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"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."
Albert Einstein
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updated Tue. January 24, 2017

Stop me if you've heard this one before: an awesome, revolutionary, life-changing battery technology was just developed by researchers, allowing smartphones to last longer with less degradation over time, and maybe it'll end up in your next device ...
Simple. technology has - at least until now - been more of a force for ill than for good in higher education. Our edtech tribe has consistently over-promised and under-delivered on the potential and benefits of technology. We have done too little to ...
Now a sub-epidermal moisture, or SEM scanner that can detect bedsores before they're visible is in trials here in the U.S. and some of its technology came from the Mars rover. Laurie Rappl has been in a wheelchair since breaking her back 36 years ago.
Greater Sudbury police have invested more than $3000 in new DNA technology in finding a suspect in the homocide of Renee Sweeney.
The same technological solution is also at the core of the ECN offering that Admiral markets started delivering to the market in 2015.
Emerging technology in fire service includes maintaining information on each firefighter at a scene via computer. For example, a scene commander with a tablet or other internet-enabled device could monitor from outside of the fire zone the exact amount ...
Understanding these three dynamics could be crucial to making smart investments in the technology sector.
Every year you age, health care technology changes - usually for the better, but always at higher cost. technology change is responsible for at least one-third and as much as two-thirds of per capita health care spending growth.
The word "disrupt" is so frequently used these days by technology companies that it seems no start-up can claim greatness if it doesn't "disrupt" existing business models, regardless of whether that innovation has a wider positive social or economic ...
"How can we best initiate a broader, in-depth discussion about how society will co-evolve with this technology, and connect computer science and social sciences to develop intelligent machines that are not only 'smart,' but also socially responsible?
At the RehabGym you learn how to keep your body healthy and in shape before getting hurt or having to recover from injuries. "If we can prevent a lot of these things before it happens," says Eric Place athletic trainer at RehabGym, "it keeps them off ...
The combination of data, integration with platforms and applications is yielding what could be a new space in technology dubbed sales acceleration.
Ask any cancer patient, and they'll likely tell you that cancer treatment can be grueling and affects so much more than just the body it is treating.
technological advancements require governments, businesses and academic institutions to develop more educated and highly skilled workforces, executives in Davos said.
Electric vehicles and 5G mobile network technology will be at the top of U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May's agenda when she attends her first regional cabinet meeting in the northwest of the country Monday.
RENO - A study of autonomous driving technology will use electric buses in Reno, Sparks and Carson City. Regional Transportation Commission electric buses will be equipped with technology to collect data on pedestrians, bikers, vehicles and traffic ...
The Quad-Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub, an initiative of the Quad-Cities Chamber, is recruiting people who are passionate about technology to begin developing guidebooks on the new technologies revolutionizing today's manufacturing.
"We're always going to be on the lookout to increase technology access for all of our students, to increase and enhance our communication with the connected learning community, parents, our staff and again our students," said Richard Trudeau, district ...
A mobile-friendly, responsive website is vital to winning the talent war, as candidates expect employers to harness smartphone technology to expedite the application process. With your recruiting team on Google Voice, you can even attract candidates ...
Optus Business boss John Paitaridis said that building strong bonds between technology providers and companies was critical to addressing the disruption challenge.
As this technology transformation evolves, so too will its impact on consumer experience and the digital business ecosystem.
2017 will see the next technological revolution reshaping Indian society, business and the government landscape, as our cover story in this second edition of Mint's technology Report will reveal. According to research firm International Data Corp. (IDC ...
technology has been "stealing our jobs" since at least the Bronze Age, so it's surprising after all these years that any of us have a job to go to in the mornings.
The "spin and zoom" 3D technology behind Be the Player, called Relay 360, has been used in some sporting events, including the MLB and NBA All-Star games.
The pull of words: Visitors enter the Diggi Palace, the venue of the Jaipur literature Festival, on Sunday. - Photo: Rohit Jain Paras.
(AP) - A study of autonomous driving technology will use electric buses in Reno, Sparks and Carson City. The Reno-Gazette Journal reports (http://on.
A pair of high-tech glasses enabled a 10-year-old boy from Manitoba to see his first Winnipeg Jets game Saturday. Benjamyn Francey is legally-blind due to a rare eye condition called Leber's congenital amaurosis.
Scott Brown is leading efforts to scale virtual health care offerings at Zipnosis as the newly hired vice president of product and engineering at the Minneapolis-based health-technology firm. Brown said his priorities in the new executive-level ...
The U.S. Department of education places ed tech front and center in the effort to meet the nation's postsecondary attainment goals.
Blockchain technology presents significant opportunities to record financial transactions, identities and various legal operations.
With one exception, and this stands as a simple bit of technological understanding. Occasionally, as I sit before my laptop computer, a 5-year-old finger reaches to the screen and gives it a horizontal swipe, expecting something to happen.
But it's a failure of leadership when caseworkers are blamed despite their not having proven and relatively low-cost technology that could have helped save that child. The recent horrific death of Zymere Perkins, like those of Marchella Pierce ...
We've all heard the term "cord cutting" more times than we can stand, but it often seems like, despite the fact that many cable and satellite customers talk about it, very few people are actually axing their pay-TV services in favor of something else ...
Ames technology company, Workiva, has announced they will be endowing the technology Association of Iowa's most prestigious Prometheus Award for the Large technology Company of the Year. Workiva, which has won 11 Prometheus Awards since ...
If you've just moved to the neighborhood and don't know anyone, don't worry, technology can help. technology is connecting neighbors in real time like never before. Take, for example, the recent ice storm when there was a flurry of activity on the ...
Yes, social media has given us kitten videos, Chewbacca Mom and an unhealthy infatuation with the Kardashians. But it also helped mobilize the Arab Spring, allowing protesters to organize within and communicate without against the wishes of oppressive ...
UPGRADES CONTINUE - technology upgrades continue at Jefferson County Joint Vocational school, where officials are planning to modernize equipment by replacing larger computers with Chromebooks for more one-on-one learning.
students can access an online Service Catalog to seek technological solutions and request services in an organized way this semester.
But if you think that only our personal lives are changing because of technology, think again. It's also rapidly changing the way things get done in the world of business, too.
Voices are as unique fingerprints and thanks to new speech technology, 8-year-old Leo True-Frost has finally found his. Leo was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that prevents him from articulating words.
Qualcomm said in its own statement by Don Rosenberg, executive vice president and general counsel, that "Apple has intentionally mischaracterized our agreements and negotiations, as well as the enormity and value of the technology we have invented, ...
A change in focus at Schneider Electric's head office has resulted in some job losses at one of Greater Victoria's largest high-tech employers.
LAKEWOOD - Behind the massive gym at the Gold Crown Field House in Lakewood is a program trying to change lives. "A lot of people don't realize that this program is back here," Chris Darby, coordinator, said.
Sales consultants at Gateway Auto Dealership say it's up to law enforcement to decide when it's safe to use the technology. Sales consultant Danielle Owen says, "Once police have given them the go-ahead that the vehicle is in a safe place that they can ...
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