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Cloudflare , a company that provides a content-delivery network (CDN) with security features aimed at keeping websites online and loading quickly, has chosen John Graham-Cumming to take over for Ben Fathi as the company's head of engineering. Fathi ...
Many distribution utilities in deregulated states that do not own generation view energy storage as a potential solution for solving a specific and oftentimes specialized engineering problem. economics are evaluated secondly (and against typical ...

Evaluation engineering reported the NSF awarded a total of nearly $2 million dollars to a collaborative project with NSBE, Purdue University and Virginia Tech.
This is particularly important in the context of the industry's well-publicised skills gap and the efforts of the UK government and other organisations to encourage greater take-up in schools and universities of STEM and engineering-related subjects.
The company is a subsidiary of Texas-based Hudson Products. It announced Tuesday that it won't renew its existing facilities leases in Tulsa.
Although it is recognized by swimmers and swim companies alike, there is no 100% full-proof/permanent solution. This is where we have decided to step in.
An Ashland engineering firm has been absorbed by an out-of-town suitor. Atlantic Geotechnical Services Inc. was acquired Oct. 21 by Hillis-Carnes engineering Associates. Rob Skepton of Hillis-Carnes confirmed the deal. Terms were not disclosed.
When selecting a field of study, choosing to focus on information technology or engineering seems like a no-brainer. But not all information technology and engineering jobs are created equally. Some are growing rapidly, while others have leveled off or ...
A team of engineers has made the first entirely 3D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensing. Built by a fully automated, digital manufacturing procedure, the 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip can be quickly fabricated in customized form factors ...
A $1 million National Science Foundation grant will help second- and third-year engineering students with financial needs continue on their paths to graduation.
BUIES CREEK, North Carolina -- Longtime Campbell University supporters Joseph and Janet Boone have established the school of engineering's first endowed scholarship in memory of their grandson, Christopher Furtick, who died in 2015 at age 15.
In the fall of 2012, the College of engineering set out on a mission: to drastically increase the size of the college in five years.
While there has been some of the usual sniping at engineers by people who have no idea what product design and release actually involve, I'm pleased to see that it has been relatively muted.
Dyer was a valued educator and mentor for many students who are now prominent scientists, and he served as head of MIT's Department of Ocean engineering (which later merged with the Department of mechanical engineering) for 10 years. He also served ...
"With today's expanded suite of materials, Formlabs is introducing the most comprehensive library of high performance functional resins for engineering applications on the desktop 3D printing market, and making accessible industrial-grade 3D printing ...
The project to repair damaged steelwork, which led to the closure of the Forth Road Bridge in 2015, has won a prestigious engineering award. Amey engineers were given the Greatest Contribution to Scotland Award at the 2016 Saltire Society Civil ...

