a year of delay, the Israeli government agreed to re-examine a project proposed by the Minister of Communications and Intelligence, Israel Katz, to build an island in the Mediterranean Sea opposite to the Gaza Strip, and to establish a seaport and airport in an attempt to break the siege and ...
"The bomb that targeted a Hamas member in Sidon is a dangerous beginning and it is not possible to be silent about it," Hassan Nasrallah said in a televised address. He said "all indications" pointed to Israel. Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz had told Army Radio earlier this week that "if Israel had ...
Shortly thereafter, Intelligence Minister Israel Katz formally invited bin Salman to visit Israel. Suleiman al-Oqeliy, a Saudi political analyst, noted that Israel is beginning to openly acknowledge the powerful political role the Sunni Muslim kingdom plays in Middle East, as well as its strategic importance. “Saudi ...
“I can only wish success to the Iranian people in the struggle for freedom and democracy,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said in an Army Radio interview. “If the people succeed in achieving freedom and democracy, many of the threats on Israel and the entire region today will disappear.” Israel has ...
In March 2016, Israeli Transportation Minister Israel Katz proudly proclaimed that the new airport near Eilat, named after the late astronaut Ilan ...
Intelligence Minister Israel Katz declared that Israel “will act militarily by itself” if the Trump administration is not able to stop Iran attaining ...
In a statement, Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said, "My condolences to the people of Iran and Iraq over the loss of human life caused by ...
In an earlier interview, Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz told the Associated Press that an international agreement on Syria would be a ...
... perfectly clear – We will not transfer any bodies of terrorists without the remains of IDF soldiers being returned to the state of Israel”, Katz said.
Born in Israel, Katz spent formative years in South Africa, his father's native country. His parents were teachers in Johannesburg when he was a ...
Minister Israel Katz proposes to expand Jerusalem and add to it many of the currently-not-Jerusalem settlements nearby: If Gush Etzion and ...

Intelligence Minister Israel Katz, a supporter of the bill, has said this would "ensure a Jewish majority in a united Jerusalem". Its opponents ...
Israel Katz, who doubles as minister of intelligence, will invite Japanese participation in multibillion-dollar projects to dramatically improve ...
... and other powers in Iraq and part of the Iraqi government want,” Netanyahu's intelligence minister, Israel Katz, told Tel Aviv radio station 102 FM on Friday.
... on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights in particular”, Israeli intelligence minister Israel Katz told The Jerusalem Post after the announcement.
"The United States can prevent a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria," Minister of Intelligence and security cabinet member Israel Katz ...
ISRAELI prime minister Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, transport minister Mr Israel Katz, and Israel Railways' general manager Mr Shahar Ayalon ...
... by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Transport Minister Israel Katz and ISR General Manager Shahar Ayalon on September 5. Described ...
By Israel Katz, Braves Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 10:36am EST. Ozzie Albies will return today for the first time since fracturing his elbow six months ago.
Kenny Britt to sign with the Cleveland Browns. By Israel Katz, Rams Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 9:40am EST. The Cleveland Browns and former Rams WR Kenny Britt have agreed to a 4-year deal worth $32.5M.
DeSean Jackson most likely headed to Tamp Bay. By Israel Katz, Redskins Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 8:01am EST. Free-agent WR DeSean Jackson seems to be headed to Tampa based on reports.
By Israel Katz, Thu, Mar 9th 7:26am EST. When all is said and done Mike Glennon will have a 3-year order with an average of about $14.5M a year.
By Israel Katz, Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 10:05am EST. Free-agent to be Jahleel Addae has agreed to terms that will keep him in Los Angeles.
Torrey Smith signs with the Philadelphia Eagles. By Israel Katz, Thu, Mar 9th 11:13am EST. The Philadelphia Eagles and free-agent WR Torrey Smith have agreed to a 3-year deal worth $15M.
By Israel Katz, Redskins Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 11:47am EST. Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins has requested to be traded out of Washington.
A.J Klein signs with the New Orleans Saints. By Israel Katz, Panthers Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 11:52am EST. The Saints get help defensively by signing 25- year old LB A.J Klein.
... to sign with the Los Angeles Rams. By Israel Katz, Bills Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 11:20am EST. The Los Angeles Rams have signed free-agent WR Robert Woods.
Dont'a Hightower in serious consideration for the Tennessee Titans. By Israel Katz, Patriots Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 5:29pm EST.
By Israel Katz, Titans Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 5:45pm EST. The Philadelphia Eagles and former first-round pick Chance Warmack agree to a one-year deal.
By Israel Katz, Packers Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 5:12pm EST. Packers RB Eddie Lacy is set to visit with the Seahawks and Vikings along with revisiting with the Packers.
Russell Okung signs with Chargers. By Israel Katz, Broncos Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 5:37pm EST. The Los Angeles Chargers and tackle Russell Okung have agreed to a 4-year $53M deal.
By Israel Katz, Jaguars Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 5:40pm EST. The Seattle Seahawks and former first round pick Luke Joeckel have agreed to a 1-year deal.
By Israel Katz, Patriots Correspondent, Thu, Mar 9th 6:46pm EST. The Cleveland Browns are intending to make a run at the New England Patriots back-up quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.
(AP Photo/Dan Balilty). In this Tuesday, March 7, 2017 photo, Israel's transportation and intelligence minister Yisrael Katz speaks during an interview with The Associated Press, in his office in Tel Aviv, Israel. Katz said that he is pushing forward w.
By Israel Katz, Titans Correspondent, Thu, Mar 2nd 10:06am EST. The Tennessee Titans have re-signed back up QB Matt Cassel to a contract extension.
Terrence Jones has signed with the Milwaukee Bucks. By Israel Katz, Thu, Mar 2nd 5:40pm EST. The Milwaukee Bucks and free-agent Terrence Jones have agreed to a deal that would keep Jones a Buck for the rest of the season.
By Israel Katz, Thu, Mar 2nd 4:14pm EST. The Cleveland Browns are considering drafting North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky with the number-one overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.
Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz recently confirmed what has until now been an open secret, saying, "Yes, there is cooperation between Israel and these [Sunni Arab] countries.
By Israel Katz, Mets Correspondent, Tue, Feb 28th 9:36am EST. Mets captain David Wright experienced shoulder sourness, which halted his throwing program, and is unlikely to start opening day.
Joe Blanton to sign with the Washington Nationals. By Israel Katz, Dodgers Correspondent, Tue, Feb 28th 10:44am EST. The Washington Nationals and FA pitcher Joe Blanton have agreed to a one-year deal.
By Israel Katz, Knicks Correspondent, Mon, Feb 27th 11:57am EST. Joakim Noah of the New York Knicks will miss the rest of the 2017 NBA season and undergo arthroscopic knee surgery.
VIEW FROM JERUSALEM: "Israeli intelligence minister says Trump created a new path to peace" by Ruth Eglash: "Israeli Minister of Intelligence Israel Katz['s] plan, which he says has been adopted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is regional ...
No immediate withdrawal is expected ahead of the council's next session, which starts Monday, but discussion of abandoning the council is likely to alarm international activists already worried that the United States will take a lower profile on global ...
... and will connect with Israel Railways' main line services at Tel Aviv Central/Arlozorov. "We've started operating the TBMs in order to bore quickly and reach the destination on or even ahead of the planned date," says Israel's transport minister Mr ...


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