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"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."
Albert Einstein
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updated Mon. June 26, 2017

Astana, Kazakhstan: Malaysia is a world leader when it comes to solar power, said science, technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau.
can make good things better, partly because it's the rare culinary technology that really engendered new ways of cooking and eating.
Superintendent Troy Gray said the grant will help equip every high school student with his or her own Chromebook and will make STEM - science, technology, engineering and math - curriculum more accessible in the classroom. "Our mission at Wyandotte ...
"There are thousands of marketing technology providers across different marketing functions," Jones said. "One of the biggest headaches a marketer has is trying to sell one customer story across so many different systems that may or may not be talking ...
The iPhone is so revolutionary it raises expectations that the company will introduce radical new products regularly, says Patrick Moorhead, a technology analyst with Moor Insights & strategy. "That's what I call the leadership burden," Moorhead says.
A pioneering British pharmaceutical company has won a European patent for its 'cancer vaccines' technology, which if successful could revolutionise treatment of the disease.
I interviewed Geraldine Calpin who knows a thing or two about technology, having spent more than 10 years at Hilton as Vice President of e-commerce, Vice President of Global e-commerce and Global Head of Digital.
Just more than half, or 54 percent, of Americans trust the Financial Services industry. Similarly, only 51 percent of industry survey respondents said they had a "positive" impact on society.
I'm an associate editor at MIT technology Review. I report from Washington, D.C., where I'm on constant lookout for stories that illustrate how the U.S.
The Ford Fireworks in downtown Detroit tonight will feature the U.S. debut of a pyrotechnic technology used only in Europe until now, enabling a surprise or two during the show.
artificial intelligence Deep learning Android development Machine learning Data analyst Full stack developer Haptik, an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant service, has open sourced its proprietary Named Entity Recognition system that ...
In addition to arming police with pet-identifying technology, Butts said the organization strives to educate people on the importance of having microchips implanted in their pets.
Sony's latest digital campaign has tapped local influencer Ben Sir and uncle Siu into a series of videos in the bid to translate complex technology concepts into an easy and catchy explanation for its consumers. ... Challenges are to simplify the ...
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Driven by startups, Israel's technology industry is the fastest growing part of the economy. It accounts for 14 percent of economic output and 50 percent of exports.
This week was technology Week at the White House, and the Trump Administration held events focusing on modernizing government technology and stimulating the technology sector. On Monday, the White House invited major tech leaders and university ...
This week's column comes to you from the Emerald Isle of Ireland, where I am vacationing with my family. As we travel the country, I've been taking notes of various uses, or lack thereof, of technology and thought this would be an interesting ...
Wall Street analysts spend years focusing on just a handful of companies in order to master their inner workings. Warren Buffett spends the bulk of his day reading books, corporate reports and the like.
Australian scientists have developed world-first surveillance technology to combat the global illegal fishing trade. Illegal fishing snapshot: A third of fish in US and Australian markets appears to be illegal; Illegal fishing is the third most ...
California banned state-funded travel to four more states this week over what they deem to be discriminatory laws in Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas.
Pune, India - Last month, Sudhakar Choudhari took the company bus as usual from his one-bedroom apartment to the suburban offices of Tech Mahindra, a major employer of workers in India that powers the global technology machine behind the scenes.
The Hololens is a piece of technology exclusively designed and created by Microsoft. It's a mixture of augmented reality and hologram technology. The big difference between standard AR is that Hololens recognizes gestures. Users could then interact ...
Adrian Fire Department Lt. Ed Mathis, left, and Chief Tim Bartenslager demonstrate the department's new chest compression device Wednesday at the fire station.
Dual camera smartphone technology certainly isn't new anymore, but we are seeing a new trend emerge whereby manufacturers are offering "optical zoom" capabilities inside their smartphones.
SANTA FE, N.M. - It's no secret that Los Alamos is one of the country's leading hubs of science and technology. But the clandestine city sequestered high atop the isolated Pajarito Mesa almost certainly would never have existed without the Los Alamos ...
CowTribe uses mobile technology to connect livestock farmers in northern Ghana with vets, while the start-up Hovver uses drones to help farmers map out their land.
The Capita-run body set up to handle the data, the DCC, is being treated as critical national infrastructure and the company's chief technology officer insists the data is safe. "We don't hold personal information [on energy supplier customers], we don ...
More than 40 people killed on Victorian roads may still be alive if their cars had of been fitted with a common safety feature, new research has found.
World-wide, credit card fraud and other scams cost the public billions of dollars. Whilst credit card fraud is the clear leader in the sheer volume of money lost, "regular scams" still result in a significant amount of money being lost every year ...
Macomb County and the state Transportation Department are two of the government units working with carmakers and auto suppliers in testing the life-saving technology. Michigan has established at least 100 miles (160 kilometers) of "connected" highway ...
A technology known as ShotSpotter is in 90 cities across the US. Skeptics wonder if it's reducing gun violence or just costing cities money.
Mainland China has been shifting the focus of wide-ranging bribery investigations to telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) firms as the industry becomes more important to the economy, according to a joint report released on Sunday.
When technology and human mind match and work together, it blasts. However, when it cuts off the effect of each other it becomes a curse.
This week's column comes to you from the Emerald Isle of Ireland, where I am vacationing with my family. As we travel the country, I've been taking notes of various uses, or lack thereof, of technology and thought this would be an interesting ...
This week on Life and technology, Charlie spoke to Director of printing Systems, South Pacific about HP's portable wireless photo printer the HP Sprocket.
Departments have been using and sharing new technology to help conduct these searches.
Salt Lake City - A California tech company is moving its headquarters to northern Utah to partner with Utah State University researchers to develop better battery technology. electric power Systems and USU recently became the newest recipients of a ...
This week on Life and technology, Charlie spoke to Director of printing Systems, South Pacific about HP's portable wireless photo printer the HP Sprocket.
Researchers found 140 deaths on roads last year were caused by lane departures and of those, 41 were preventable if cars had electronic stability control.
But as technology has changed, so has predictability. technologists are, hence, getting better at prophesying, especially the broader trends.
Alana Northouse (left), 10, and Cinae Schneider, 8, watch as their Dash robot moves toward its target, according to the code the pair input on their iPad during a Lincoln public schools Summer technology Program session on Tuesday. The district is ...
Evolving technology works both way-if it creates demand for new skills, it also renders even some recent tech skills obsolete.
Even the figures for social media use do not seem to support the idea that technology is the primary driver of polarisation.
In its latest move, Netflix will roll out its groundbreaking branching technology, in a bid to make programs interactive. Only the newest smart TV's, iOS devices, Roku boxes, and game consoles will work with the technology for now. Using a remote ...
So why is the team playing with AR and VR technology? Downs admits that Area 10 usually starts with a problem and then finds a technological solution, so this is kind of the reverse of their typical process. However, the major investments by Apple ...
North Carolina State University researchers in the U.S. have invented a flexible body-heat powered energy harvester which can be used to make wearable technology that is powered by body heat alone. Earlier, there did exist energy harvesters that could ...
There is a "high price of admission" in terms of the investment needed to acquire the technology, according to Blad.
While many drivers generally understand the concept of an electric car, understanding generally stops there. It's a car, and you plug it in to get power to run it.
In his statement, Rose said, "The technology, used by Municipalities, universities and critical infrastructure applications, will enhance security for the UC San Diego campus, enabling a more rapid response.
Mohit Saxena, co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) of InMobi, has decided to step down from his position as the technology chief of the mobile ad-tech firm. "I will remain involved as a founder of InMobi, but will be looking for a CTO to ...





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