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updated Mon. May 1, 2017

Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel: Get rare access to the UMD wind tunnel that has been in use for aerodynamics research since 1949.
"My senior year I was taking astronautics, propulsion and an aerodynamics class ... all of the same day," he told her.
... slower than the fastest time of the same session set by Valtteri Bottas, and Alonso believes all of that gap -- and more -- was down to Honda's lack of power.
Victoria Williams of St. Patrick Catholic high school:Williams plans to take the game of golf and apply it students' understanding of Mathematics.
Like the Bene Gesserit uber-females of Frank Herbert's Dune series, Porsches can control their inner organs, adapting to whatever challenges thrown at them, hence the vast array of abbreviated active systems adorning the automaker's machines.
"Building their own dragster is a great way for STEM students to understand basic aerodynamics and see how science, maths and engineering support what we do.
In one of the famous 'Nutty scientists' workshops at the Sharjah children's Reading Festival being held at the Expo Centre Sharjah until April 29, young artists have done just that, turning their hands to the science of aerodynamics with nothing more ...
When active, the extended diffuser would effectively direct the air along an elongated section of the tail for tweaking the vehicle's aerodynamics. Depending on the layout, Porsche imagines that there could be multiple flaps along the rear of the ...
Nagpur: Aiming at creating aviation awareness among children of the city, Aerovision will conduct an aeromodelling workshop-cum-guest lecture for members of Nagpur for Kids Club at Nagpur University ground from 4.30 pm to 7pm on Sunday.
In one of the famous 'Nutty scientists' workshops at the Sharjah children's Reading Festival being held at the Expo Centre Sharjah until April 29, young artists have done just that, turning their hands to the science of aerodynamics with nothing more ...
We used it occasionally for printing prototypes for aerodynamics testing, but it was never central to our design process. The materials were fairly limited when it came to building bicycle frames and parts and the cost and reliability couldn't compete ...
"I agree with them on the philosophy of using classical aerodynamics if they want to pursue viable commercial products," says Richard Pat Anderson, director of the Flight Research Center at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
The F-35 won't fly to the Paris Air Show this summer, a development that came the same week auditors warned the program was at risk of yet another delay.
MAN officially launched itself into the van market at the CV Show, which opened in Birmingham on Tuesday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. MAN's new van.
students in Mrs. Cowell's drone technology Program are doing much more than just playing with toys. Don't miss a thing. Get breaking KHTS Santa Clarita News Alerts delivered right to your inbox.
MONTREAL. Echoing aerodynamic styling cues from its long-haul VNL Series, Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) has introduced a new regional tractor.
It's down to the guys to see if we are losing in aerodynamics; aerodynamics are not as important as wheelie here so we are trading off one against the other at the moment.
Recently, Ford's CTO, said the Mustang racer was rejected by company because of aerodynamics and concerns Le Mans was a departure Mustang's heritage and consumer base, of course they were right Mustang is not the "right fit" for LeMans type racing.
designed to be a versatile regional-haul tractor, the new model features refinements and innovations in aerodynamic design, working environment, engine and transmission options, gearing and loading efficiencies, passive and active safety systems, and ...
The versatile new Volvo VNR regional haul model offers a 113-inch BBC and 50-degree wheel cut to excel in urban environments while the aerodynamic design and powertrain packages provide exceptional fuel efficiency. (Courtesy: VOLVO TRUCKS ...
Teams do a lot of different things during an off-week. Tony Gibson, crew chief for Kurt Busch in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, went to the mountains of Tennessee and ran around for most of the week in side-by-sides.
The multifunctional aeroacoustic wind tunnel facility will be used to advance vehicle innovation and enhance the testing facilities at the Transportation Research Center (TRC) in East Liberty, Ohio.
Seventy-four percent out of 124 percent of this improvement comes from aerodynamic enhancements while the rest comes from engine efficiency, tire rolling resistance, light weighting and other advancements.
The Cup 380 doesn't just benefit from better aerodynamics and less weight. The rear tires are wider than the sport 380 at 285 mm.
