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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

[NEW YORK] Westinghouse Electric Co LLC, the nuclear power plant developer owned by Japanese electronics company Toshiba Corp, is taking offers for a financing package to help it go through US bankruptcy, people familiar with the matter said on ...
China moved one step closer to merging two of its nuclear power developers, as the country drives through consolidation in many of its State-owned enterprises, including the railways, shipping, nonferrous metals, construction materials and steel sectors.
Two listed units of the two companies - China National nuclear power and China Nuclear engineering - said in separate statements on Monday to Shanghai stock exchange that they have been notified by their respective parents that they are "planning ...
NEW YORK -- Though the U.S. nuclear industry praises welcomes President Donald Trump's plan to resume work on the country's sole disposal site for spe.
Jim Krafty and Stacey Horvitz, resident inspectors for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the Beaver Valley nuclear power plant, explain the plant's ...
Any financial adviser worth their commission will tell clients not to eschew entire asset classes. Diversify, theyll insist. You can never predict the future, and even ...
Researchers from the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan are looking into what it would take to build a small modular nuclear reactor in ...
In an opinion piece by Lim Soon Heng, managing director of Floating Solutions LLP that was published in straits Times, it was suggested that a floating nuclear power plant can be the solution to meet the future energy demand for Singapore. Mr Lim said ...
nuclear power would demand political consensus and take many years to develop but it is a debate worth having, the prime minister says.
Delays at so-called third-generation reactors, both the Westinghouse AP1000 and French state firm Areva's European Pressurised Reactor (EPR), have dragged on China's pace of nuclear power development for the past few years, after Beijing had already ...
Lim Soon Heng, managing director of Floating Solutions LLP, suggested a floating nuclear power plant for Singapore. He wrote his thoughts on the subject...
In a written reply to a question in Lok Sabha, Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, said discussion on the techno-commercial offer between the state- owned Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) and WestingHouse ...
Steven Rudy said it would take a decade or more for developers to get a nuclear power plant operational in Kentucky due to the rigorous permitting process.
Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu: India is making remarkable advancements in nuclear technology and is a very important partner of International Atomic Energy Agency, the global nuclear watchdog's Director General Yukiya Amano said on Wednesday.
One in 10 Turnbull government MPs say nuclear power should be on the table as federal and state governments grapple with Australia's future energy needs.
Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board said yesterday it was in the final phase of drafting the regulatory framework to guide the proposed setting up of nuclear electricity plant in 2017.
Pilgrim nuclear power plant is scheduled to close in 2019, and there are many who would like to see it shut down sooner. But that leaves a significant gap in southern New England's energy supply.
A new nuclear paradigm, which seems to defy the logic that has dictated increasing the size of power stations, is being tipped to take over.
As nuclear power costs spiral, prompting a $6.3 billion writedown at reactor maker Toshiba Corp. and delays at Electricite de France's plant in Flamanville, the investment needed to build offshore wind capacity is plummeting.
Six years after the Fukushima nuclear power plant triple meltdown left Japan with a $235 billion clean-up bill, President Trump - the number-crunching businessman - should give second thought to propping-up an industry neither the market nor the ...
The public must be properly informed and educated that nuclear power could contribute to clean and safe energy, rather than being demonised as harmful.
The memorandum defines the basis for interaction in such areas as conducting research, education and training in nuclear science and technology to support human resources development for existing and future nuclear power plants and nuclear research ...
The Japanese public has lost faith in nuclear safety regulation, and a majority favors phasing out nuclear power. However, Japan's current energy policy assumes nuclear power will play a role. To move forward, Japan needs to find a new way of making ...
Then there is Acharya Kanad, who is described as having "developed nuclear technology"; Kapil Muni, "father of cosmology"; Maharshi Bhardwaj, "discovered rockets and aeroplanes"; Charak Rishi, "father of medicine"; and Garga Muni, "scientist of stars".
Following the integration of 3D printing as part of its digital services portfolio, Siemens has installed a 3D-printed part in a nuclear power plant. Because of the stringent safety and reliability requirements in the nuclear sector, achieving this ...
