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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

You are likely an adult now, and have to spend your money on responsible things like bills and food and Netflix. But as a child, nothing brought as much joy as watching toy commercials, just dreaming about all those incredible toys that you'd beg your ...
The Great Falls police Department received several reports of a driver brandishing a hand gun.
We already knew Justin Timberlake was a born entertainer who knows how to charm an audience. After playing sold-out stadium shows and starring in box-office hits, there was nowhere left for the singer and actor to take his talents but ... play class!
The toy Story franchise has delivered a fair number of emotional gut punches over its silver screen run. Millions of adults, children and inanimate objects sobbed many a tear during THAT toy Story 3 scene, so really all the cards are on the emotional ...
Argos has released its top toy predictions for Christmas 2017 - and Lego and tech toys look set to dominate.
Each year Nick's family does the toy drive, and those toys come to the hospital so we can give them to our pediatric patients to help ease their anxiety," Carla Tollet, PR, Communications, marketing Consultant at St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital said.
Dozens of children, mostly in northwest Pakistan, have lost their lives in the past when playing with "toys" that turned out to be explosive devices.
These toys and letters were placed in special care packages that are being shipped to 50 National CASA chapters. In total, more than 60,000 toys were donated to make this event possible, thanks to TIF's toy Bank donors, comprised of manufacturers, ...
A 2-year-old boy dodged serious injury with the help of a fuzzy friend, the stuffed cow that broke his fall after he tumbled through a second-story window around 4:40 p.m.
Question: I found this wood toy poodle at a garage sale. I collect poodle figures and toys. It is well-carved and jointed with heavy rubber cords.
A discarded toy boat caught the eye of someone at GetGo on Friday morning and resulted in the gas station being closed for nearly three hours while the bomb squad investigated.
A student from Rainier Elementary has a brilliant idea to bring toys to all the kids of Thurston County: a toy library.
A suspicious package discovered at the Austintown GetGo Friday morning, turned out to be nothing more than a child's toy boat wrapped in plastic.
Plush Cow toy Cushions 2-Year-Old Boy's 18-Foot Fall From Bedroom Window. by Samantha Williams 12:46 PM EDT, June 23, 2017.
A popular baby brand is recalling a toy amid safety fears. A dangling pram toy is being recalled after fears it could break and pose a safety hazard to children.
Mark Hamill answers a burning fan question that reveals what Luke Skywalker thinks is the weirdest toy in the Star wars merchandise universe....
But there is one enduring horror trope that can have grown men and women gnawing at their fingernails when things go bump in the night: the creepy, haunted child's toy. From malevolent teddy bears and possessed clowns to murderous porcelain dolls ...
toy trains are sort of whimsical, where that the models of the people and the houses they don't really match. And when you look at them, they're bright colors," Mistchenko said.
ITHACA, N.Y. - Blocks, puzzles, costumes, dolls, instruments and toys of all sorts will soon be available for any child in the community to play with at the new Finger Lakes toy Library. The little library, tucked in the Clinton West Plaza, officially ...
"Business owners shouldn't sell toys that are physically or mentally harmful to minors," said the Administration for Industry and commerce of Chengdu, in the provincial capital of Sichuan.
The toy Association last month issued its own guidelines for parents thinking of buying fidget spinners, including following age recommendations on the packaging, buying only from reputable retailers, and inspecting them frequently for loose parts.
LEGO and tech toys look set to dominate Christmas wish lists this year as retail giant Argos reveal their top toy predictions for Christmas 2017.
Syracuse, New York - police say an 11-year old child stabbed a 7-year-old little girl at a New York park, leaving a huge gash along her leg after a fight over a popular toy. Fidget spinners are currently among the nation's top toys. Authorities say the ...
Star wars fans finally got the answer to an interesting question on Thursday: Just what is Mark Hamill's least favorite Luke Skywalker toy? Since he first took on the role in 1977, Hamill has seen his face plastered on every product imaginable over the ...
