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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

Jewish Agency Chairman Avraham Burg, holding child, greets new Russian immigrants upon their arrival at Ben-Gurion Airport, May 10 , 1995. Photo credit: Government Press Office / Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). “Israel as a country should be appreciated and celebrated,” Avraham Burg says, but it should ...
... in anticipation of the day it will be effected, 20 years from now, or who knows when. And meantime Palestinians are living a one-state reality, without rights, for 50 years; which is why Henry Siegman and Avraham Burg have called as realists for equal rights for Palestinians, and why those young Jews who ...

We are still in times where speaking about a single democratic and secular state in Israel-Palestine is considered contentious. Just look how former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg was received at a liberal synagogue in NY, when he spoke about this concept – Rabbi Matalon called him a “troublemaker”, ...
In a new book, the Israeli writer and politician Avraham Burg has come out for a one-state solution entailing federated Jewish and Palestinian political entities, and on Monday night he was hosted by the progressive New York synagogue B'nai Jeshurun and the New Israel Fund to talk about his ideas.
Israelis are no longer agitated by the writings and speeches of former Jewish Agency and World Zionist Organisation chairman Avraham Burg, acting president of Israel for three weeks in the year 2000, denounced last year by an Israeli journalist as having made a “huge contribution” to the “demonisation, ...

For me, this Rosh Hashanah will be marked by the confrontation between the closed Benjamin Netanyahu and the open George Soros – two prototypes of the Jewish world today. These are successful and controversial Jews symbolizing the changing Jewish identity in Israel and the Diaspora.
First, an essential point: This important book, Urshalim, is apparently aimed at everyone who is not going to read it – the coalition party chairman who reads a book once in 10 years, local and national politicians, shortsighted statesmen, diplomats with whom Jerusalem is brimming and clerics and ...

Alluring and repulsive, spiritual and cynical – Jerusalem is a city of peace without a single corner free of disputes. Never has a city been so reunited, yet so torn apart. Avraham Burg. May 25, 2017 1:38 PM. 0comments Print Zen Subscribe now · Shareshare on facebook · Tweet · send via email · reddit · stumbleupon.
We were nice, not influential or dangerous. Then a new generation arose and moved into the realm of wildness. Avraham Burg. Apr 19, 2017 3:29 AM .... Yossi Klein spoke of the dangers of the violent anarchists and of the passive environment around them that ignores them. And he is not entirely wrong. Avraham Burg.
Avraham Burg veered away from his fathers ideological path, and despite his respectful remarks about the elder Burg in the book, its discernible between the lines that there were also unresolved issues between father and son – inter-generational misunderstandings, love that did not always find the right ...
Amid the darkness surrounding the Middle East peace process, we now see a ray of light. Since 2009, the United Kingdom has been taking measures, in accordance with European consumer protection rules, to ensure that settlement products – goods you might find on your supermarket shelves that have ...
JERUSALEM — THERE was a time not so long ago when Avraham Burg was viewed by many Israelis as proof that the inherent tensions of Zionism — religious versus secular, insular versus worldly, Jewish state versus state of all its citizens .... This may be because, despite it all, Avrum Burg is family.
No one found it necessary to disassociate either themselves or Temple Israel from what Burg had to say—in New York, Rabbi Ayelet Cohen said, “the position of the speaker does not necessarily reflect the position of the congregation of B'nai Jeshurun.” Rabbi Roly Matalon may have called Avrum Burg a ...


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