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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

Panjim: Indian Medical Association (IMA) in association with the corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) held an awareness programme on the effective way of disposal of the biomedical waste.
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan's musical garbage trucks have been featured in a video clip lately, which praises the island's effective waste disposal system. The clip, produced by ATTN, a California-based issue-driven media company, shows how a ...
Panaji: CEO of Goa electronics, Revati Mazumdar, sharing her insight into e-waste management warned that the current model followed is both inadequate and infeasible for producers and advised a change in approach, one involving a public-private ...
Could nuclear waste be disposed of in inactive volcanoes? That's an interesting question, and the logic is half right - the center of the Earth would be a very good place to put nuclear waste.
The need for a levy on waste disposal to induce behavioural changes is evident. It is estimated that a family of three would have to shell out about HK$33 to HK$51 a month when waste charging kicks off in the second half of 2019 at the earliest ...
Thanks to an eagle-eyed resident, that didn't happen.
The German government has unveiled a plan to help Ghana deal with electronic waste at Agbogboloshi, a major dumping site outside of the capital Accra.
On Monday the Environment Bureau finally unveiled its long overdue proposal on the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) charging scheme, and as expected, it has drawn mixed response from members of the public, many of whom think the rate proposed by the ...
Green has said on a number of occasions over the years a growing economy can bring the waste disposal rate back up too. "One of the realities of garbage is that when times are good, there's more of it," he said.
Hong Kong's households will have to shell out around HK$33 to HK$51 a month to dispose of their rubbish when a long-awaited quantity-based charging scheme designed to change behaviour and reduce waste comes into force in two years.
Jerry and Deann Tidwell run Williamson County Recycle Center in Georgetown with their son Hugh Tidwell and his wife, Kelley. The Tidwells first operated PA-jer, an industrial waste management company.
The government yesterday unveiled a three-year plan to charge citizens for waste disposal, in efforts to curb Hong Kong's rate of waste production.
NOIDA: Having announced a special drive to spruce up the city, Noida Authority Chief Executive Officer, Deepak Agarwal inspected three industrial sectors in Noida on Monday.
BENGALURU: As many as 10 wet waste disposal plants which were shut in the city during the first week of January due to a standoff between BBMP and a private firm are still shut, though efforts are on to resolve the issue.
"It has been established that the general populace has a bad attitude towards waste disposal and it is becoming difficult to change the culture with adults.
The German government has unveiled a plan to help Ghana deal with electronic waste at Agbogbloshie, a major dumping site outside of the capital, Accra.
Though most don't think about what happens after a toilet is flushed, Dario Presezzi and his team of five have been hunkered down in trailers at a Redwood City wastewater treatment plant for the last five years laser focused on just that.
PRINCE GEORGE - Property value, health problems and an effect on their quality of life, these were the complaints raised by Prince George citizens at the last Board of Supervisors Meeting; when Atlantic waste disposal detailed its plan to fix the odor ...
The House Energy and natural resources Committee is looking at a bill that would require approval from a county commission and a regional water resource board before any disposal site for out of state nuclear waste is located in a North Dakota county.
When the authority was formed in the early 1990s, one of its purposes was to control the costs of solid waste disposal for counties and individual Municipalities.
Alumin8 helps eliminate waste, provides resources for homeless community. Zoe De Grande; Mar 16, 2017 Updated 4 hrs ago; 0. Alumin8.
Governor Greg Abbott once described his former job as Texas attorney general this way: "I go into the office, I sue the federal government, and I go home.
Pocatello, Idaho (AP) - The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is investigating how the city of Pocatello dumps vehicle-related fluids after a former city employee complained to a local newspaper.
According to data from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website, it is the only privately owned household hazardous waste disposal facility that has been approved by the state as a permanent collection facility. "We offer a service that ...
Lilburn police officer Andy Blimline, right, and Lilburn Investigator Cody Belcher, left, were honored Monday night at the Lilburn City Council meeting for their quick action following a recent train accident in the city.
The Tennessee Department of Environment and conservation (TDEC) will be hosting a household hazardous waste disposal day in Morristown along with volunteers from the Hamblen County Substance Abuse Coalition, Keep Morristown Hamblen Beautiful ...
