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updated Tue. February 28, 2017

President Trump campaigned on an America First energy agenda that aims to make the United States energy independent by increasing domestic production of fossil fuels.
Augusta, GA - Jeff Fehrman, president of the Fehrman Investment Group, is breaking down potential tax savings strategies in two areas - savings for 2016 and ideas to help save on takes in 2017.
BRANSON, Mo. (AP) - People working in Branson's Entertainment industry say they're concerned about a local taxpayer-funded marketing strategy that has become more broadly focused. The local convention bureau, which is connected to the chamber of ...
"Local government has a key role to play in creating vibrant and liveable communities and our strategy focuses on a proactive approach to help residents feel safe," she said.
Wrapping up our timefly trade: strategy couldn't have been worse, but we still made money. How? CNBC: 8:15 EST. US Equity futures opened Sunday evening with a tear higher, with ES futures (NYSEARCA:spy) almost immediately making a new all-time ...
Therefore, the strategy articles should serve as background material; explain that there is more analysis behind the commentaries than first meets the eye.
Warren Buffett has wagered $1 million for charity that he can achieve better investment returns than a group of hedge fund managers by simply investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund.
But the success of that strategy is predicated on 2018 looking like 2016, when President Donald Trump underperformed other Republicans among affluent, college-educated voters.
Fortune 500 companies develop strategies for success and publish strategy statements online to attract customers. The strategies are often clear and marketed as valuable to the target consumer audience. healthcare institutions are now developing new ...
World Rugby constantly monitors trends in laws and their usage and will be moved to discuss the matter to see if there is need to activate the Law Clarification Process, which could lead to referees being instructed to take a differently weighted approach.
General Motors appears to be on the brink of parting ways with its European Opel and Vauxhall brands. Divesting in the slow-growth European market may be sensible in the medium term.
This is a strategy borrowed from Ryan's predecessor as House speaker, John Boehner. And as Boehner's ignominious exit from Congress demonstrates, it is extraordinarily risky.
When it comes to making financial decisions, we'd all like to be perfectly rational. Alas, we're human: We procrastinate, we are hypersensitive to losses, and we allow emotions to sway our decisions.
Rachel Martin talks to Sarah Margon, Washington director of Human Rights Watch about the potential shift in the strategy to fight ISIS.
A pair of bacterial genes may enable genetic engineering strategies for curbing populations of virus-transmitting mosquitoes.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is presenting the White House with a plan to "rapidly defeat" the Islamic State group, a Pentagon spokesman said Monday.
Samsung's Windows-based Galaxy Books, unveiled Sunday at Mobile World Congress, point to a critical weakness in the company's multiple-OS strategy. The company uses Windows 10 in PCs, Android in smartphones, and Tizen across wearables and ...
An old friend called me yesterday. We hadn't spoken in a while, and when I asked him about his job, he said, "I can't believe the idiots I have to put up with at the office.
Barcelona, Spain - Nokia today outlined how the rapid execution of its new strategy is delivering industry-leading innovation for communication service providers in network speed, agility and efficiency, while broadening the company's footprint in ...
Maplewood's strategy for the competition was for every team member to have specific roles, with some students volunteering for their roles and others being selected by the team after looking at the student's grades.
Singapore: Amid the global uncertainties, it is a challenging time for Singapore which is trying to find an economic strategy that will work for the nation - not only for companies but also for the population and Singaporeans, said Prime Minister Lee ...
... and retain Britain's status as a world leader in innovative technology," Pesenti said. The confirmation of the AI review is expected to take place in the government's Digital strategy set to be published on March 1 by secretary of state for culture ...
The Dominus team has reached out to us to spread the word about their game. Called Dominus, it is a multiplayer social strategy that can be played directly in browser. Players can siege castles, get vassals, overthrow lords and much more. Additionally ...
Party mulls drastic step in a bid to shore up numbers ahead of elections.
If your brain has trouble with attention there are three strategies that can help you cope and make your life easier: 1. Self-care.
(Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah Indivisible founder Courtney Marden poses for a portrait outside of their home in American Fork Thursday February 16, 2017.
It also occurred to me that Mr. Trump, and his policies of less regulation, cutting taxes and "America First," were going to run the markets now and that new strategies should be implemented. Since November 8 the DJIA has risen 11.2%, according to ...
That's most effectively accomplished through a three-year strategy that phases in enough products each year to satisfy, but not overwhelm employees.
origami-inspired materials use folds in materials to embed powerful functionality. However, all that folding can be pretty labor intensive.
A tech start-up based in Los Angeles rather than silicon Valley. A mobile app that built its appeal by deleting photos and messages.
It goes without saying that, all things being equal, having access to a larger pool of money offers you the chance of greater returns.
Case in point: Weh Yeoh founded OIC Cambodia in 2013 with both a goal and a strategy in mind to hand the group over to the community.
The highly anticipated, recently published UK government Transformation strategy sets out to "transform the relationship between citizens and the state" delivering Adrian Keward, chief technologist for UK Public Sector at Red Hat digitally-enabled ...
One of the more interesting narratives involving Apple in 2016 focused on whether or not the company was abandoning its base of traditionally loyal pro users.
Disney-owned Maker Studios is putting its business through a major overhaul in an effort to become profitable. According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney is laying off around 80 people -- some of them are Maker employees, while some are from the ...
We have to have that 57-state strategy [including the District Of Columbia, U.S. territories and expat voters]. What that means is we're in communities everywhere, engaged, listening, responding, leading with our values," Perez said in a conversation ...
The NPR board of directors is expected to vote Friday on a three-year plan for increasing station fees, which will support a new strategy to strengthen collaboration between NPR and member stations on journalism, fundraising and digital platforms and ...
If Democrats are the weakest they have ever been, and Republicans are the most powerful they have ever been, what strategy could congressional Democrats use to beat the man who, last November, wrought the greatest political upset in American history ...
Procter & Gamble (P&G) said it has adjusted its sampling strategy after taking a "too myopic" view on its return on investment.
The Fairtrade Foundation is shifting its marketing strategy as it looks to engage with consumers emotionally by communicating the "human element" of its work.
In recent House testimony, I said that energy subsidies should be repealed because they distort business decision making. They induce firms to invest in activities that do not make sense in the marketplace.
the Pentagon is expected to deliver a review of its ISIS strategy to the White House early next week that will include new recommendations for how to defeat the group.
States such as Wisconsin, whose economic development efforts are based on a cost strategy, face competition from numerous other states and foreign countries following the same strategies, making the cost to the taxpayers increasingly heavy. They also ...
US military will retain core strategy against ISIS as Trump mulls escalation. Central Command indicates reliance on proxies for lion's share of fighting; Defense Secretary to present options for expanding conflict next week.
retailers continue to face challenges integrating the physical shopping experience with the online shopping experience, according to a recent report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) and emarketer.
History professor Beverly Gage '94 will serve as the next director of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand strategy, University President Peter Salovey announced in a communitywide email Wednesday afternoon.
New Delhi: The head of LG in India has said that the company "made mistakes" in its mobile phone product strategy which has been the reason behind its poor performance in the fast-growing segment. The company, which has a low single-digit market share, ...
When you study the efficacy of video and the marketplace's demand for visual content, it's clear that video is the future of the industry.







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