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updated Sat. April 29, 2017

The agency is converting all its coal byproducts storage from a "wet system" to dry storage. "TVA completed the construction of a mechanical dewatering facility at Bull Run in 2014 to manage bottom ash and gypsum using a dry storage system," the news ...
... and severe mental disorder that can affect concentration and one's ability to be grounded in reality. Two studies found interval training to reduce anxiety and depression in persons with schizophrenia, two of the most problematic byproducts of the ...
Lacking strong candidates for the pending vacancy, University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds has wisely suspended the search that began in November to replace retiring Chancellor John Christensen at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.
"Basically we are just trying to explain the basic parts of the pig, but at the same time we tried to emphasize some of the more important byproducts as well," Troy McCain of Nebraska Pork Producers executive officer said. "My mother had a valve put in ...
Homeowners who suspect their lawns have been infested by grubs can consult with lawn care professionals to determine if that's likely.
Patagonia is also addressing the food waste crisis by incorporating byproducts of food waste into the line. Across the world, one-third of the food produced is lost or squandered.
It is an immunomodulatory agent that reduces accumulation of harmful byproducts. When given by subcutaneous injection, glatiramer acetate has shown to reduce drusen.
While their other spirits are made from byproducts of their own winery, the Handcrafted Rye Whiskey is made in partnership with neighboring SLO Brew in San Luis Obisbo and BarrelHouse Brewery in Paso Robles.
Butter is one of two byproducts of churned cream (the other is buttermilk). Separating out the buttermilk leaves a semi-sold substance that has low water content and is at least 80 percent fat - butter.
Organic selections, USDA Choice meats, the liveGfree gluten-free product line and Never Any! line of meats, which are free from antibiotics, added hormones and animal byproducts, are some of the additional items to be added. Stucker would not disclose ...
The primary contaminants in and around the site include an alphabet soup of chemicals that range from chlorinated volatile organic compounds, to sodium hydroxide, heavy metals, poly-chlorinated biphenyls and dioxins that were byproducts of the ...
The Company's vessels carry various petroleum and petrochemical gas products in liquefied form, including propane, butane, butadiene, isopropane, propylene and vinyl chloride monomer, which are all byproducts of the production of oil and natural gas.
For texture and sweetness both contain grape "must," the cooked and aged concentrate derived from fermenting the byproducts of wine-making - grape skin, juice, stems and seeds. We drizzled jalapeno-lime oil and white balsamic vinegar over three ...
Plant superintendent Mike Sudman said the new process would treat for "remaining disinfection byproducts prior to the chlorine being added, any kind of minute pharmaceuticals that could be remaining, algal toxins that could get through the carbon.
... craft beer, your pup can even enjoy a special RoundTown treat. "We're dog friendly and we've just started making dog treats with our spent grain.
Each Big Ox plant handles about 250,000 tons of byproducts per year. It strives to repurpose nearly 100 percent of the materials it receives for productive use.
[This] breathing is started by the brain." Unfortunately for the rodent, one of the byproducts of using fructose is lactic acid, which could result in cellular breakdown if access to oxygen isn't restored.
A diagram shows the many possible paths one simple catalytic reaction can theoretically take - in this case, conversion of syngas, which is a combination of carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO), to acetaldehyde.
That storage would allow the city to accept grease and other organic byproducts. The organic waste would become food for microorganisms to turn into biogas, which is mostly methane.
companies should know by now that the behaviors of productivity and quality are natural byproducts of a culture emphasizing the values of integrity, innovation, teamwork, commitment, collaboration and service.
As we noted in early March, that soup is one of the dishes that repurposes byproducts from other foods made within the restaurant group; in this case, bones from the chickens fried at Federal Donuts are used to make the chicken stock and beef "schmaltz ...
Spence said researchers are just beginning to understand how gut bacteria and their byproducts affect the cardiovascular system.
AEP is focusing on power plants; cogeneration facilities generating electricity and associated byproducts, such as heat; pipelines; and fuel storage terminals, with revenue streams generated from the sale of electricity and byproducts. "Our target ...
"If you're running four different reactions separately, then you've got four different steps that require solvents and starting materials, and they each leave behind waste contaminated with byproducts from the reaction," Seto said. "But if you can do ...
