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I have never met someone as fearless as Zaha," Zhang, who had contracted Hadid to design 14.7 million square feet of buildings in China, said.

"A great design delivers both a diagnosis and a cure. It identifies an unseen opportunity or unexpressed need and suggests a solution," says Brendan McGetrick, curator of the exhibition.
On Tuesday, Ben Huh, best known as the former CEO of Cheezburger Network and a co-founder of now defunct news startup Circa, announced he's joining Y Combinator's research project on city design. Huh will spend the next six months as part of the ...
Multiple reports backed by various Apple patents have suggested that the iPhone of the future will kill the home button without ditching its features.
New York City startup IrisVR is announcing that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding. The company has built virtual reality tools for the architecture and design industries. Iris Prospect allows customers to take their 3D plans and blueprints ...

What happens when you take three popular artists with very different design aesthetics, put them on a stage in front of a live audience, and ask them to design a movie poster together based on a title thrown out by the crowd? Well, a MondoCon 2016 ...
Kyle Hughes, Jeremy Knittel, Jacob Englander, David Hinckley, and Sean Napier, who are pictured from left to right, helped enhance a fully automated tool for determining orbital trajectories and spacecraft design. Credit: NASA/W. Hrybyk. A NASA ...
So it only makes sense that engineers are exploring virtual and augmented reality as ways to more efficiently interact with these digital models and data during the early stages of the design process. Volvo is at the forefront of this exploration as ...
The concept smartphone from Xiaomi and colorful French designer Philippe Starck, revealed on Tuesday, has won praise for its minimalist form and bezel-less screen.
Of course, it helps if those favorite guests have some serious design chops and name recognition: Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry's Christopher Bailey have had the honor in previous years.
This undated image provided by West Elm shows a model room for hotels that are expected to open under the West Elm brand. West Elm, a trendy home design retailer, is planning to get into the hospitality business by opening hotels in five cities over ...
More than 30 alternative visions for sex toys feature in the For Play exhibition, which questions expectations of what design for sexuality looks like. Taking place as part of this year's Dutch design Week, For Play features works by 37 artists and ...
Business strategies - especially in the tradition sense - are rather pushy. If you have a product, your strategy is to explain why a customer should use it.
Google is launching a new suite of tools meant to make it easier for designers and app makers to collaborate. It's partially an expansion of Google's Material design efforts, which launched two years ago as a way to rethink how software should be ...

As the head of design for Google's self-driving car program, YooJung Ahn has figured out how to design a car for people who aren't the least bit interested in driving.
When it comes to objects for the home, it's easy to associate Mexico with its rich tradition of local handicrafts: the boldly colored blankets, the lace, the ceramics, the embroidery.
When I go out and talk to people, I tell them that employers need people who understand design and development and how to use a 3D printer.
engineers at the University of Cambridge recently created a transistor that is capable of scavenging energy from its environment to fuel its operations.
Entrants in the 2017 Michelin design Challenge show what they think Le Mans cars of 2030 will look like. (20 photos)
"Just like the kitchen has become so central to how everybody uses their home and lives their lives, a mudroom has become an expectation," said designer Vern Yip, an HGTV host and author of the new book "Vern Yip's design Wise" (Running Press).
The owner of a Hong Kong lifestyle shop has accused clothing retailer Bauhaus of copying the interior design of its Wan Chai store and incorporating it in its new Causeway Bay outlet.
Book design may be the most self-effacing form of design anywhere. After all, its mission is to so perfectly smooth the interaction between author and reader that the designer disappears from the equation.
This year's design features a teenager painting "ART MATTERS" on a row of student lockers, with a young girl looking on, imagining her own future inspired by the teenager's artwork and creative expression.
The third Istanbul design Biennial, "Are We Human? : The design of the Species : 2 seconds, 2 days, 2 years, 200 years, 200000 years," will open this weekend ...
With my recent jump into shooting more and more with my mirrorless system, I have been looking for a camera bag that better fit the smaller kit.
State of Wonder is taking a year-long journey through architecture, planning and design with columnist-in-residence Randy Gragg.
When the LG G5 debuted in April, it made waves with its unique modular-like design. Its removable battery can be swapped out from the phone's bottom chin, and other accessories like a camera grip and a digital-to-analog audio converter, can be attached ...
New perovskite solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies, Stanford and Oxford scientists report. Researchers have created a new type of solar cell that replaces silicon with a crystal called perovskite.
San Diego - The San Diego County Registrar of Voters office and city of San Diego leaders Wednesday confirmed that a design flaw with the ballot could impact voting in next month's election. Officials say if voters use a felt-tip pen, or a similar type ...
If millions of lines of code are the buttresses of Google's Android operating system, Material design is the architectural flourishes that dot its outer walls.
Four theatre artists will be honored at the 52nd annual Henry Hewes design Awards, which will take place in New York November 7 and recognize productions such as Shuffle Along and the Broadway-bound Dear Evan Hansen.
As you've probably heard, D.C. United has hit a snag in its plans for new, $350 million stadium at Buzzards Point in Southwest.
"Victoria is arguably the most widely known design partner we've ever worked with globally," said Joshua Thomas, a Target spokesman.
The broad strokes - a home console with some kind of mobile component - had been leaked, but not the configuration; the new video ad shows the design. While the gamepad looks somewhat similar to the Wii U, the Switch tablet appears thinner and ...
The exterior of Bloom Pavilion at the Kittitas County Event Center, Wednesday. ALSC Architects have presented Kittitas County Board of Commissioners with a $156,000 design to add heating to the Bloom Pavilion, take out the Colockum rooms and offices, ...
Considering the business Downstream Visual design is in, appearances are extremely important. But so are keeping costs low and efficiency high.
For the first time, Apple Chief design Officer Jony Ive will be taking up the post and imagining his own blockbuster Christmas tree at Claridges, in cooperation with Marc Newson - who also works at Apple on projects such as Apple Watch.
A whole lot of companies take design inspiration from Apple, like, pretty much exact design inspiration. It makes for a boring phone landscape.
Bad ballot design gained national attention almost 16 years ago when Americans became unwilling experts in butterflies and chads.
But while their burgeoning reputation is for imbuing everyday objects with social or political significance, it is never in a dull or pedantic way.
For this year's Milan design week, Van Duysen created a cast-concrete lamp as part of a range of designs for Italian brand Flos.
facebook's bid to open up networking is moving up into nosebleed territory for data centers. The company's 100-gigabit switch design has been accepted by the Open Compute Project, a step that should help to foster an open ecosystem of hardware and ...
The WA government hopes comprehensive guidelines for apartment design will stamp out flawed developments with jarring facades and windowless rooms.
Elevating design Practice through design Research" is based on findings from a 29-question survey on design research roles and responsibilities including students, educators, designers and design research professionals. Among survey takers, only 25% ...
Museums are benefitting from the decline of long-form print journalism says design Museum director Deyan Sudjic in this movie.
When you're one of the world's top symphony orchestras, it's only right that you should play in one of the world's best concert halls.
Ironically, these design guides -- The Typography Handbook, this article by Adam Schwartz, and others -- warn that designers should beware of reducing the contrast, but designers, seated before giant, well-calibrated monitors in well-lit offices, took ...