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Seafarms Group has invested AUD 1.3 million (about USD 1 million) to upgrade an aquaculture facility at Exmouth associated with its AUD 1.5 billion (USD 1.1 ...
Canada - A feed barge owned by Cooke aquaculture has sunk off Brier Island, Digby County. The barge was described as 'small' and Cooke aquaculture spokeswoman Nell Halse said divers plugged the barge's outlets to prevent liquids from leaking into ...
"As the aquaculture industry continues to experience rapid growth, the addition of Vaki aquaculture Systems complements our ability to meet the increasing market demand for advanced solutions, technology and equipment.
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Recurring epizootics and the emergence of new aquatic animal diseases are increasingly threatening the aquaculture production in the state, said K V Lalitha, principal scientist, Central Institute of fisheries technology (CIFT).
New Jersey - After receiving unanimous approval from both the State Senate and Assembly, a bill to promote New Jersey's aquaculture is on its way to the ...

The second bill would require the state Secretary of agriculture and the state Department of Environmental Protection to work with the federal US Army Corps of Engineers in order to establish a joint application process for aquaculture projects that ...
Barramundi farmer Australis aquaculture will soon begin supplying its fish for inclusion in the meal-kits of US delivery service Blue Apron, the largest company of its type, Australis said.
Bird strikes might seem like a strange worry for a potential aquaculture site in Trenton, but that's exactly what was on the minds of many of the 40 attendees at a public hearing for a proposed site in the Hancock County town last week.
The Atlantic Salmon Federation has confirmed it is challenging the provincial government on a proposed aquaculture development in Placentia Bay.
A Cooke aquaculture barge carrying fish feed sunk earlier this week off Brier Island in Digby County. The barge, described as "small" was found submerged early Wednesday morning near Cooke's fish farm, company spokeswoman Nell Halse said Saturday ...
"fish production and plant production: it's combining those together for mutual benefits," said Chris Mullins, who with his father Joe presented a small-scale aquaponics system to several dozen farmers and citizens attending an aquaculture field day at ...
S316, which requires the state Department of agriculture and Department of Environmental Protection to work with the United States Army Corps of Engineers on a joint application process for aquaculture projects that need state and federal permits ...
"As the aquaculture industry continues to experience rapid growth, the addition of Vaki aquaculture Systems complements our ability to meet the increasing market demand for advanced solutions, technology and equipment.
Piketon, Ohio - Researchers at the Ohio Center for aquaculture Research and Development are working to create more fish farmers.
Shellfish aquaculture can be a lucrative business in coastal states, and UNCW's already strong aquaculture program has been awarded $673,397 in grant funding to form a collaborative scientific study for scientists, federal decision-makers and ...

The Placentia Bay Atlantic Salmon aquaculture Project proposed by Grieg NL has been released from further environmental assessment.
A Gardner Pinfold Consultants report -- which compares how well regulations in different Atlantic provinces compare to select criteria from the aquaculture Stewardship Council Salmon Standard -- found that no area fully meets the criteria, reports the ...
The number of Best aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified processing plants, farms, hatcheries and feed mills surpassed 1,400 last month with the addition of 64 new facilities recently, the Global aquaculture Alliance (GAA) said in a release. At the end ...
The strategy has a target of a thirty-per cent increase in seafood production and to double aquaculture output by 2020. It also sets out how the industry can improve fishermen's safety.
Food Tank had a chance to talk with Dr. Jillian Fry, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future public health & Sustainable aquaculture Project. The Center aims to create healthier, more resilient, and more equitable food systems in ...
Vard Holdings has strengthened its push into the aquaculture market today, announcing an agreement to acquire Storvik Aqua, an equipment supplier that provides feeding, measurement and control solutions to the aquaculture industry, for NOK35m ...
Dutch Harbor residents are concerned about the recent uptick in aquaculture, but they may not have any say in the underwater farms, according to the state agency that approves the permits.
The torrential rains caused by the remnants of hurricane Matthew could have some devastating effects on the aquaculture industry off the province's south coast.
Chris Hendry (left), regional aquaculture co-ordinator for the federal Department of fisheries and oceans in Newfoundland And Labrador, answers a question during last week's edition of the Coastal Matters speaker series.
