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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

Distracted driving is a major problem - not only in Iowa, but throughout the nation, especially since people began texting and driving.
Art Lester began volunteering for Meals on wheels after seeing an advertisement for the program on television. Arden Young also saw an advertisement, while Don Gardner signed up "after a neighbor woman of mine kept bugging me to come down and ...
"We Deliver smiles" is the motto of Mountain Meals on wheels drivers. Everyone is invited to attend their annual spaghetti fundraising dinner for the Mountain ...
Nicole Tholson has been the Meals on wheels Foundation's development director for almost two years. The foundation sponsors its second annual Baskets for Love fundraiser from 5 to 8 p.m.
A woman was injured in a crash Sunday morning in Shawnee County after falling asleep at the wheel. Bo Raymond, 31, of Yankton, S.D.
MIDDLETOWN >> The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce's Business & education Partnership Advisory Council, the Middlesex Consortium of schools, and Wesleyan University's Jewett Center for Community Partnerships will hold the 12th Annual ...
Hundreds turn out for the Great Maine bike Swap at the University of Southern Maine. By Beth QuimbyStaff Writer. email Writer · 207-791-6363.
GALESBURG - Within the next 20 years or so, tourists may be able to visit an Illinois town with a scenic downtown, world-class art, accessible bike trails and a Ferris wheel, all without the congestion of Chicago. That vision is not an unattainable ...
Littleton Meals on wheels volunteer Jane Lyons, right, gets her list of addresses from Gayle Dalton at the Council on Aging last Wednesday.
"Megan is 21. You go girl," the bright marker on the side of the booth says. It is in a sea of birthday wishes and Greek letters that cover the wheel's walls and furniture. Loud music plays over the speakers as Betty jury sits with her family for lunch ...
The most common Crow story is about how Burnt Face, a handsome young Crow, fell into the fire while entering his mother's tepee.
If you can't make Santa Monica Pier on the night of April 22, you can watch a live stream.
In a little more than three years, Kenny Dichter's company has bought a lot of Wichita-built planes. Seventy-three of them, to be exact, with a value of about $400 million.
The Solo is an ultra-compact electric commuter car that marries an inverted-trike configuration -- two wheels up front and one at the rear -- with an enclosed passenger cabin.
The organization is already struggling to meet the need that exists, said Meals on wheels president and CEO Ellie Hollander.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV)-- Two wheels, a single file line, zooming through the streets of Tallahassee. "I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get it, but I got it and it's easier now," said Sonja Atkins, a Tallahassee resident and first time rider ...
Indian Motorcycle joins wheels and Waves in Biarritz as the offical sponsor of the sixth annual showcase of surf.
Mike Menius, Libby Post, and Rob Miller have been elected to three year terms on the Board of Directors for Meals On wheels of Rowan County. Menius, Post, and Miller join members, Renee Gray, Amy Ritchie, and Connie Basinger, who were re-elected for ...
Las Vegas (KTNV) - Two Las Vegas visitors said they were victims of a bizarre crime in the paid self-parking garages at Strip casinos.
One lane is closed along the southbound lanes of I-49 near Wagon wheel Road as Arkansas state police is the scene after two semi-trucks crashed.
The Healthy harbor Initiative and Peabody Heights Brewery will launch their new "Mr. Trash wheel's Lost Python Ale" at a launch party on Saturday.
Pat Murtaugh, a member of the board engagement committee, said, "Libby's knowledge of nutritional programs and professional status as a registered dietitian will be a significant help to Meals on wheels. She is passionate about ensuring no one goes ...
By Rick Holmes / More Content Now Tocqueville traveled the countryside by wagon, Twain by steamboat and railroad. Kerouac rode in buses and Neal Cassady's Hudson.
Unless your name is Hellcat or you sport some semblance of racing stripes and a hood scoop, you're not supposed to gurgle and pop with power if you're a ...
