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updated Tue. April 24, 2018

aXe was developed to help developers take automated accessibility testing into their own hands and to avoid common pitfalls of other automated accessibility tools. NoCoffee is a free Chrome extension for understanding the problems faced by people with slight to extreme vision problems. The tool ...
SARASOTA, Fla. -- The Sarasota Police Department has arrested one man and are looking for another after discovering more than $100,000 in stolen construction tools and lawn equipment stemming from an investigation started in February. During the investigation, Sarasota PD recovered stolen ...

Following the adoption of two renter protection measures in late March, the Redwood City Council is exploring additional policies to address the ongoing housing crisis, including an ordinance that would require residential developments to include some percentage of affordable housing. "Our approach ...
... and also tweaking the tool to run with less human intervention to allow them to scale up to do lots of devices. The first 50 devices are basically a security/privacy dumpster fire. They're using unencrypted connections (even sensitive devices like blood-pressure monitors!); their traffic, even when ...
The Sorrento family's vacation plans almost were ruined when a phony landlord tried to get thousands of dollars out of them for a beach rental in Florida. Now they're using their experience to help others avoid a similar mistake. It's a scheme we've reported on time and again - people renting homes ...
A rule of thumb (if you want to keep both of them) is to avoid heavy-duty sharp tools. Although a table saw, circular saw and hacksaw are all useful, they must be handled with caution. Each year, emergency rooms treat more than 36,000 table saw injuries, according to estimates from the Consumer ...

This last tool isn't a method for content distribution, but rather a way to track the performance of your content across websites, social channels and third-party publishers. It's one hub that lets you measure engagement and conversions so you know what content and which channels deliver the highest ...
Companies like Dropbox continuing to invest in these kinds of collaborative note-taking tools -- that could easily evolve into internal hubs of information. And as Pasquier tries to liken the development arc to Slack, which showed employees wanted some more seamless tool for communication, ...
With Zoller's induction system, the stick-out length of the tool can be set within ±10 µm. In many induction systems, this is a manual process and may not be as accurate. Zoller offers two different models of the induction system--the powerShrink, an inductive shrink-clamping unit for HSS and carbide ...
There are more than 1 million buildings in NYC, and many of those clustered on the island of Manhattan, spanning architectural styles, hundreds of years, and all manner of types. And now, a nifty new tool, called All the Buildings in Manhattan, takes information about those myriad structures and puts it ... building in Manhattan
Kmiec also explained that, unlike other CRISPR tools that can only edit or repair short DNA segments within a single gene, the new tool could lead to the development of applications that can remove and replace entire genes. This could be important for treating diseases such as Alzheimer's and heart ... building in Manhattan
“The flipside to that is that local officials use these organizations essentially as a tool of repression.” A local official might know that an individual resisting a land requisition has a relative who works for the government. The official will enlist that relative to pressure the person into agreeing to have their home ... building in Manhattan
Munetrix, a Michigan-based government data company, debuted a new educator evaluator tool this week that aims to ease the process of crunching student performance growth data and incorporating it into teacher performance reviews. The Munetrix Educator Evaluator tool can calculate and blend ... building in Manhattan
Strangers have donated thousand of pounds to a soldier-turned-builder whose entire tool collection was stolen while volunteering on DIY SOS. Paul Matson was helping renovate a house in Hessle, near Hull, for the BBC programme when he found his van had been ransacked overnight. Tools have been ... building in Manhattan
StreamElements is one of the top tools for producing high-quality livestreams on Twitch, and now it is expanding to Google's video platform. YouTube creators are getting StreamElements' powerful online kit to spruce up their production values and get the most from livestreams. Live online video is growing ... building in Manhattan
It produces an extensive line of custom, precisely engineered, production tools and related equipment, primarily for the automotive industry. Divisions of the company now include Tooling Technology, Fremont Plastic Molds, Majestic Industries, G.H. Tool, Century Tool & Gage and CTG Bel-Kur Automation. building in Manhattan
If you need to drop text on top of an image, then Pablo from well-known social media sharing tool Buffer is well worth checking out—it's fast, simple, and free, and if you don't have a picture of your own on hand then you can choose from more than 600,000 sample ones available through Pablo itself. building in Manhattan

