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updated Wed. June 28, 2017

As amazing as modern technology is, a lot of it is just struggling to imitate what animals mastered long ago. Birds, for example, can often walk and fly with equal ease.
"I just simplified the mechanics," Barnes said afterward. "Two days ago, I was trying to get with more of an up, down, and out approach.
mechanics often get a bad rap for being dishonest. That's because many of them are trying to take advantage of your ignorance.
Until the taxi drones take over, Michelin will be in the business of selling tires, but it's idea of what they might look like in a few decades is utterly alien.
Over the past few years, many nations have made a strong effort to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they emit into the atmosphere.
Last week, the hacktivist group Anonymous made claims that NASA was on the verge of announcing the discovery of alien life. It's just too bad there's no actual evidence to suggest that's the case.
Crashes, ground accidents, and tornadoes, and crippled aircraft were all on the menu last week. Most Popular. Getty Ethan Miller. By Kyle Mizokami.
Betelgeuse is a huge red supergiant, so we can get pretty good images of the enormous star. Most Popular. ALMA (ESO / NAOJ / NRAO) / E. O'Gorman / P. Kervella.
With "four acres of sovereign territory," the HMS Queen Elizabeth will launch U.S. F-35Bs during its first years of service.
Brook Leonard sent an official statement to Popular mechanics saying that "the Air Force takes these physiological incidents seriously, and our focus is on the safety and well-being of our pilots.
New research indicates there may be an undiscovered planet lurking in our solar system, in addition to the one we're already searching for.
A member of Canada's elite special force shattered the previous world record by half a mile. Created with Sketch. By Juquai McDuffie.
Israel is cementing its lead as the premier air power in the Middle East with the introduction of new fifth-generation fighters, new helicopters, and a new aerial refueling tanker project on the horizon.
The RQ-4 Global Hawk has a larger wingspan than a Boeing 737 MAX, and could have been a testbed for unconventional fuel. Most Popular.
It's sad but inevitable that your once-pristine smartphone will slowly morph into a grimy, slow device unrecognizable from the cutting-edge gadget you bought home from the store.
No, making a Tesla battery does not equal eight years of driving an internal combustion car. Most Popular. Tesla Motors. Created with Sketch.
The French aerial giant also plans to add an "eco mode" mode to the craft, showing the possibility of electrically powered "start and stop" mechanics in an aircraft engine to save fuel and increase range (by running just one of the two engines at times ...
The Friends of mechanics Hall propose to save mechanics Hall by converting the first floor into a modernized rental space, while maintaining the overall character, and preserving the second floor as a public asset.
They are some of the biggest battleships to ever sail the high seas, so what happens when you need to tow one? Most Popular. Michael Harnar/U.
For millennia, humans have used solar eclipses to learn about the universe. We are still learning. More From Solar Eclipse 2017. 5 articles.
Ikea is known worldwide, but especially in its home country of Sweden, as being a leader in distinct but affordable design. But when Richard Walter, who is ...
The Space Corps would serve under the Department of the Air Force, similar to the Marine Corps which serves under the Department of the navy.
The T-14 Armata will kill tanks from three times as far, but does it matter? Most Popular. Natalia Kolesnikova. By Kyle Mizokami. Jun 21, 2017.
The Bugatti Chiron is high-performance excess at its best. It's a 1479-hp beast that's quicker than many race machines, and is limited to 261 mph.
A Russian Su-27 fighter has reportedly buzzed a U.S. Air Force RC-135 on Monday, rapidly closing to a distance of as little as five feet, according to Fox News.
scientists at the University of St Andrews have developed an advanced new microscopy technique that could revolutionise our understanding of how immune ...
A Boeing forecast of the airline industry leaves the large four-engine planes like the 747 without a seat at the table. Most Popular.
The European Space Agency is moving forward with its plan to put a trio of gravity detecting satellites in space by 2034. Most Popular.
A U.S. Air Force fighter shot down an Iranian drone that was nearing friendly forces. The Shaheed 129 drone was the third aircraft downed by U.S.
Roughly 75 Nazi artifacts have been discovered in Argentina, believed to once be the possession of high-ranking Nazi officials who had fled after the collapse of their government.
The Arleigh Burke class destroyers were designed to be good at everything, including staying afloat. Most Popular. U.S. Navy photo.
The Chinese space industry is buying the Soviet propulsion system designs originally intended to put humans on the moon, well-informed sources told Popular mechanics. As part of this new deal, a Ukrainian firm will recreate the historic engine module ...
Question: My granddaughter's 1999 Buick Century started stalling when she slows down or comes to a stop. It is worse when warmed up and when fuel is less than half full.
For fledgling DIYers to weekend warriors, these power tool combo kits provide excellent value for starting a power tool collection or expanding on an existing set of tools.
The fastest supercomputer in the United States doesn't even make the global top three. fastest supercomputer. By Avery Thompson.
A breakthrough by a group of scientists makes algae a potentially viable source of biofuel. Most Popular. Getty Moritz Haisch / EyeEm.
CRANSTON, R.I. - The school Committee Monday night unanimously approved separate three-year contract proposals for its bus drivers and mechanics, agreements that call for 2 percent raises in 2017-18 and leave pay rates for the two following years to ...
The factory is expected to produce 50 gigawatt-hours of battery storage by the end of 2018. While Tesla already boasts a 5.5 million square foot production facility in Fremont, California,.
After delays and setbacks, the new Star Trek show finally has a release date. Star Trek: Discovery debuts on Sunday, Sept. 24 at 8:30 p.m.
On Sunday, Iran launched a salvo of ballistic missiles against targets in and around the city of Deir ez-Zor in Syria. The missiles, which were variously estimated to be between four and six in number, were reportedly launched against ISIS positions ...
Professor Alain Goriely is Professor of Mathematical modelling at Oxford University's Mathematical Institute and founder of the International Brain mechanics and Trauma Lab (IBMTL). He talks to ScienceBlog about the key findings from his recently ...
Lockheed Martin believes the fifth-generation fighter's display of maneuverability in Paris will silence the skeptics. Most Popular.
The Curiosity rover has studied sedimentary rock to find out the history of a long-gone lake. NASA. By Sophie Weiner. Jun 17, 2017.
The U.S. Army has awarded Raytheon a contract to continue developing a new long range tactical missile system. Known as DeepStrike, the missile will replace the army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS.
Ten percent might not seem like a lot, but it's great news for renewable energy. wind turbine GIF. GIF. By Avery Thompson. Jun 16, 2017.
Elon Musk has put his manifesto on the future for spaceflight up online. While it's the same speech he gave last year as the keynote speaker at the 67th International Astronautical Congress, its online publication in the journal New Space allows for ...
Early Wednesday morning, a catastrophic fire engulfed Grenfell Tower, a 24-story block of public housing in the Kensington area of London.
Popular mechanics is spotlighting Jack White's Third Man Records vinyl record pressing plant in Detroit in its "Made in America" issue that will hit newsstands and online Tuesday.
It works by using a principle of quantum mechanics called parity-time symmetry to create a charger with a self-adjusting power flow.
Following a somewhat disappointing 2016 season, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer plans on refining his game ahead of training camp.