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updated Sun. June 25, 2017

The political rhetoric against strong encryption continues to crank up. Reuters reports today that Australia will be pushing for greater powers for countries to tackle the use of encrypted messaging services by terrorists and criminals at an upcoming ...
The European Commission's (EC) incoming digital commissioner, Mariya Gabriel, has failed to share specifics of her position on encryption in a hearing which confirms her into the role. Soon to be in charge of the EC's digital economy and society ...
BIS has posted long-awaited updates including flow charts for classification purposes as guidance on the Export Administration Regulations' encryption controls.
End-to-end encryption refers to encrypting all data, at all points, between end-user applications. In an end-to-end messaging encryption model, no third party should be able to decrypt messages or access unencrypted data. Many end-to-end encrypted ...
The panel discusses the most important trends involving the blockchain today and fields questions from the audience. The experts talk about smart contracts, oracles, sidechains, and what can/cannot (or should not) be done with blockchains.
The US Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has posted long-awaited updates to parts of its website dedicated to guidance on the Export Administration Regulations' (EAR) encryption controls. The updates implement changes to ...
The UK and the EU are at loggerheads once again, but it's not what you might think. This isn't another Brexit debate, but a tussle over encryption. The British government is keen to exploit flaws in tech services for intelligence-gathering and ...
Good luck decrypting Europe's incoming digital chief's views on encryption. In international news this week, the commissioner-designate, Mariya Gabriel, responded to questions from the European Parliament on Tuesday, June 20, with non-committal answers ...
On Tuesday, the company unveiled a new smart network system. Using machine learning, the network's Encrypted Traffic Analytics software can sort through internet data to look for telltale signs of malicious software.
Mariya Gabriel, who is currently the EC's commissioner-designate for the digital economy and society portfolio, was fielding questions from the European Parliament today, as part of the process to confirm her in the role.
In a potential blow to Theresa may's calls for tech companies to open up encryption so terror plots can be better investigated, the European Parliament is considering making it mandatory that communications suppliers provide end to end encryption to ...
This article will focus on applying AES encryption and hash authorization functions to the MQTT protocol using the popular ESP8266 chip running NodeMCU firmware.
The European Parliament's Committee on civil liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) has put forward a proposal that would amend the EU's charter of fundamental rights to extend privacy rights to the digital realm and prevent governments of EU ...
The European Parliament's Committee on civil liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) has put forward a proposal that would amend the EU's charter of..
End-to-end encryption simply keeps the private key securely stored on the phones themselves, and converts the cyphertext to plaintext directly on the phone.
Apple CEO Tim Cook will likely address issues such as immigration and encryption Monday during his White House meeting for "technology Week," Axios reported.
A European Parliament committee is proposing that end-to-end encryption be enforced on all forms of digital communications to protect citizens.
Youngstown State University's police department is being forced to make expensive changes with emerging technology taking over surrounding departments.
For long this was seen as a barrier imposed by nature to us fully comprehending a physical system but for a few decades now, the field of quantum cryptography has evolved around designing 'keys' or alpha-numeric codes exploiting quantum mechanical ...
Cyber-attacks are now constant, threats to privacy are increasing, and more rigid regulations are looming worldwide. To help IT folks relax in the face of these challenges, Jetico updated its BestCrypt Container encryption solution to include Container ...
Germany has become the latest Western nation to signal its intent to undermine encryption in the name of preventing terrorism.
The government has been dealt a blow in its bid to force WhatsApp and other tech companies to hand over terror suspects' encrypted messages by EU proposals.
A satellite-based quantum-based encryption network would provide an extremely secure way to encrypt data sent over long distances.
healthcare data encryption is not technically required under HIPAA regulations, but it is an increasingly necessary aspect for strong data security.
Legitimate users will be forced to find other methods of encryption," Hudson said. "If SSL certificate vendors are forced to bake 'backdoors' into their certificates, the impact on eCommerce alone (currently a $32 billion business in Australia in 2017 ...
