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"Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away."
Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002, (attributed by Wayne Madsen as a comment overheard by an ex-CIA agent)

"I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in the way.
Benjamin Netanyahu Aljazeera

"A Palestinian state must be demilitarised, without control of its airspace and electro-magnetic field,
and without the power to enter into treaties or control its border."
Benjamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
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updated Sat. April 6, 2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday and urged him to do nothing to destabilise Syria. Netanyahu told Putin that Israel would press a campaign to prevent Iran's military entrenchment in Syria, his office said. Syria, Iran, and Russia say Israel ...
In a press conference, the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, implied that the forced deportation plan fell through because the “third country” to which asylum seekers were to be deported – which he now openly admitted was Rwanda – had backed out. This pronouncement set the scene for his ...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem on March 11, 2018. OTTAWA — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has suspended an agreement with the United Nations that could have seen Canada become a new home ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu currently faces a number of complicated legal challenges. He is under investigation for allegations of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust. But it would be premature to suggest that the sun is setting on his leadership. Over the last four decades, Israel's great orator ...
JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday praised troops for "guarding the country's borders" after a mass Gaza frontier protest led to clashes that left 16 Palestinians dead. "Well done to our soldiers," he wrote in a statement. "Israel acts vigorously and with determination to ...
In a message posted on Twitter in which he thanked soldiers for allowing the nation to celebrate the Passover holiday, the Israeli Prime Minister, wrote: “Well done to our soldiers. Israel acts vigorously and with determination to protect its sovereignty and the security of its citizens.” He posted the message a ...

The two were questioned simultaneously, Benjamin Netanyahu at the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem and Sara at the headquarters of the Israel Police's Lahav 433 special crimes unit. In first, the premier's son, Yair Netanyahu, was questioned regarding intel given by Hefetz that the former also ...
Israeli police on Monday questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as his wife and son, in a corruption case involving the country's telecom giant, one of a slew of scandals that have engulfed the long-ruling Israeli leader. It was the second time that Netanyahu has been questioned in the case ...
JERUSALEM: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Israel will prevent enemies from obtaining nuclear weapons after its military admitted it carried out a 2007 air raid against a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor. "The Israeli government, the (Israeli military), and the Mossad (intelligence ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that an electronic fence along his country's border with Egypt has saved the Jewish state from jihadist attacks or what he believes would be worse – a tide of African migrants. “Were it not for the fence, we would be faced with … severe attacks by ...
DIMONA: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that an electronic fence along the Israel-Egypt border has saved the Jewish state from jihadist attacks or what he believes would be worse -- a tide of African migrants. "Were it not for the fence, we would be faced with... severe attacks by Sinai ...
FE_Bibi_01_476809701 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pauses as he speaks at the Computer History Museum on March 5, 2014, in Mountain View, California. If a series of corruption scandals force Benjamin Netanyahu out of office, he will leave behind a country that is deeply, perhaps ...
Prime Minister Benjamin @Netanyahu: "Pretty soon the countries that don't have relations with us, they're gonna be isolated." #AIPAC2018 ... Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the 2018 AIPAC meeting Tuesday in Washington D.C. in the midst of scandal at home and war abroad. Despite that, he ...
One such ceremony took place on Monday, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Trump in the Oval Office. Netanyahu tried to project an air of business as usual—the relationship between the United States and Israel “has never been better,” he gushed—even as Trump may have ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Saudi Arabia had granted Air India permission to fly over its territory on its new routes to and from Tel Aviv. There was no immediate confirmation from either Saudi officials or Air India. Netanyahu made the announcement during a briefing in ...
(CNN) President Donald Trump has had no bigger international backer than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Trump's policies, particularly where it comes to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing that city as Israel's capital -- and also where it comes to drawing a hard line on ...
Washington (CNN) When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the White House on Monday, it was under clouds of controversy -- both his own and those of his hosts. Netanyahu and his inner circle are entangled in a series of corruption scandals back home that has put his political future in ...

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was questioned by the police on Friday as a possible suspect in a third bribery case, the weightiest so far in a string of corruption investigations that are jeopardizing his political future. Officers questioned Mr. Netanyahu about a case involving ...
Jerusalem (CNN) For the first time, prosecutors directly linked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to what is known as Case 4000, alleging he gave regulatory benefits worth up to 1 billion shekels (approximately $280 million) to his friend in exchange for favorable media coverage. Case 4000 is one ...
The Tragedy of Suspect Benjamin Netanyahu. The week of Netanyahu's greatest achievement is also the week in which he'll face the most serious questioning yet □ His popularity rests on his significant achievements, and as long as that's the case, many will keep supporting him – even if they believe he's ...
IT SEEMED that things could not get worse for Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, when on February 13th police recommended that he be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two corruption investigations. One involved accusations of gifts for favours; the other alleged back-room ...
Over the course of his career, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, has faced many formidable rivals. There's been Yasser Arafat, the late former leader of the Palestinians, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, and Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah.
Despite mounting legal woes at home, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still scheduled to travel to Washington in early March to meet US President Donald Trump and address the annual AIPAC Policy Conference. Netanyahu, who has not personally attended an AIPAC conference since 2015, and ...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership has been dealt a harsh blow, apparently a mortal one. The power of the prime minister doesn't stem only from the outcome of an election, from a coalition majority or powers granted by law, but from the respect of the apparatus of government, of aides, ...
(MUNICH) — The nuclear deal with Iran has emboldened Tehran to become increasingly aggressive in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, warning that Iran should “not test Israel's resolve” as he showed off what he said was part of a downed Iranian drone. Netanyahu ...
This recommendation is at the more serious end of the spectrum of charges expected to be levelled against Netanyahu in two criminal investigations that have been ongoing for more than a year. Netanyahu, who has denied wrongdoing and pledged to stay in office regardless, has been questioned several ...
(JERUSALEM) — Israeli police have recommended that Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on bribery and breach of trust charges in two corruption cases, a development that deals an embarrassing blow to the embattled prime minister and is likely to fuel calls for him to resign. Following the announcement ...
Police recommend Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on corruption, bribery charges. by Paul ... TEL AVIV — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed he would be vindicated Tuesday moments after police recommended that he be indicted on charges of corruption and bribery. "This will ...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during a meeting at Moscow's Jewish Center on Jan. 29, 2018. Mikhail Svetlov—Getty Images. By Laignee Barron. February 8, 2018. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could soon be indicted on corruption charges, according to the Times of Israel. Police chiefs ...
JERUSALEM (REUTERS) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left hospital late on Tuesday (March 27) following tests after suffering a high fever and a cough. A Reuters witness saw Netanyahu's convoy leaving the hospital, and shortly after midnight Netanyahu said on Twitter: “I am on my way ...
Benjamin Netanyahu is a suspect in three corruption investigations, known as Case 1000, Case 2000 and Case 4000. The Prime Minister has said he is innocent. Netanyahu has said "a shadow has fallen under the police investigation," and insisted the police cases have "holes like Swiss cheese." ...
Binyamin Netanyahu, now in his fourth term as prime minister, is the only leader in Israel's history to have been elected three times in a row. If his current government lasts its full term, until November next year, he will become the longest-serving prime minister in Israel's history, surpassing Israel's legendary ...


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