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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

Charlotte Dann otherwise know as "Charbytes" has created a very unique drawing machine which is powered by Arduino and can be controlled by the magnets embedded in her fingers. Watch the video below to learn more about the Arduino powered ...
Cameron Duncan won the opportunity to be librarian for the Day on March 8 at Hammond Eastside magnet. Cameron, left, reads 'Put Me in the Zoo' by Robert Lopshire to Gerzelle Blanks' first-grade class students, from front, Ronald Quinn, Tyronsa Woodard ...
Though the light can be used independently of the dock, it seems the magnet in the light is a bit stronger than the magnet in the dock, so while you can remove the light from the dock to use as a flashlight, sometimes when you grab the light, the dock ...
Demand is rising for the Innovation Academy steam magnet program at Springfield Middle school. The district received 288 applications for the program's upcoming school year before last month's due date, and all but 100 of them were for sixth-grade ...
Global Permanent magnet Motor market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.09% to reach US$40.25 billion by 2021, from US$21.76 billion in 2016.
People have used magnets as tools for a long time, but they did not understand how they worked. It seemed as though magnets had magical properties!
Harmony magnet Academy students Yeayun Son, Michelle Tapia, Lorena Villa and Linda Tejada, will join Chris Paul Overall (Paul), Nathaniel Bott (John), Zak Schaffer (George), and Axel Clarke (Ringo) for Abbey Road, a Beatles tribute concert on April 21.
We've seen a few different tools for Windows-esque window management on Mac over the years, but none of those ever fit well with my workflow.
Parents from Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford stood on the steps of the Capitol in Hartford Monday morning to call attention to charter and magnet school state funding discrepancies they see as unfair to their children. The group asked legislators to ...
The obvious germ factories are well-known: cutting boards, carpets, shoes, hands. But there are many seemingly innocuous sources that can make you very sick.
Richard Allen, an eighth-grader at Anne Chesnutt Middle School, works in a Spanish language teleconference class Thursday. Cumberland County schools is pursuing a grant to create magnet schools at four locations, including Anne Chesnutt. [Staff photo ...
magnet, CrowdCafe's macOS window manager, may be the most helpful third-party application I've ever used. The unobtrusive tool helps keep my Mac desktop organized.
ATOMIC BIT scientists stored data using individual atoms of holmium (shown above). Each 0 or 1 is encoded using the orientation of the atom's magnetic field.
(WPMI) - On Saturday, March 18, officers responded to Denton magnet school at approximately 5 p.m. to a robbery involving a victim shot in the leg.
"When asked if she thought Trump Towers were actually wiretapped, Kelly Ann Conway evaded answering, quoting the crooked media reports of the many forms of surveillance through hacking of cellphones, smart televisions and 'microwave ovens that can ...
Will become more of a investor magnet if the price of oil comes under further pressure. Company's talk on being integrated could be a mask to cover up excessive book value.
Eight Kingman residents were arrested after detectives with the Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team and the Mohave County Sheriff's Office ...
The Minden Lady Tiders picked up two more wins Thursday night against Caddo Magent, winning game one by a score of 4-1 before dominating in game two 15-2.
Certain apps, like the App Store or Tweetbot, which define minimum window widths, don't always play nicely with magnet, taking up more space than you'd like to allot.
Rutherford County Central magnet school students who recycle may receive prizes for their efforts under the "Caught Green Handed" initiative sponsored by Operation: Rutherford Recycles and the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office.
Broken legs, bloody noses, tornadoes and a fire: these are scary things to think about, but they're part of real life and a major part of the curriculum at the Medical Academy today at Brewbaker technology magnet high school. Jakaylan Ivey has her eyes ...
With his sights set on a musical career, Josiah Hall is anxiously waiting to hear back from the Visual and Performing arts magnet at Dr. Phillips high school. It's been weeks since his audition, but he won't hear back until mid-March they told him.