Each Big Ox plant handles about 250,000 tons of byproducts per year. It strives to repurpose nearly 100 percent of the materials it receives for productive use.
The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has agreed to meet farm leaders over concerns about the use of distillery byproducts in energy plants.
FILE PHOTO -- Cobs of corn are held at a corn field in in La Paloma city, Canindeyu, about 348km (216 miles) northeast of Asuncion August 7, 2012.
Mitr Phol plans to set up a factory to develop cosmetics from sugar and its byproducts, while PTT is interested in extracting fat from agriculture products to blend with its petroleum byproducts to create bioplastics, Mr Uttama said. The ministry ...
Every profession has a parent, and the media belongs to journalism. The rest are byproducts of journalism in as far as the media family is concerned.
All-in sustaining costs take into account the pertinent costs of mine maintenance (on-site mine and administrative costs, royalties and production taxes, byproduct credits, permitting costs, smelting, refining, and transport) as well as behind-the ...
"There's going to be more and more demand being driven for things like bakeries, confectionery, dairy including cheeses because a lot of animal byproducts are found in all sorts of categories in grocery and the consumers are realizing this as well and ...
"Iran is ready to export a wide range of oil, gas and petrochemical byproducts to global markets," Barati noted, adding that holding such meetings, attended by LPG analysts, refiners, shipping companies and technology solution providers, will help the ...
Electric Powered Cars (Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images) scientists had found a way to extract hydrogen from methanol without the carbon byproducts. The only byproduct in the process is water. Hydrogen is converted to electricity the fuels our cars and ...
If we step back from our political situation we can observe a revolving historical event: As long as our economy is based on capitalist principles, the best we can hope for is to place some constraints on the byproducts of capitalism. capitalists ...
But several recent studies are now calling that claim into question, as the nicotine solutions used in these devices contain other chemicals and byproducts tied to health problems. On March 8, 2017, for example, the scientific journal PLoS One ...
"The department sent a compliance notice to Falls Creek Borough asking them to either submit the testing, if it was completed during 2016, or to test the water for both VOCs and IOCs and the one location for disinfection byproduct within the required ...
So what are these "byproducts" that cause fatigue? That's still very much an open area of research. According to the paper, the two main candidates are inorganic phosphates, produced by the use of the instant-but-shortlived stores of phosphocreatine in ...
Pramiracetam is a derivation of piracetam, the first racetam, which was synthesized during the 1960's out of ammonia and butyrolactone molecules in an attempt to mimic the byproducts of GABA metabolism. GABA is one of the primary neurotransmitters in ...
Each year at the Barstow's Longview farm in Hadley, Mass., over 14,000 tons of food waste and food processing byproducts are put into an anaerobic digester that blends it with the farm's cow manure. The renewable energy produced by the anaerobic ...
Last Thursday, U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott attended the valve-opening ceremony of Petra Nova, a brand-new carbon capture ...
Of course, eating as few animals and their byproducts, or following a vegan diet, would be the most sustainable and environmentally friendly diet.
Last year the United States exported $1.6 billion of pork and pork variety meats. That equaled $50.26 in exports for each hog slaughtered.
The new process is attractive because it neutralises carbon, which contributes to global climate change. Credit: Zelinsky Institute of Organic chemistry.
SwRI is developing a mobile treatment unit (left) to destroy chemical agents. After the agents are destroyed, exhaust gases are passed through a soil-based fluidized bed and scrubber columns to remove combustion byproducts. Credit: Southwest Research ...
Bobby calves are one of those byproducts - they're born so their mothers produce milk and are largely unwanted. Male bobby calves are typically sent to slaughter after a minimum of four days with their mother (a time limit that is part of the new rules ...
Google Earth satellite images, taken at least annually since the pit in Owyhee County was dug in August 2013, "show that this lagoon has been slowly filling with cheese byproduct and whey waste since its construction," the conservation league's ...
The latest, dated April 3, explains that once again the borough's water tested above EPA limits on disinfection byproducts. Residents have been getting similar notices on and off for years. The notice says no one needs to buy a bottled supply, that the ...