"We poured the other day a new foundation for the wheel, but also one for Atlantic City," said Catanoso, also principal in DOMEINAC LLC, which will operate the wheel. "This observation wheel is truly a metaphor for how far we can go when it comes to ...
The Indiana Historical Society (IHS) is proud to present History on wheels, a 53-foot double expandable semi-trailer and state-of-the-art traveling exhibit that will visit festivals, schools and other special events.
Unlike many of Google and Waymo's test vehicles, the Apple car includes a steering wheel and pedals. During testing, the system is controlled electronically, but drivers must be ready to take back control of the vehicle.
The Expedition has four-wheel drive, which is especially necessary in winter months, Hammond said, though its average mileage is only about 14 per gallon.
We want a good deal, for sure, but we really need a car payment that fits our monthly budgets. That's a problem, given that we also want premium brands, snazzy features, and, for many of us, hulking big machines that look like they'd be more at home ...
When you watch this video of a loose tire in Turkey's Adana province bounce out of nowhere, roll through the entrance of a pharmacy, find its way into a back office and slam right into one of the men seated there, you realize one thing: that wheel knew ...
A former Meals on wheels volunteer charged with sexually assaulting one client and exposing himself to another will serve five to 23 months in Northampton.
It's been almost two years since I mused that Robert Jordan's wheel of Time series might find a home on TV. "It may take years," I said, "before this valuable asset becomes a TV series.
Shown, from left, are golf pro Ron Springer, Meals on wheels board member Frank Ceravalo and vice president Jim Reed planning the biggest annual fundraiser for Meals on wheels at The Woods Resort Golf Course. (Journal photo by Jeff McCoy).
Pedal-addicts might remember when the prototype of the bright red Copenhagen wheel was released by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lab in 2009.
Tabitha Meals on wheels are delivered to people who cannot prepare their own meals for health-related reasons. The basic menu, listed below, includes bread, margarine and milk.
Troopers believe she may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. "The witnesses observed the silver vehicle in the left lane just suddenly drift toward the left shoulder, leaving the roadway, said Washington state Patrol Trooper Nick King.
New to the forums so sorry in advance if I commit any offenses. So here's my dilemma. My father-in-law (auto-mechanic with his own shop) knows I've been looking for some new rims and wheels for my 1995 GT. Originally it came with the premium 17x8 ...
CUESA's ninth annual Goat Festival, affectionately nicknamed "Goatchella," will again be held at San Francisco's Ferry Plaza on Saturday.
Overhead are two dials for low to high off-road settings and multi-terrain selections from mud and slush to rocks. There's a crawl feature, too, and a shifter on the console, just behind and to the right of the main gear selector, for locking in the 4 ...
If approved by Congress, President Trump's proposed 2018 budget will provide an additional $50 billion to the military, offer additional tax breaks to the nation's wealthiest individuals, and de-fund a number of safety-net programs, including Meals On ...
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We understand that the wheel has a new rim shape and layup compared to the CXR Ultimate 60 T. It has a NACA profile at 64mm deep and 25mm wide, with Mavic's iTgMAX resin and braking surface technology.
The Fortune Teller, a popular SA author who joined the Marketplace in March, focus on income, but also on being nimble, as discussed below.
I'm going to miss the Copenhagen wheel. After I spent a few days riding a bicycle with the smart, motorized wheel...
FREMONT - With a recent levy passage and private donations, local senior citizen programs such as Meals on wheels will continue without any impact from ...
Patriots fans are used to cheering at their TV during football season, but this week, members of Patriots Nation were screaming at their screens as they watched a "wheel of Fortune" throw away an easy puzzle about their team. In a recent episode of the ...
Emily Hurwitz, 28, purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan through Shift, an online company that brought the car to her apartment for a test drive.
You might call 90-year-old dancer Elsa wheel a late bloomer. Aside from the occasional World War II-era jitterbug as a young woman, she rarely set foot on the dance floor.