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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

COTONOU, Benin, June 25 (Xinhua) -- Benin students at the Confucius Institute of the Abomey-Calavi University learned how to make traditional Chinese kites ...
... collaboration between the All India Institute of Medical sciences, the National Institute of Health and non-governmental organisations.
Remember the award-winning film, Ek Doctor Ki Maut? The film, shot in 1990, was a statement on the neglect of crucial biomedical innovations and the ...
In this week's second edition of 3D printing News Briefs, we have some more partnership announcements in what has become a partnership-heavy week, ...
Mikel Charritton, CEO of Lauak said: "We see the huge potential in additive manufacturing and we want to use this technology to complete and improve our current manufacturing processes, as well as the manufacture of new components for the aviation ...
A big advantage for THOR is the short lead time of 3D-printing, which significantly reduced development time for producing the technology demonstrator compared to traditional manufacturing methods. Using an existing design concept, it took ...
... which brings together industry representatives and academics under the same roof for basic research, applied research, technology development, product development, entrepreneurship and manufacturing processes. This new technology will bring a fresh ...
Over the next 20 to 30 years, the world will suffer a pandemic with the potential "to bring humanity to its knees," epidemiologist Larry ...
Reid Bigland, head of Alfa Romeo, addresses the importance of the 2018 Stelvio performance crossover to the Italian brand's return to the U.S..
... 2016, Repligen acquired TangenX technology for $39 million from Novasep Holding, a deal that added to the bioprocessing company's single-use technology offerings and broadened its offerings to include downstream manufacturing processes.
"As such, these longer blades will need to be constructed using new designs, materials and new construction and manufacturing processes, and these new blades will need to be tested and validated. The WBRH provides a mechanism for pulling all of these ...
... titanium-based aircraft parts were constructed from large titanium blocks, in which the specific aircraft parts would be constructed within these blocks, which would often lead to a large amount of waste to be produced from these manufacturing ...
In other words, if Tesla does build a manufacturing plant in Shanghai, it can only own half of it and would have to share its revenue, manufacturing processes, etc. with a partner. As to who that partner would be, the most likely candidate right now is ...
Veterinary healthcare market is gaining importance as a result of manufacturers focus on production of products with specialized formulations and specialized manufacturing processes. These are essentially beneficial for animal lovers and companion ...
Germany-based Winkelmann Group, a high-tech manufacturer serving the aerospace industry and other industrial sectors, is creating an Alabama-based subsidiary that plans to invest $12 million to establish a metal forming operation in Auburn.
Instead, the researchers are experimenting with materials and fabrication techniques to recreate this nanoscale structure in the lab.
The company has bought public timber since 1936 and the Forest Service and BLM have been on a "thinning regime" for the past 25 years, he said.
Avitide, the manufacturer of molecule-specific biopharmaceutical affinity purification solutions developed for clinical and commercial manufacturing processes, announced yesterday it closed on Series E financing. Sands capital Ventures led the ...
New partners include Italy-based Avio, manufacturer of the Vega rocket; GKN, a Swedish supplier for Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 components; and Safran' Belgian subsidiary Safran AeroBooster.
One of the first research projects will focus on utilizing industrial robotics for machining and fabrication applications that can be applied to the manufacturing processes at Boeing. "Georgia Tech's long and productive relationship with Boeing ...
... determine feasible manufacturing methods and product costs while generating detailed manufacturing analysis and cost estimates that quantify the impact of changes to product design, materials, manufacturing processes, volumes and location in real time.
"We're going to significantly reduce transportation costs and waste while improving the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes." AstroTurf's new facility on Callahan Road in Dalton is about 375,000 square feet, or roughly the size of ...
Instrumental, a company founded in 2015, has introduced a vision system combining hardware and software components that leverages machine learning technology to help electronics companies improve their manufacturing lines, identify and fix problems ...
They will develop advanced sensors and instrumentation, advanced manufacturing methods, and materials for multiple nuclear reactor plant and fuel applications.