Thought to be confined to the cytoplasm, or the interior of cells outside of the nucleus, proteasomes have long been considered part of cells' "garbage disposal" system, explains Kapil V. Ramachandran, a doctoral student in the Department of Biological ...
This story has been updated with comments from President Trump and details from the executive order. President Trump on Monday issued a new executive order tasking federal agencies with cutting waste through agency reevaluation and reorganization.
The picturesque city of Quetta is fast becoming dotted with heaps of garbage due to the inability of the city's municipal department to clean up tonnes of garbage on a daily basis.
Tirunelveli muncipality needs to be congratulated for achieving 100 percent waste segregation and setting an example for other municipal bodies to follow.
JAFFREY - A fire at Monadnock waste disposal Friday morning is under investigation by the Jaffrey Fire Department. firefighters responded to the business' wooden single frame welding shop at 139 Old Sharon Road at 9:12 a.m.
The high cost associated with disposing sanitary waste at centralised plants is dissuading many apartments from approaching authorised incinerators, reveals the study by Ashoka Trust for Research in ecology and the Environment (ATREE).
Doing the dishes is an inevitable and unexciting chore, but a sink that refuses to drain is enough to make you want to sprint for greener (and less clogged) pastures.
Whether we zap tumors, starve them out or develop treatments from sources like sea snail eggs or artificial sweeteners, cancer could succumb to death by a million cuts.
The finance Ministry has admitted that in September 2015 its Kinki Local Finance Bureau contacted a scandal-hit school operator linked to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's wife over the cost of removing waste from property the group purchased very cheaply ...
Turkish and Jordanian Municipalities hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees rate safe garbage disposal their most pressing priority.
government says it will soon introduce the media awareness campaign programme in order to sensitize and educate the Zambian people on the importance of garbage disposal. Local government minister Vincent Mwale says garbage still remains a thorny ...
Commission Chairman Mark Blankenship urged commissioners to opt out of its membership in the Southeast Alabama Solid waste disposal Authority. "We would have saved $35,000 per year immediately had we not (agreed to extend our agreement)," he ...
Being "green" naturally implies strength of mind. And sometimes even a hard stomach. At least this is true in Sweden, which is about to pioneer the world's arguably most disgusting method of food waste disposal ever. A disclaimer for the weak-stomached ...
A structure called the proteasome acts as a garbage disposal of sorts, and what this drug does is make it impossible for the proteasome to fully destroy bad proteins.
Tarrant County (CBS11 I-TEAM) - An Oklahoma company wants to drill a disposal well for oil and gas waste next to Lake Arlington in Tarrant County.
Killeen residents can safely dispose of household hazardous waste free of charge from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Gatesville Civic Center at 301 veterans Memorial Loop in Gatesville, Killeen officials said.
An environmental group has sued the Idaho Department of Transportation alleging the agency is more than a decade behind in complying with federal regulations that prohibit it from disposing motor-vehicle waste underground.
Two engineers were found guilty in a federal court on charges of falsifying records to hide improper bilge waste disposal from a chemical tanker.
Accra, Feb. 24, GNA - Mr Minta A. Aboagye, a Consultant, has asked government to put in place a well-structured system to effectively deal with people who indiscriminately throw waste into water bodies thereby polluting them in the process.
Cornwall Council has announced two new offers as it encourages residents to take advantage of its garden waste recycling scheme. More than 25,000 residents are already doing their bit for the environment by subscribing to a fortnightly collection ...
MacRebur, a UK-based company that uses waste plastics to create stronger, longer lasting roads, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.
The commissioner also issued spot fines to shopkeepers and gave strict instructions to them to follow rules for garbage disposal. This was the second visit of IMC commissioner in the area in one month. Even eariler, many shop owners were fined for not ...
Lagos State government and Private Sector Participation, PSP, operators, waste collection managers, are presently at loggerheads over planned introduction of the Clean Lagos Initiative, CLI, aimed at reviewing the mode of waste collection in the state.
B.C. environment minister Mark Polak announced today she is revoking a permit granted to Cobble Hill Holdings for the disposal of 5 million tonnes of contaminated waste in a local quarry in the Shawnigan Lake watershed, roughly 40 kilometres north of ...





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