He says the team is focusing on creating a more aerodynamic airplane wing to reduce energy use and make aircrafts more efficient.
The Vorsteiner VR-E aerodynamics program adorns this Crystal Pearl White BMW i8 with a series of carbon fiber to enhance its already futuristic looks.
Clearly, we should ask Andy Priaulx in the No. 67 Ford GT from today's 6 Hours of Silverstone about how annoying an open door is at race speeds, as he lost a ...
... in Melbourne, Ferrari showed it can also match Mercedes' pace on a traditional track with long straights following the off-season F1 rule changes that ushered in faster cars with wider tires, better aerodynamics, bigger fuel loads and increased ...
Your Tyre choice too can affect your aerodynamics, and we've investigated the factors which make a tyre more aerodynamically efficient with leading experts.
The insects spread their wings only after leaping, rotating and reversing direction in midair, Israeli researchers say.
A take-off point for the discussion could be the abrupt end last year of daily flights to Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
So convinced is Boardman of aerodynamics' value for cyclists of all kinds, he's decided to set up his own cycling-specific wind tunnel, due to be ready by the end of the year.
We've been talking about the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 quite a lot this year, with Zuffenhausen having intensified its prototype testing activities.
In a class where horsepower and weight reduction alone doesn't win races, cutting edge aero is what leads to records.
When it comes to setting Nurburgring records, having excellent aero features on a car can be just as important as power and peak torque figures.
At normal, everyday riding speeds, around 80 per cent of power produced by the rider is spent overcoming aerodynamic drag, so the importance of optimising your equipment, clothing and, most importantly, riding position can't be overstated.
Red Bull was tipped to be among the championship contenders following Formula 1's decision to introduce sweeping regulation changes this year, focussing on increasing downforce through aerodynamics. However, an uncharacteristic lack of rear ...
Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull has not been the "king team" of aerodynamics for the last few years, something he feels is demonstrated by its gap to Mercedes and Ferrari in 2017.
While big teams piss through fortunes to develop an aerodynamic package that will stick the car to the asphalt without causing a lot of drag, but not Albano Fabbri.
Mario Andretti won the 1978 Formula 1 World Drivers Championship in this Lotus 79 which used 'ground effect' aerodynamics, effectively turning the underside of the car into the equivalent of the huge wing for gobs of downforce.Don Heiny/Getty Images.
Research and markets has announced the addition of the "Global Automotive Sunroof Market 2017-2021" report to their offering.
While purists will sneer at the mere idea of changing the perfectly balanced aerodynamics traits of the car in question, there's more than enough owners that will have a need to further accentuate its exterior looks and improve its aerodynamics ...
Speaking of aerodynamics, functional side vents behind the front wheels help extract turbulent air from the wheel housings.
Quite where one draws the line between aerodynamics and cooling is a very personal choice (more vents generally means poorer aerodynamics) so we've pulled together a selection of options to show some of what's out there, but stopped short of including ...
The work carried out on the BMW M4 DTM in the wind tunnel prior to the start of the 2017 DTM season has changed considerably.
For example, the designer can simulate the aerodynamic impact of wind load and turbulence due to accumulated dirt, or find out what happens to efficiency when you drive the vehicle through a thunderstorm.
It's ingrained into the psyche of most road cyclists that aero wheels will make you faster, but most of us pay far less attention to the tyres we stick on them.
Toyota Gazoo Racing and Porsche LMP1 Team will run different aerodynamic packages on their LMP1 Hybrid prototypes at the opening round of the 2017 FIA World Endurance Championship this weekend at Silverstone.
One of the perennial problems with modern motorsport is aerodynamics. With massive development in aerodynamics defining the cars of today, the amount of grip and downforce is astronomical.
Mr McNicholas said he was thinking of crowdfunding the $3 million needed for research and development. It would benefit truck drivers and the logging industry, he said, as the design would reduce fuel costs by improving aerodynamics. "It will reshape ...