ROCK ISLAND, Wash. - On Wednesday, authorities found a dangerous drug lab at a home in Douglas County. Multiple law enforcement agencies, including The Washington state Patrol SWAT team were involved in the investigation.
"This key milestone demonstrates the production maturity and readiness of the rapid plasma deposition technology to compete against traditional manufacturing processes," Norsk says. Norsk also reported this week that it has expanded its production ...
Mechatronics technicians support robotics and automation technologies used in modern manufacturing processes for electrical, mechanical and electronic systems.
Provide frontline engineering support to our manufacturing processes. Resolving quality issues, determining root cause and corrective actions in the respective manufacturing processes. Analysis and improvement of manufacturing process operating ...
Fan Coils market 2017 Global Research Report initially provides a basic overview of the industry that covers definition, applications and manufacturing ...
Michelin has given us a peek at its newest concept tire, a fully biodegradable, eco'minded design: the Vision.
The automobile and truck is industry is one of the largest industries in the world. companies are always looking for the next best thing to stay ahead in the competition and breakthrough the cluttered market.
How we need to lower corporate taxes so U.S. corporations will again build factories in the U.S. What training programs do we need for our workers so they can do the jobs our changing manufacturing processes require. How about seriously exploring what ...
manufacturing processes that are not typical for standard PCB fabrication shops has been developed. The paper explains typical ... PCB fabrication technology was selected because this includes the widest range of fabrication technologies. Here are some ...
A German high tech manufacturer, the Winkelmann Group, which serves the aerospace industry and other industrial sectors is creating an Alabama-based ...
The PLT has been designed not to disturb subsequent manufacturing processes like resistance spot welding (RSW) and adhesive bonding.
In high-tech manufacturing processes, airborne molecular contamination (AMC) presents a major concern. However, these contaminations can now be monitored by PTR-MS continuously and in real-time.
marvel + nikos manafis design's 'marvel 41C' is the second boat the marvel ribs' line to adopt the company's new design language.
Hot New Release: an eBook from OMEGA engineering about harnessing the power of IIoT intelligent wireless networks and wireless sensors for improved performance, data intelligence, safety, and connectivity in manufacturing processes and the products ...
Mini BEV market report covers point by point focused research and analysis including the industry share, trends, drivers and key company's profiles operating in the worldwide market.
It has upgraded an existing plant in Taoyuan, more than doubling its production capacity for IE3 motors from 100,000 to 220,000 motors per year, and cutting production costs by about 10% compared with traditional manufacturing processes. Teco's ...
... advantage of Stratasys 3D-printing solutions, materials and expert services. The 3D-printing solutions will advance speed, cost savings and performance across critical engineering and manufacturing processes at Boom's headquarters in Denver, Colorado.
Sponsored. Covestro is hiring a 3D printing Technical manager to lead the regional application development of materials for its additive manufacturing processes and build-up its 3D printing application lab. A Ph.D. in chemistry or engineering is required.
Panaji: Days after the inspectorate of factories and boilers said that it was reconsidering the proposal to permit women to work beyond 7pm in factories and manufacturing processes, the department permitted women to work the late shift from 7pm to 10pm ...
The new headquarters of AFFOA, the Advanced Functional Fabrics of America Institute, represents a significant MIT investment in advanced manufacturing ...
The Company provides purification solutions for drinking water, wastewater, pollution abatement, and a range of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes. The Company operates through four segments: Activated carbon and Service, Equipment, ...
Centuries after the "gin craze" gripped Britain, the fruity distilled liquor is catching on with con.
Jenoptik manufactures metrology and laser machines for manufacturing processes in the automotive industry. This includes high-precision contact and non-contact production metrology for a wide range of measurement tasks such as the pneumatic, tactile or ...
Centuries after the "gin craze" gripped Britain, the fruity distilled liquor is catching on with consumers in Japan--albeit in a much more refined style than those ...
Interferometer market report covers point by point focused research and analysis including the industry share, trends, drivers and key company's profiles o.