The public must be properly informed and educated that nuclear power could contribute to clean and safe energy, rather than being demonised as harmful.
IN ITS official diary for 2017, the Maharaja Sayajirao University (MSU) has hailed several sages for their "contribution to science" - from "developing nuclear technology" to "discovering rockets and aeroplanes" and being the "father of cosmetic surgery".
Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda, Gujarat, in its annual diary, has given credit to various Hindu saints for inventing nuclear technology, cosmetic surgery, rockets and aeroplanes. The administration told The Indian Express that the diary was ...
But in another article, the news agency rebuked North Korea, saying it must "face the reality that it can neither thwart Washington and Seoul nor consolidate its security in a breeze with its immature nuclear technology." The United States' decision to ...
On the other hand, the statistics for the solar industry were impressive, demonstrating it creates more electricity-generation employment than oil, gas, coal and nuclear combined. Wind power came in third in DOE's analysis, behind solar and fossil ...
The argument for nuclear includes the familiar themes: power plants support jobs, pay taxes, run around the clock, produce little if any carbon dioxide and add fuel diversity, meaning it would be risky to rely entirely on gas, coal, wind and solar.
The Yomiuri ShimbunThe risk of radiation escaping from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant of Tokyo electric power Company Holdings Inc. has decreased considerably.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) must maintain its key role in developing sciences related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, says the Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations and the current chairman of the Vienna Chapter of Group of ...
The nuclear power Asia conference is a platform to discuss the latest challenges, trends and achievements in the Asian nuclear industry.
The former nuclear power station is quickly turning into a robot graveyard due to recurrent failures with the remote-controlled probes sent inside.
THE role of the US in Iraq is rather unedifying. President Bush encouraged Saddam Hussein's Iraq to attack Iran in a bitter war.
The Board will also consider the nuclear technology Review 2017, which includes an overview of global developments related to nuclear power. "nuclear power contributes significantly to meeting the goal set under the Paris Agreement of holding the ...
Kentucky may be on the cusp of lifting a decades-old moratorium on nuclear power plants, with supporters of the move hoping to perhaps attract a smaller ...
He briefed Member States on issues related to nuclear energy, including the nuclear technology Review 2017, and also said that preparations are well underway for the IAEA Ministerial Conference on nuclear power in the 21st Century, which opens in Abu ...
Many people who are concerned about fossil fuels and climate change argue for nuclear power as a viable solution to carbon pollution.
The European Commission has concluded that Hungary's financial support for the construction of two new nuclear reactors in Paks (Paks II) involves state aid.
It also highlights the key role of technological innovation. Innovative nuclear power technologies, including small and medium sized or modular reactors and advanced fuel cycles, could more efficiently contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions ...
China and Russia have long been worried that the U.S. would use its cyberweapons to disrupt their nuclear arsenals, Acton said, even though the U.S.
While the U.S. remains lukewarm about nuclear power, shutting down plants as much as it is opening new ones, the developing world is rapidly adding capacity.
Unless you can steal a bomb or steal some weapons-grade nuclear fuel to construct a crude nuclear device, you're probably not going to acquire nuclear weapons. The technology for making nuclear fuel is too expensive and complicated, and if you try, the ...
The Directorate of Atomic Energy (DAE) launched a campaign to counter the misconception among common people that nuclear technology has no use other than destructive purposes despite the fact that Indian medical care, industrial productivity and ...
U-Battery is a 'micro' nuclear reactor which will be able to produce local power and heat for a range of energy needs, mainly targeting the markets for industrial power units and off-grid locations. Powered by Triso fuel, each helium gas-cooled unit ...
Thirty years after Nevada's Yucca Mountain was designated as America's only dumping ground for nuclear waste, not a single isotope has been sent there.
Section 209 of the bill would penalize any person who makes an investment that directly and significantly contributes to enhancing the ability of the Russian Federation to construct civil nuclear power plants. While the bill certainly covers the ...
scientists at the University of Manchester are leading a team which will comprehensively map some of the world's most radioactive sites using sensing technology mounted on a advanced robotic vehicle in a world first. One of the researchers on the ...





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