Marine exports to the European Union (EU), the third largest market for Indian shrimp exports in dollars terms, is likely to be affected adversely as EU has revised its regulation to strengthen inspection norms for aquaculture products coming in from ...
Tanzania - The government is determined to see more people getting engaged in aquaculture, according to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of agriculture, Livestock, and fisheries, Dr Yohana Budeba.
Sierra Leone - The school of natural resources Management Department of aquaculture and fisheries management at Njala University has conducted a training workshop on sustainable integrated aquaculture - fish cum rice and poultry production.
There are, however, three oyster leases, totaling about 30 acres, that lie partially within the reclassified area, MDE said. With the change, the leases now lie entirely in approved waters.
Australia - In a world-leading breakthrough for aquaculture, researchers at the University of Tasmania, have developed a unique aquaculture system that makes it possible to establish a new commercial industry for sustainable rock lobster production.
Alexandria Brasili is a marine science and aquaculture educator at Herring Gut Learning Center in Port Clyde, where she works with hundreds of students a year, introducing them to the marine sciences, training them in aquaponics and helping them run ...
Researchers are claiming a world-first aquaculture breakthrough in Tasmania that could reshape the rock lobster industry. Hobart's Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies has developed a hatchery process that until now, has been impossible, due to ...
A small but growing number of entrepreneurs are creating sea-farming operations that cultivate shellfish together with kelp and seaweed, a combination they contend can restore ecosystems and mitigate the impacts of ocean acidification.
"We must plant the sea and herd its animals," the late ocean researcher Jacques Cousteau said more than 40 years ago, "using the sea as farmers instead of hunters.
From September 2016 the UK's University of St Andrews will add a number of modular short courses to its existing range, tailored for students to focus on a certain topic within aquaculture. They are also ideal for anyone who wants to pace their ...
At the 2016 aquaculture Canada and Coldwater Harvest Conference held in St John's Newfoundland, Dr Stefanie Colombo, a postdoctoral research fellow based at Ryerson University, explained how her work involving genomics is helping the industry ...
GLOBAL - From September 2016, The fish Site and the University of St Andrews will be offering a new range of modular short courses, for students wanting to target their aquaculture studies on a specific topic. They are also ideal for anyone who wants ...
The Newfoundland aquaculture Industry Association is holding tours next month to dispel the myths surrounding the industry and show the public how they work.
However, "aquaculture is not the silver bullet", said Scott Nichols, a seafood consultant who was involved with the Verlasso salmon farmed by Empresas AquaChile and DuPont, the American chemical giant, speaking at the Humber Seafood Summit in ...
The aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has named fishing industry veteran Duncan Leadbitter to lead its growth in Australia and New Zealand.
Thanks to the availability of 56,000 hectares of brackish water lands, Tamil Nadu has great potential to develop brackish water aquaculture, M. Jayanthi, Principal scientist, Indian Council of agriculture Research (ICAR) - Central Institute of Brackish ...
NORTH COAST, Calif. - Sen. Mike McGuire, chairman of the Joint Committee on fisheries and aquaculture, and Congressman Jared Huffman will convene a special hearing on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at the Bodega Marine Laboratory to take an in-depth look at the ...
Durham, N.H. - Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have launched an integrated aquaculture farming research project that aims to provide a model for integrating land-based aquaculture systems with hydroponic plant production systems that ...
DURHAM - Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have launched an integrated aquaculture farming research project that aims to provide a model for integrating land-based aquaculture systems with hydroponic plant production systems that can ...
One of the ways in which the government proposed to help the aquaculture industry reach its $1 billion revenue target was through the easing of re-consenting costs.
UK - A new platform was launched at aquaculture Europe 2016, 20-23 September, Edinburgh, Scotland, that aims to provide a radical new way for fish farmers to improve their productivity, reduce costs (including feed) and increase their profit margin ...
TIMOR LESTE - Rural households in Timor-Leste are using quality fish seed and better management practices to boost their aquaculture production. Since 2014, the five-year Partnership for aquaculture Development in Timor-Leste project funded by the New ...
A Canadian legislative committee believes that the country's aquaculture industry could double in size over the next decade in a sustainable way if policy changes are made.
Understanding the effect of harmful algae on New Zealand's aquaculture industry was one of the topics discussed during the first day of the New Zealand aquaculture Conference. As the government aims to grow the aquaculture export industry to $1 billion ...