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updated Fri. February 23, 2024

... Harvard's president emeritus and former secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Lawrence Summers; and Ron Prosor, a former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations. Less familiar speakers, including Chloe Valdary, a 24-year-old African-American who advocates for Israel, struck a chord with the largely young ...

Notable speakers included University Provost Alan M. Garber '76, who gave opening remarks, fashion designer Elie Tahari, former University President Lawrence H. Summers, political analyst and former presidential adviser David Gergen, NBA allstar Amar'e Stoudemrie, and Ron Prosor, a former Israeli ...
Former Israel Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor is a leading advocate of merging UNRWA's activities into the UNHCR's mandate to better utilize available aid budgets and allow the UN to deliver a more cohesive approach to tackling the global refugee crisis. In this way, the U.S. can build an effective ...
Other names raised are two former Israeli ambassadors to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman and Ron Prosor, as well as the president of Ben-Gurion University, Rivka Carmi, and the mayor of the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim, Benny Kashriel. Shai's name came up in the course of coalition ...
Meanwhile former Israeli Ambassador to the UK Ron Prosor said Hezbollah had been given freedom to operate in Europe and elsewhere by the alleged distinctive wings and Conservative MP Theresa Villiers said they posed “a serious threat to the citizens of the UK”, adding that a new poll revealed that ...
Among the world's most brutal and ruthless terrorist organizations, Hezbollah stands out for its deep pockets and extraordinary global reach. Backed by Iran, the group has built one of the most powerful non-state military forces in human history, using it to perpetuate a reign of terror around the world that has ...
No one likes winning more than President Trump. He has a chance to prove it on Monday, when Iraqi Kurds hold a referendum on their independence. There is no shortage of losers in the Middle East, but anyone in the business of spotting winners should bet on an independent Kurdish state. Backing the ...


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