The FBI is asking for more than $20 million in the 2018 fiscal year budget to counter what the bureau sees as the threat of encryption, both in devices and in real-time communications tools such as text or voice apps. The request is part of the ...
The Australian government wants the ability to read messages kept secret by encryption in the name of aiding criminal investigations.
citizens shouldn't rely only on the law to protect their data, according to Will Ackerly, co-founder and chief technology officer at Virtru and former cloud security architect at the National Security Agency.
Officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will discuss next month plans to force tech companies to break encryption on their products. The so-called Five Eyes nations have a long-standing agreement to ...
The Australian government is at its dithering best (worst?) when it comes a number of things to do with the digital economy. While the NBN is struggling to deliver really fast services, they did a pretty good job with the national cybersecurity ...
London - UK Prime Minister Theresa May's unexpectedly poor result in the "snap" General election last week may serve to blunt her party's push to weaken encryption. The world's press is understandably focused on the political and Brexit-related ...
The federal government has denied it is interested in forcing companies that offer encrypted communications services to create "backdoors" to allow security ...
The Snapchat messages that "broke" a suicidal boy will never be recovered, his parents have said. Sam Abel's devastated parents have spoken for the first time ...
Popular journaling app Day One received an update yesterday that introduces end-to-end encryption to its cloud server for the first time, as well as a handful of other improvements.
pirates have ramped up the game with the release of never-before-seen UHD Blu-Ray video which, only a few weeks ago, was considered out-of-bounds due to strong encryption. As reported by TorrentFreak, three Ultra HD Blu-Ray copies of popular movies ...
Malcolm Turnbull has told Parliament that the Australian government is not going to demand the creation of encryption backdoors, and is instead going to focus on collaboration and receiving greater assistance from social media and telecommunications ...
The march of Samsung apps moving to Google Play continues. This time it's Secure Folder that has made its way over to every Android police reader's favorit...
Conservative MPs are reportedly plotting the end of Theresa may's premiership via the very communication method she has campaigned against for so long - encrypted WhatsApp messages.
It was one of the earliest attempts to enforce a backdoor into digital products, and the first in what is known as the cryptowars, when the US government fought to control and regulate strong encryption. The Clipper chip was a catastrophic failure. It ...
The Australian government wants to introduce laws that would force technology companies to ensure their systems are capable of decrypting communications.
Craig Bauer, a US mathematician and editor-in-chief of the journal Cryptologia, ends his hefty history of cryptography by noting that even as he was compiling the book, "unsolved ciphers from decades, sometimes centuries, in the past were coming to ...
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In the early 1990's, the US's National Security Agency developed the so-dubbed "Clipper Chip". This was intended as a backdoor bypassing encryption to allow the United States government to intercept messages. The concept intended to use an outlet ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May's demand for tech companies to remove their encryption is unreasonable, according to Elsight chief executive Nir Gabay, who says Ms May is playing politics and big government can already intercept anything they want to.
Michael Chertoff, the former Homeland Security Secretary who co-wrote the sweeping national security law, joined forces with UC Berkeley Law professor Catherine Crump to argue that companies shouldn't weaken encryption to help law enforcement.
But, while popularity of full disk encryption is on the rise, it's from my experience that many people actually understand it beyond, "It means that if someone gets my laptop, they can't access my files," which is only half correct; full disk ...
Clapper said he hopes technology giants will use the creativity and innovation that made the iPhone and turn it to a form of encryption that simultaneously protects privacy while allowing authorities to access its content, but he had no answers to ...
"Mostly it was banks, diplomatic services and the military who used cryptography throughout history," says Bill Burr, a retired cryptographer from the US National Institute of Standards and technology.
In the wake of the terrorist attack, the U.K. government is calling for a clampdown on end-to-end encryption and increased internet regulation.
Australia will be pushing the United States, UK and its other intelligence allies on the need to crack down on encrypted technology in the fight against terrorism.