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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

Digitally transforming e-commerce customer engagement is now possible in part due to new mobile, cloud and big data technologies. But leveraging these new innovations to improve customer service is highly dependent on the seamless sharing of product, ...
Will the CSRC's decision to create a central regulatory information platform, update the stock exchanges' supervisory systems, and other use of "big data" technology be enough to eliminate "rat trading" and insider trading? After the stock market crash ...
The report "Telco Digital Advertising strategies: Leveraging Data, technology And Content Assets To Generate Revenue" is a thematic research report that examines the increased focus and participation of telecom services providers (Telcos) in the ...
Jessi Baker (founder of brought information on blockchain and its ability to use data technology to digitally trace the path of a product from producer to consumer.
For the last five years, the ThirdLove co-founder and CEO has built a business dedicated to using data, technology and real women's needs to to find the right fit -- right down to the half-size.
Recent developments in cloud based data technology points to the beginning of a wider step change in the delivery of data technology within Financial Services, including two recent announcements made at the 2017 Google Next event in London. The first ...
As a result, the classrooms of tomorrow will utilize mobility, cloud and big data technology to accelerate student outcomes.
FleetUp says it applies big data technologies to fleet management performance, safety and compliance. Its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription includes hardware, cellular, and infrastructure costs bundled into the offering and a cloud-based data ...
Dentsu Aegis Network and Tencent have inked a global strategic partnership at Cannes Lion Festival to create a new collaboration model.
Fortunately, big data technologies have been around long enough that many organizations have already been using the tools in production for some time.
Jennifer Nayar, CEO of Vela, said: "The combination of Vela and OptionsCity enables us to accelerate both companies' growth strategies, delivering an enhanced suite of trading and market data technology across multiple asset classes and geographies.".
By combining Vela's market data technology with OptionsCity's low-latency futures and options trading platform, the New York- headquartered firm will provide customers with a single interface to aggregate access to diverse analytics and risk ...
Vela Trading Technologies LLC (Vela), a trading and market data technology, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire OptionsCity Software, a global provider of futures and options trading and analytics solutions.
With a budget of EUR 18.7 million and the participation of 47 organisations from 9 countries led by Indra, TransformingTransport includes 13 large-scale piloting and targeted demonstrations across the continent, involving state-of-the-art Big Data ...
The need for speed is real business for exchanges worldwide, and few can beat the track record of this year's winner of the Best Low-Latency Data/technology Provider award, Nasdaq. A massive 44 percent of members of the World Federation of Exchanges ...
Weather services are now predicting that Florida could be sandwiched by two separate storm systems that are both given a 90 percent chance to become tropical cyclones.
"Together we are able to deliver a much stronger service; combining data, technology and strategic thinking to support businesses and brands as they move at speed through today's multi-dimensional world," said Julian Dailly, managing director of Morar HPI.
In September 2016, a group of hackers reportedly infiltrated the computer networks of at least four separate school districts in the US state of Florida, with the aim ...
But big data-based security applications are just getting started, and ones that natively use big data technologies without, for example, reliance on older sql databases or non-scalable compute technologies, are thin on the ground.
They infected the systems with malware - malicious software - that turned off the logs recording who accessed the systems, according to United data technologies, the Doral-based cybersecurity company that investigated the incidents. For three months ...
Watching some historical volatility numbers on shares of Rosslyn data technologies plc (AIM:RDT), we can see that the 12 month volatility is presently 64.279800.
"Mrs. Morgan has been a classroom teacher at McMinn and Central high schools," he added. "She has also served as an assistant principal at Central and county-wide high school instructional coach.
To that end, a new cadre of leaders, organizations and businesses is using data, technology and management tools to save lives, engage citizens in their own futures and improve how tax dollars are used.
Raha will lead development of the 7Park data technology platform and will oversee the company's platform, data and API engineers.
Building scale is likely one driver of bringing Neo under the GroupM fold, said Pivotal senior research analyst Brian Wieser. The move also gives Neo more direct access to the media behemoth's data, technology and planning and buying capabilities ...