Nonetheless, I looked at the IEEE organization as a framework for professional practice. There are currently 39 societies within the IEEE that serve to guide publications and conferences.
We recently ran a post about engineers being worse, better, or the same than they "used to be" and it got me thinking. Of course "used to be" is in the eyes of the beholders.
The concept of `Maker Spaces' or Labs to build prototypes using Internet of Things (IoT) that taps the talent in engineering colleges is making steady progress in ...
(Nanowerk News) scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) and National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have engineered a new way to kill bacteria, and subsequently visualised in real time how the bacteria under attack were stripped of their ...
Graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the mechanical engineering program at Virginia Tech recently visited the Institute for Advanced Learning and ...
Dinesh Reddy, 18, was a second year student of the CVSR College of engineering in Ghatkesar. The college is affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru technological University or JNTU and does not promote students who have less than 65 per cent attendance.
The University of Texas at Austin is introducing a new Bachelor of science degree in computational engineering - a new field that focuses on modeling and ...
The new design and engineering jobs will bring to 1100-plus the number of designers and engineers working for the company's ongoing Asia-Pacific Product Development Centre in northern Melbourne and to 2000 the number of total Ford staff in Australia by ...
Over 300 Cornell faculty, alumni, students and guests congregated in Klarman Hall Friday to celebrate the dedication of the Robert Frederick Smith school of chemical and Biomolecular engineering, a testament to the benefactor's $50 million donation.
International engineering and design firm Jacobs engineering Group is moving its headquarters from California to downtown Dallas.
Female Engineer Planning Project With CNC Machinery In Background Chicago, Oct. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - The Society of women engineers' (SWE) newest study reveals specific gender and racial biases faced within the engineering ...
When one thinks of civil engineering, the first things that spring to mind are bridges and buildings.Of course this is true; however, to someone that is ...
The Visvesvaraya technological University has planned a special professional academic institute for teaching faculty of engineering colleges.
physics concepts such as aerodynamics and air resistance were no longer dry theories found in books for Secondary 3 student Gabriel Ong last Wednesday.
A group of four high school students work on making a paper plane during a mechanical engineering session Friday at Purdue University Northwest Calumet campus.
The ICE's visionary LEGO Bridge project connects civil engineers with the public, demonstrating the monumental accomplishments of civil engineering," said Sham. "Using familiar LEGO bricks to demystify and showcase the extraordinary feats of engineers, ...
As dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of engineering, Paul Peercy constantly sought ways to help students succeed in engineering. In ongoing efforts to educate "global" engineers, he focused on diverse and interdisciplinary experiences ...
Kevin T. Campbell '89G '94 MBA was named 2016 Engineer of the Year by the Pennsylvania Society of Professional engineers (PSPE). The honor was bestowed during PSPE's annual conference in late September, and is based on criteria including ...
As a husband, parent to two toddlers, engineering intern and full-time student, I juggle a busy home life, full study schedule and a busy workload every single day.
The engineering Freshman Interest Group hosted their annual Drop it Like its Hot event Oct. 17 on the engineering mall, giving teams the challenge of building a structure that would allow a water balloon to survive a three-story drop.
Located at the New London Business and technology Park, the Center for Advanced engineering and Research facility was paid for in large part through a $7.6 million grant from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization ...
The engineering validations are being conducted on the mammoth LAV VI, an updated and more lethal version of the LAV III, which was the Canadian army's principal fighting vehicle during the Afghan war.
students in the Michigan State University College of engineering's CoRe Experience program now have a new place to gather to study, collaborate and, in general, enhance their college experience.
... participants will work in teams with Sweet Briar professors and students on a project that is challenging but ideal for those new to engineering. Sweet Briar is one of only two women's colleges in the country to offer an ABET-accredited degree in ...
Partners, an Environmental, engineering & Surveying Firm, retained the employees at Cooper & Associates. By Kelly Byer Repository staff writer.
When Marita Cheng embarked on a career in robotics engineering, she found that there weren't many other girls around her.
NORTH TONAWANDA - Buffalo is an epicenter of earthquake engineering research with its facility at the University at Buffalo.
Experts tell us that a variety of things that will help bring women into engineering, and stay for their whole careers. For example, we need to encourage young girls to develop their spatial skills, laying the foundation for further scientific ...
The initiative began in 2015 and, as Tallant said, it's intended to allow local students to receive a full TAMUK degree in engineering without leaving the Valley. The hope, he said, is for these funds - $30,000 from the city and $30,000 from the EDC ...
Johns Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins University Applied physics laboratory have joined forces to bring data analysis and systems engineering to precision medicine in an effort to strengthen the ability of the organizations to better contribute to ...
The largest endowed scholarship gift ever to the university's Whiting school of engineering, it creates the Clark Scholars Program and substantially strengthens the university's ability to attract talented engineering students while providing need ...
The areas of structural and earthquake engineering - a branch of the civil engineering field - are growing in the United States, and CSUF is jumping on board in a big way.
Leo L. Beranek, an engineer whose company designed the acoustics for the United Nations and concert halls at Lincoln Center and Tanglewood, then built the direct precursor to the internet under contract to the Defense Department, died on Oct. 10 at his ...







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