Detectives are looking for four men linked to a multi-state crime ring who stole 19 Apple iPods from the Orange Park toys R Us in late April, the Clay County ...
The toy Story characters weren't available in the first developer beta of watchOS 4, but with yesterday's launch of beta 2 for the Apple Watch software all of the characters have appeared as watch face options.
Wall Street is estimating that the company's profits and sales will grow about 10% this year. Hasbro is making toys that parents are buying and kids are playing with - including products like Nerf, transformers, and even old school, classic board games ...
In 2016, the transformers were one of 12 finalists for the National toy Hall of Fame - but did not make it in. The inductees in 2016 were the swing, Dungeons & Dragons and Fisher-Price Little People.
Hasbro, the third largest toy and board game company (third only to Mattel and Lego), is eliminating gender from their vocabulary.
In the 1990s many Albanians built homes using money earned in Western Europe. The cuddly toy at the gate is meant to ward off the "evil eye" - a curse inflicted by a neighbour's envious look.
The latest Star wars: The Last Jedi leaks showcase villain Kylo Ren and new Resistance character Rose Tico in LEGO form ahead of their official unveiling this fall for Force Friday.
Maplewood couple Indira Villalobos-Starr and Silas Starr debuted their exquisitely curated toy Division on Saturday, June 16.
Lawrence, known as the "toy safety mom" pointed out that hoverboards and non-motorized scooters are not considered toys under federal regulatory definitions. The Toy Association last month issued its own guidelines for parents thinking of buying fidget ...
Skechers is getting in on the Shopkins craze with two new collections of kids' shoes, inspired by the tiny collectible toys. the Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based footwear firm has partnered with the hugely popular children's brand - created by Australia ...
Most of the recommendations of this study are to inform privacy law, policy makers, and toy designers about the concerns of parents and kids.
A California woman violently panicked and darted away after picking what she believed to be her dog's toy -- only to discover it was a venomous rattlesnake.
"I ask the authorities to not freely allow the entry of toys that touch on religious sensitivities in this country," she said.
We see it in a child's eyes when she opens a new toy, and feel it every time a new version of the iPhone is released. It turns out our preference for shiny, new things is pretty universal throughout the animal kingdom.
Lawrence, known as the "toy safety mom" pointed out that hoverboards and non-motorized scooters are not considered toys under federal regulatory definitions. The Toy Association last month issued its own guidelines for parents thinking of buying fidget ...
"This is for guys who have big toys," he said, "big motor coaches, race teams, big boats." His project is called Extreme toy Garage, and it's going in on St. Johns Bluff Road North, right by Craig Airport. Murphy lives in Jacksonville but makes his ...
Fidget spinners are the biggest toy trend to come around in a long time. They are designed with a bearing in the middle and two or three prongs that spin.
Meet the 3fap, a handy sex toy that allow you to experience the ecstasy of three different holes all at once. Actually...when you say it like that it sounds kind of nasty, but surely there are people out there for whom a simultaneous mouth/vagina/anus ...
The fidget spinner craze is spiraling out of control; the popular toys have now hit zoos. The Vienna Zoo in Austria let Nonja the orangutan give the little plastic toy a whirl after she noticed her caretaker playing with one. Before long, Nonja was a ...
In the newest wave of Funko collectibles ahead of San Diego Comic Con, the popular pop culture-based toy company released first looks at figures based on properties owned by Warner Brothers.
BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio - Johnnie Carroll, the man who robbed a Martins Ferry toy store last year, received the maximum sentence in court on Monday as the judge sent a message to thieves everywhere.
A woman in California grabs what she thought was one of her dog's favorite toys. It turned out to be a snake. WEATHER. Save Location.
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Fidget spinners are one of this summer's hottest toys - but now there are reports of children choking on pieces of the popular plaything.
Both parents and instructors stress pool toys are just that; toys, and they won't help your child in an emergency.
FORT WALTON BEACH - The Navarre Beach sea Turtle conservation Center has implemented a beach toy "Borrow Bin" program at its facility.