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updated Sun. May 28, 2017

The party has also used the same strategy to deal with its rebel MPs. Of the four party MPs---all from Punjab, two lawmakers H S Khalsa and Dharamvira Gandhi were suspended from the party.
It's the end of May and your Memorial Day picnic plans are probably falling into place even as you read this. If you're flirting with entrepreneurial dreams, there are other plans you need to corral as well: Your business startup steps.
Here's How to Determine Your Ideal Asset Allocation strategy. How much of your portfolio should be in stocks? Bonds? Cash?
The once-catatonic corner of moviedom dedicated to merchandise has suddenly come alive as studios - walloped by vanishing DVD sales and determined to keep fans engaged between sequels - look at themed toys, clothes and home decor with ...
The mother bear and three yearling cubs that have drawn so much attention for causing trouble in Hanover broke the cardinal rule of bears interacting with people: Don't go indoors.
The leading presidential candidates in Kenya's general election, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, appear to have adopted similar campaign strategies -- splitting up into several campaign teams to capture the 19 million votes up for grabs. Jubilee ...
MONTE-CARLO, Monaco -- The question facing strategists at the Monaco Grand Prix is not how many stops to make, but when to make their single stop.
Under this new management group, United has drastically changed its network strategy. The ultimate goal is to catch up with industry leader Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) in terms of margin performance.
One of the ways in which he did this was to call - almost exactly one year ago - for the government's 'Prevent' strategy to be scrapped. Indeed he claimed it was 'Today's equivalent of internment in Northern Ireland - a policy felt to be highly ...
The Wall Street Journal reports that the White House is considering a number of possible strategy changes, including having lawyers approve the president's ...
"What concerns me is that there is no clear messaging around the exit strategy," Ebele Kemery, head of energy investing at JPMorgan Asset Management, told Bloomberg TV.
There is a paradox that turns any normal idea about strategy on its head. In a business context, I call it the paradox of profit.
From left, Sens. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., Roy Blunt, R-Mo., Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, R-Ky., and Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, arrive for a news conference after the Senate Policy luncheons in the Capitol, March 14, 2017.
Disclaimer: The opinions and the strategies of the author are not intended to ever be a recommendation to buy or sell a security.
Eaton Vance Offers a Smart strategy for Municipal Bond investors.
The South African Department of Defence has released for comment a draft defence industry strategy that flows from the Defence Review of 2015.
In the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bomb attack, the government's approach to tackling radicalisation has once again come under scrutiny.
The new funds aim to provide advisers and their clients with portfolio construction tools designed to help them navigate varying market conditions.
The Trump administration has proposed cutting federal spending by more than $3.6 trillion over the next decade, in order to get bloated government spending under control and balance the budget.
SIA today has the same vision as it did in the 1970s - so will the same strategy lead to success? The answer increasingly appears to be "no".
A rise in drug overdoses across the province has prompted local health officials to take action and develop a strategy to combat the opioid problem.
Papers report on plans to crack down on social media and a change in foreign policy to fight extremism.
Addressing Iraq's economic challenges is critical to defeating the Islamic State. As our military strategists work to dislodge ISIS from Iraq, officials must simultaneously develop an economic strategy to combat the instability, insecurity and ...
This will involve building an overarching European strategy for sustainable development, which would abandon silos and embrace a holistic, coordinated and systematic approach.
Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama advanced different strategies in the Middle East. But they both left it with less freedom and more instability, while harming the interests of the U.S.
Cancun, Mexico, 25 May 2017 - The 2017 Global Platform for disaster Risk Reduction today urged countries and cities to develop clear, aligned, integrated and supported DRR strategies in order to move forward on the Sendai Framework. Such national and ...
When CNN set out to revamp its approach to breaking news online, it didn't have to look far for inspiration. After all, its cable TV operation was already in the business of covering news around the clock.
Johannesburg - Tiger Brands pointed to its recently developed group strategy as it reported a seven percent increase in turnover to R16.4 billion for six months ending 31 March, with domestic operations contributing strongly to the group's revenue base.
We learned last year that astrophysicist and noted twitter pedant Neil Degrasse Tyson has lent his expertise and name to an upcoming space strategy game, called Neil deGrasse Tyson presents Space Odyssey. Dr. Tyson, who appears to be repelling a ...
Red Hat, which has made its name as the enterprise linux company, has been making clear in recent years that it sees the cloud and containerization as a significant part of its future.
More. Business Day: Sign up for our newsletter. AMP says it will expand its financial advice business as part of a new turnaround strategy, despite pressure on the banks to address conflicts of interest inside their wealth divisions. Play Video. Replay ...
Two United States senators from across the partisan divide introduced legislation on Wednesday calling for the creation of a new strategy to guide U.S. diplomacy and development efforts. Todd Young, a Republican from Indiana, and Jeanne Shaheen, ...
US Air Force defends Compass Call replacement strategy after Boeing protest. By: Valerie Insinna, May 25, 2017 (Photo Credit: Air Force photo/Capt.
As Republican members of Congress seek to roll back the Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare, and replace it with the American health care Act, they have adopted various strategies to influence and cope with public opinion, which polls show ...
Fresh video evidence, independently verified by Amnesty International, showing men dressed in Mexican military uniforms shooting a person dead during a security operation in central Mexico highlights the urgent need to stop the military from performing ...
HONOLULU (AP) - Mayor Kirk Caldwell has released his strategy to increase affordable housing on Oahu. Hawaii News Now reports (http://bit.
Today, Wieden + Kennedy veteran Rob Campbell officially joins the agency's Los Angeles office as chief strategy officer.
In his conversation with Hoffman, Zuckerberg shares his strategies for scale as well as what other entrepreneurs can learn.
In partnering with BuzzFeed, Vox Media and others for video content, facebook is pursuing a familiar demographic. The company has used a youth-first strategy in hiring and acquiring and in attacking Snapchat. Locking in under-30 users now would mean ...
The better the IT engine runs, the better the business advances... yet some companies continue to overlook this fact. It may seem inherently obvious that any enterprise should have an IT strategy. However, some companies still don't see IT as a key ...
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with writer Barbara Bradley Hagerty about her piece in The Atlantic on the children who are psychopaths, new treatment strategies and the brain science driving it. AUDIE CORNISH, HOST: Between books and movies, you ...






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