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updated Tue. January 30, 2024

Labor's former chairman, Knesset member Amir Peretz, who could have been predicted to be the first to publicly criticize Gabbay, is avoiding making waves even though he understands the significance of the situation as well as anyone. Peretz even backed Gabbay at the Sderot conference March 6, saying ...

... the Knesset Speaker, the Jewish Agency, the Union of Local Authorities, and MKs who head parliamentary friendship associations with relevant countries (such as the Israel-Austria Friendship Association headed by MK Amir Peretz). Additionally, it is vitally important that the recommendations formulated ...
Or: “Amir Peretz is basically Moroccan. He's not Israeli, really.” What's the explanation for this? Netanyahu's American character isn't seen as an identity that subverts his Israeli identity. The fact that he's “basically” American – that is, Jewish-American – doesn't carry a negative connotation and is in a way ...
Zionist Union lawmaker Amir Peretz, who previously served as Israel's defense minister, said that “Statements by Poland's prime minister about 'Jewish criminals' in World War II, in which 6 million Jews were murdered, are disgusting and irresponsible.” He said that the Polish prime minister's remarks “pave ...
As Labor members go to the polls on Monday for a second round to determine who becomes party leader, it seems that the choice of 65-year-old Amir Peretz would mark less of a change for Labor. His success in the first round, for example (first place at 32.7 percent) wasnt a surprise. Technically, he ...
Gilon heads a very distinct faction – the “red camp,” which in the past considered joining Labor's Amir Peretz to forge a political partnership with a socialist foundation. Gilon announced he was quitting the leadership race for health reasons, but in my view he too understood he had no chance against ...
When Amir Peretz was elected to lead the Labor Party, many of its Ashkenazi voters thronged to Kadima. Then, when Shaul Mofaz replaced Tzipi Livni as Kadima leader, they jumped ship and climbed aboard other vessels, some in Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid. Meretz's MKs throughout the years have almost ...


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