As the pressure on the wedge forced the door open, reserve firefighter Chris Currie said the addition of the tool is invaluable. "We could ... But now, the fire department is better equipped with a tool that eliminates those problems. ... "Having the right tools for the job is what can make or break you," he said. building in Manhattan
Initial plans are to turn the tool over to several law enforcement departments for a test run. Seigfried-Spellar said CATT could be handling data from active cases as early as the end of the year. The conversation analysis provides the basis for future law enforcement tools as well, she said. "What if there is a ... building in Manhattan
Peter Thiel's data consultancy Palantir was used at firms like J.P. Morgan to track every aspect on an employee's life, in an effort to protect against insider threats. Big data vendors like Cambridge Analytica and Palantir offer helpful analytics, but can put companies in regulatory trouble or tarnish their brand. building in Manhattan
It was the height of the Charlotte region's furniture and textile economy, and Northeast Tool soon tripled its space. By 1970, it was time to expand again. Arant built a 20,000-square-foot building that still operates today as the company's main manufacturing plant. Larry Arant brought in his son as the second ... building in Manhattan
Multi-tool makers have gotten pretty good at squeezing all manner of implements into the one palm-sized device. But the thinking behind the Anywhere Tools system from Nevada's Keyport is that folks should be able to easily customize their kit as required, using a modular everyday carry setup to allow for easy swapping in ... building in Manhattan
A recent change to Google's App Engine will discontinue a practice called domain-fronting, an essential technique used by dozens of internet freedom tools designed to allow users to work around state-level internet censorship. The update in Google's network architecture, first spotted by developers of ... building in Manhattan
Unless, of course, you've found this OXO 3-in-1 avocado tool with more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Yes, it really has changed my life. ... Usually, I subscribe to Alton Brown's theory that "uni-taskers" — tools that only serve one purpose — don't belong in a kitchen. But, the brilliance of OXO's ... building in Manhattan
There's just one problem: machine-learning tools need a lot of data. That's fine for tasks like computer vision or natural-language processing, where large, open-source data sets are available to teach algorithms what a cat looks like, say, or how words relate to one another. In the world of malware, such a ... building in Manhattan
... "At Home with Natalie: Simple Recipes for Healthy Living from My Family's Kitchen to Yours," Natalie shares some of her all-time favorite recipes that she loves to prepare. She is also revealing even more of her culinary knowledge by dishing out her top kitchen tips and sharing her favorite culinary tools to ... building in Manhattan
Talk to Books, an experimental semantic search engine, allows people to ask questions in English and the engine will search more than 100,000 -- about 600 million sentences in aggregate -- to find and highlight the relevant information on the page. The models driving this experience were trained on a ... building in Manhattan
I like tools that are designed ergonomically, for simple and easy use. I also like tools that can be easily weaponized. ThinkGeek's Thor Hammer Tool Set falls squarely in the latter category, since it's basically a full toolbox on the end of a stick. Ever wonder how Thor fixes things around the house? Well ... building in Manhattan
Vault-like jobsite boxes are ideal for deterring theft of tools and supplies, but must be designed with attention to seemingly “small” details that increase security to keep thieves at bay. According to some insurance companies, tool theft on construction sites cost over a million dollars each year. But, the ... building in Manhattan
Rounding out CrowdStrike's RSA announcements was a new endpoint solution called CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection Complete. The combined power of the new tool and a human team of professionals can handle deployment, configuration, maintenance, monitoring, alerts, and remediation, ... building in Manhattan
Online coursework is exploding across all kinds of verticals and fields of expertise — but those courses inevitably end up on platforms like Udemy, and for Ankur Nagpal, that's really not a way to build a true business. That's why Nagpal started Teachable, a platform for experts that want to create a business ... building in Manhattan
GREENWICH - A town teen was arrested on Sunday forstealing tools from a garage on Lick Springs Road, Washington County Sheriff's said. Scott M. Bullard, 19, was arrested after the homeowner saw him leaving the garage and fleeing on foot, deputies said. The homeowner knows Bullard who also lives ... building in Manhattan
WASHINGTON — Social media companies have embraced artificial intelligence tools to scrub their platforms of hate speech, terrorist propaganda and other content deemed noxious. But will those tools censor other content? Can a program judge the value of speech? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ... building in Manhattan
The instrument's design, which dates back as far as 130 A.D. in Greece with an update in the mid-19th century, has stayed largely the same. That the duck-billed shape of the cold object had remained unchanged was one of the surprises that the photographer Lindsey Beal found in her project, “Parturition,” ... building in Manhattan