The summit followed up the 8th LoRa Alliance Open House & Marketplace, which showcased some of the world's top data technologies. While addressing attendees at the Franklin Institute, Kenney, who continues to show his support for Philadelphia's ...
The summit followed up the 8th LoRa Alliance Open House & Marketplace, which showcased some of the world's top data technologies. While addressing attendees at the Franklin Institute, Kenney, who continues to show his support for Philadelphia's ...
The University of technology Sydney (UTS) was indicted for joint projects with Chinese collaborators in fields such as "big data technologies, metamaterials, advanced electronics and quantum computing and communications." All these areas, the article ...
Gurgaon: It has constantly sought to stand out in the crowd, an agency happy to chart a different path. Now, Dentsu Aegis Network, which has enjoyed enduring ...
It's too easy for data, technology and AI to remain as a "nice to have" addition to a business strategy while the marketers within it see it as just icing on the cake.
Data, technology integral to HIV and TB goals. ANA. Picture: Supplied. Sanac says with refined and improved data, it would be easier to determine what increased HIV risks in certain communities.
Surveys of IT leaders and executives also lend credence to the idea that enterprises are spending substantial sums on big data technology. The NewVantage Partners Big Data Executive Survey 2017, found that 95 percent of Fortune 1000 executives said ...
... cities make big data technology essential to these efforts. As a hub for many companies, increased efficiency and competitive advantage are core values that Singapore based companies gain from using big data technologies. In order to continue to ...
analyst Hans Chung notes a positive outlook following investor Day, suggesting a raising of estimates on strong revenue guidance, as content and data technology driven commerce provide more confidence in long-term monetization efforts.
Most recently, Smith served as Chief strategy Officer of [m]PLATFORM, GroupM's proprietary suite of data, technology and services in addressable and programmatic media.
Big data technologies, when combined with streaming analytics and analytics at scale, are changing the way CSPs do business by uncovering significant new insights about their infrastructure and customers.
The Chinese Internet giant could continue to grow its core commerce monetization over the long term.
The next generation of big data technology will lead to insights and correlations that reveal new strategies and even new business models.
At left, Patrick Phillips, Global ULI CEO, speaking with GIC COO Goh Kok Huat at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit 2017 in Singapore. Big data is becoming an important part of the real estate business for Singapore's GIC Private Limited, formerly known as ...
By integrating data, technology, creativity and distribution in the dentsu X offering, we can develop these experiences for clients that are truly focused on digital solutions.
What's more, CEO Daniel Zhang said that the increased "stickiness" of Alibaba users and improving data technologies should drive sales to record highs and boost gross merchandise volume to roughly $1 trillion by 2020. BABA stock surged more than 13% ...
Solving the issue of supply chain transparency - or lack thereof - is increasingly cited as key to improving logistical efficiency, and the advances of tracking and data technology have several start-ups rushing to meet the need. They include Traxens ...
Ltd. jointly established Chongqing Medical University-Yidu Cloud Medical Data science Academy to promote the application and development exploration of big data technology in the field of healthcare industry, based on the consensus of the bilateral ...
With its new proposition 'Experience Beyond Exposure', Dentsu X will leverage data, technology and creativity to offer personalised marketing solutions to brands to attract, acquire, convert and retain customers, Dentsu Aegis Network said in a statement.
In this interview, Mark discusses advertising across digital and linear (TV) and how to best utilize data, technology, screens in which consumers are consuming content to deliver marketers' objectives.
Amir Orad is a big-data technology thought leader and go-to guy for reporters from Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, The Washington Post and USA Today seeking perspectives on how companies are meeting the demand for data analysis.
Paolo Balboni, founding partner at ICT Legal Consulting and president of the European Privacy Association, told Bloomberg BNA that "more than ever, we are seeing a connection between big data, technology, and privacy rights." This will lead to a "boom ...
"The company will continue building its ecosystem based on data technology with core businesses supported by payment, logistics, data management platform and cloud," Jefferies analyst Jessie Guo wrote in an updated note to clients.
"The company will continue building its ecosystem based on data technology with core businesses supported by payment, logistics, data management platform and cloud," Jefferies analyst Jessie Guo wrote in a note to clients.




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