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updated Mon. March 27, 2017

An Uber self-driving car was involved in a serious crash in Tempe, Arizona. The crash, which left one car dented and the other seemingly on its side, appeared in photos on twitter late Friday night, which were later verified by the company and Bloomberg.
Anchorage, AK - The Anchorage Concert Association invites Alaskans to marvel at daredevil antics, circus acrobatics, mechanical wonders, and a bit of clowning-around with Cirque mechanics Pedal Punk, coming to Anchorage April 7th - 8th.
"billionaire's Row" in Manhattan will already be home to a host of up-and-coming skyscrapers including One57, the first to break the 1,000 foot mark, and the Central Park Tower, which is shooting to hit a high of 1,550 feet.
Mike + the mechanics have announced a September European tour, which follows their February and March "Word of Mouth" U.K.
A brief exchange a congressional committee has some wondering if the Air Force is seriously considering dumping the f-15 Eagle for upgraded versions of the f-16 Fighting Falcon.
Lydia Brasch, the state representative who introduced the Right to Repair legislation, told Popular mechanics last month that farmer have known how to fix their tractors "for decades, generations even.
Resident Evil 7 could have followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, a third-person shooter with very little of the series' horror DNA intact.
The U.S. Army continues to test a tracked-vehicle veteran of reality TV but doesn't know what to do with it. The army has tested the Ripsaw EV since 2010 but has yet to come up with a practical role for the quick little vehicle.
CARSON CITY, Nev. - Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the Automotive Service Excellence industry certifications that more and more auto repair shops are requiring of their employees.
As humans learn more and more about the infinite inky blackness known as space, we discover amazing and awe-inspiring things. At the same time, we find new and horrifying ways we can die.
The navy ushered in the railgun future way back in 2012 with the first shots of its electromagnetic cannon. But although the concept has been proven and the cannon is functional, its road to deployment has been a bit rocky.
It takes cool new wing tech and the smarts of AI for a drone to execute the landing that nature has already perfected.
Acclaimed developer platinum Games and auteur Yoko Taro have achieved this with their newest title Nier: Automata through blending game mechanics and storytelling in unconventional ways. Nier: Automata is an open-world hack-and-slash game about ...
The goal of a human mission to Mars remains in President Trump's budget, and Elon Musk's SpaceX is actively studying potential landing sites on the fourth planet.
If you've always dreamed of piloting a giant humanoid robot, there's good news: Now you can, as long as you're a billionaire.
According to a source, Tom Brady's last TWO Super Bowl jerseys were stolen . . . and both have now been recovered. Drew Pomeranz made everything sound hunky dory on Monday, a day after the Red Sox lefty was pulled from his second start of spring ...
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has been hard at work during the offseason to rebound from what was a disappointing 2016 season.
With the F-35 barely out the front door, the U.S. military is already trying to figure out what America's next-generation fighter jet will look like.
The 10,000 employees in what's known as the maintenance and related workgroup, including mechanics, store clerks who handle parts and inspectors, are represented by the TWU-IAM Association and have been in contract talks with American management ...
"It's a big baller backyard shot," Ball's proud father, LaVar Ball, said in a recent interview. Lonzo's bizarre mechanics are befitting of his quirky, offbeat style, and the results are positive. The freshman point guard is the second-most prolific 3 ...
The Trump administration has released a preliminary budget report titled, "America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again," and contained within are the new priorities for NASA in 2018.
Around 4.3 billion years ago, a planetary blob of hot molten rock named Earth cooled just enough to start forming a crust. Billions of years later, humans evolved.
Verlander's mechanics now are all about rhythm, tempo, and timing. He uses his hands to control his motion, creating consistency for all of his pitches.
The company that popularized the AK-47 is moving on to the next big thing in warfare. Most Popular. Getty Artyom Korotayev. By Kyle Mizokami.
A leading U.S. Army general has revealed a multi-million-dollar air defense missile was recently used to shoot down a consumer-grade quadcopter drone.
The Markham native decided to skip a visit to the garage and instead hired a mechanic off Kijiji to have his car tires changed on his home driveway.
The following are trademarks or service marks of Major League baseball entities and may be used only with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc. or the relevant Major League Baseball entity: Major League, Major League Baseball, MLB, the ...
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While the Jacksonville Jaguars have addressed most of their needs in some form this offseason, there are still questions about whether or not Blake Bortles will improve.
The Karrar main battle tank is a lot less than it appears, if it actually exists.
The proposed gravitational lensing technique could produce high-quality images of exoplanets from hundreds of light-years away. Most Popular.
What is emerging here is an insight into the mechanics of state capture. Ministers, usually under-qualified, sometimes of dodgy character, are appointed with only one box ticked: absolute, unquestioning loyalty to Number One.
His role at Channel mechanics includes refining the firm's global strategy, identifying new markets and raising visibility for the Channel mechanics software platform. McBain's hire comes after he left ChannelEyes in December, according to a post on ...
Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer, owned by LVMH, sought to appeal to tech geeks and traditionalists alike on Tuesday by launching a connected watch that lets wearers switch between a smartwatch head and a traditional mechanical movement.
Two scientists were surprised to find pi lurking in a quantum mechanics formula for the energy states of the hydrogen atom.
With it's name settled, Boaty McBoatface is now getting down to the business of climate change in the Antarctic. Boaty McBoatface will be flying through the submarine valley that connects the Atlantic to the Weddell Sea as part of the #DynOPO project.
On the outskirts of the Milky Way, some 14,800 light-years away, one little star orbits a black hole closer than any other star we know about.
SpaceX is planning to launch a satellite into space on Tuesday. The EchoStar 23 communications satellite aboard a Falcon 9 rocket will be the third SpaceX launch this year and the second from the company's NASA launch pad.
Engie, the Israeli startup that offers a car diagnostics device and app to enable you to better understand the health of your car, tied to a marketplace for..
This Spring Training has been an unusual one for Los Angeles Dodgers veteran starter Scott Kazmir, as in effort to return from a back injury he focused on improving on his mechanics. Kazmir made two Cactus League starts, but his outing last week was ...
drones are fun and everything, but they become machines of heartache after you irreparably wreck one after flying it for only a few minutes.
PRINCETON - The community is rallying to restore mechanics Hall, listed as an endangered historical resource, to its former glory as a community hub in East Princeton.
On this week's edition of In the Gym at EFT, director of football operations Ryan Healy instructs on quarterback mechanics. Healy demonstrates the proper way to grip and throw a football, giving valuable tips along the way. Watch and learn in the video ...
Elon Musk has promised to end South Australia's energy woes. He's pledged to install at least 100 megawatt-hours of battery storage in 100 days or less.
This month Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game that breaks with many of its predecessors' conventions by plopping the player down in a big virtual world with relatively few restrictions on where they can go or what they ...
When a SWISS airliner was stranded in a northern Canadian territory in the dead of winter, engineers had to find a way to fix it. Created with Sketch.
We're now capable of finding the exact location of a small car orbiting the moon. Most Popular. green bank telescope. NRAO. Created with Sketch.
Could these mysterious flashes of radio waves come from a planet-sized device to power alien spacecraft? Most Popular. M. Weiss/CfA.
In a blend of pop culture showmanship and high tech, the U.S. Army has revealed a grenade launcher made almost entirely from 3D-printed parts.
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