For IT admins, Microsoft is also launching a new tool that gives them a better overview of their overall security posture: the Microsoft Secure Score. This is an expansion of the existing Office 365 Secure Score tool and gives admins a single measure for evaluating their risk profile across Office 365 service ... building in Manhattan
The Swiss Army Knife of Avocado Tools - Cut, pit, slice, scoop and mash your avocados all with just one tool. The Princess House Specialty 5-in-1 Avocado Tool is the only product you'll ever need to prep avocados for serving. There's a serrated edge to slice the skin; a pointy side to grab, twist, and remove ... building in Manhattan
Aiming to help employees better understand the tax implications of equity compensation, E*TRADE launched a new tax planning interface on its stock plan participant web pages and a new cash plan tool on the Equity Edge Online platform. The New York-based online brokerage said that the new tools ... building in Manhattan
It's difficult to keep track of the downtown Bethesda development plans that have been pouring in. But now, local residents have a new tool to help them stay updated. An online development tracker created by the Montgomery County Planning Department has gone live with information about projects ... building in Manhattan
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA—According to a BBC News report, indigenous Australians made traditional tools from flint cobbles carried to Australia as ballast on British ships in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The flint tools were among 100 to 200 culturally significant items that were found among tens of ... building in Manhattan
Poor data quality is enemy number one to the widespread, profitable use of machine learning. While the caustic observation, “garbage-in, garbage-out” has plagued analytics and decision-making for generations, it carries a special warning for machine learning. The quality demands of machine learning ... building in Manhattan
Facebook is building a certification tool that will require advertisers confirm they received user permission before using emails to target advertising on the huge social network. The tool, reported earlier by TechCrunch, will be part of Facebook's Custom Audiences program, which allows advertisers to upload ... building in Manhattan
This week a well-known manufacturer of outdoor power tools has ventured into new territory. The rechargeable EGO Cordless Nose Hair Trimmer promises to be a game-changer in the personal grooming category. This tool is loosely based on the EGO 56V cordless blower. However, instead of using an ... building in Manhattan
Schwartz shares her tips for navigating the heavy-duty collision industry paint issues and how to do the best paint job with tricky tools. ... But when they don't memorize codes, a tool like the Chromavision spectrometer can point the painter in the right direction of tint to use on the vehicle. The tool will break ... building in Manhattan
GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) - A $1,000 reward is being offered for information after someone took thousands of dollars in tools from a widow's property in Grundy County. According to the Grundy County Sheriff's Office, someone broke into the old Harold James Body Shop in Palmer and carried out ... building in Manhattan
Registration is being accepted for Powerful Tools for Caregivers classes. These are six-week classes for people caring for a loved one who is frail or ill. The classes will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays, beginning April 17, at Arbor Ridge at Kernersville, 1237 Masten Drive. The classes are sponsored by ... building in Manhattan
Rather than store these mittens away at the end of the season (which is like 2 weeks for our friends up in Canada), use them for tool storage. Grabbing a carabiner, we clipped our Milwaukee mittens to our belt and used it to carry Milwaukee hand tools and even a small Milwaukee M12 hammer drill. building in Manhattan
I think it's probably the most important technology tool that CIOs need to look at. We do not have enough staff and our staff who are strong at AppDev really need to focus on the customer-facing pieces that are going to move the needle. Building tools for dealing with knowledge bases, doing workflows, ... building in Manhattan
At the 3rd Global Blockchain Summit held in Shanghai hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, Gnosis co-founder and CTO Stefan George, Huawei executive Huang Lian Jin, Factom founder and chief architect Paul Snow, and Stellar co-founder Jed McCaleb discussed the security issues of emerging ... building in Manhattan
And that's essentially what website performance and security giant Cloudflare set out to create with its new tool called Announced Sunday, aims to speed up your internet connection and make it impossible for your ISP to collect your browsing history. That's big news at a time when ... building in Manhattan
Amazon will be sunsetting TenMarks and its online instructional tools, which were once at the forefront of the company's K-12 digital education strategy. A big exclamation mark greets ... Last August, the team unveiled an instructional writing tool for students in grades 4 to 6. Among its features was a digital ... building in Manhattan


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