It has achieved magnet status putting it among the elite six percent of hospitals worldwide. Only 378 health care organizations out of over 6,000 U.S.
IBM and MIT's most recent work in nanotechnology have made these scenarios within the realm of possibility, thanks to two recent breakthroughs: 1) the ability to store data on a magnet the size of a single atom; and 2) nano-sized origami robots that ...
magnetism is a basic, but powerful force of the universe, with a number of applications within our every day lives (toys, compasses, the magnetic strip on your credit card).
Non-invasive magnet therapy is being trialled by Australian researchers to slow the development of Alzheimer's disease.
Monroe, LA (KNOE) - Brian Bush and the J.S. Clark magnet school and Robitics team joined us in studio to talk about school registration coming up.
Moriarty environmental sciences magnet School in Norwich recently was named a National magnet School of Excellence by magnet schools of America, the ...
Bridgeport, Conn. -- The Aerospace Hydrospace school of engineering and Physical sciences has been named a National magnet School of Distinction by ...
New London - Local school officials are seeking a statewide standard on the racial isolation requirements that determine state funding for magnet schools. New London Superintendent Manuel Rivera testified before the state education Committee last week ...
... 26 languages here and we're approaching 50 percent minority in our building. So we're a diverse school and we get great results," Principal David Brandon said.
Michigan CITY - Lake Hills and Pine Elementary schools, two Michigan City Area Schools elementary buildings that serve students from across the region as magnet Schools, are now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year. Like all MCAS ...
SPRINGFIELD - Superintendent of schools Daniel Warwick said this week that the recent selection of three local magnet and theme-based schools for national merit awards is "absolutely wonderful" news for the students, staff and district.
BUCKTOWN - A Drummond Montessori second-grader is suing the head of Chicago public schools and the Board of education, alleging that the Bucktown magnet school is not accessible and she must "scoot" up and down stairs and crawl between ...
CHAMPAIGN - Unit 4 is seeking $11.5 million in federal funding to expand its magnet-school programs at three Champaign schools.
Who would have thought magnet toys could provide the answer to complex questions in physics? While Stacking magnetic balls is a child's play, understanding the physics behind it is too hard even for expert physicists.
Many anglers ride right by current lines, but Capt. Jack Payne said they're the key to maximizing efficiency in productive areas.
During normal flight, the magnet keeps the frame rigid allowing for predictable flight. However, when an impact happens the magnet detaches from the frame allowing it to become flexible and handle the impact forces without damage. As the magnet is ...
As the new school year approached for Hartford magnet schools, seats opened up at popular capital Prep north of downtown - a boon for some of the hundr.
Olomouc - Creating magnetics from materials other than metals could lead to many technological advances, especially with semiconductors.
Micron-sized iron particles are embedded in this silvery goo, allowing you to make it come alive with the help of a magnet.
gulf Islands National Seashore Superintendent Dan Brown wanted to make park visitors aware of the dangers speeding cars pose to baby shorebirds when he ...
We are taking a closer look at a growing school trend in Cedar Rapids, magnet schools. The Cedar Rapids Community School District has two elementary magnet schools already and plans to open their first middle school in the fall. A magnet school is a ...
Tulsa -- After coming up with a compromise, the lottery for Zarrow International school enrollment went off this time without a hitch.
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut - Members of five different QU Athletics sports teams - men's lacrosse, men's basketball, women's rugby, women's soccer and acrobatics & tumbling - made a visit to Celentano Biotech, Health and Medicine magnet school in New ...
Tucson, AZ (Tucson News Now) -. A U.S. Poet Laureate brought the love of literature to Davis Bilingual Elementary magnet school just ahead of the Tucson Festival of Books.
Aerosmith are a classic rock band that almost everyone with a pulse has heard about, so it only makes sense that Stern would release a machine based off of them.
St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo received a new MRI magnet with the help of a 400-ton capacity crane Friday morning.
Possible boundary changes worry parents about the future of Cahoon Elementary school.







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