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updated Wed. June 28, 2017

"A Plan Takes Root: Brockton Urban agriculture" was prepared for the city of Brockton by the Conway school of Landscape design, a small graduate school in western Massachusetts. The city plans to use the report to inform its regulations regarding urban ...
Back on April 3rd, medical marijuana delivery became legally operational in the State of Massachusetts -- though it's far from a perfect ecosystem.
I am writing in response to your article in the Wareham Week with regard to the proposed affordable housing development at 3102 Cranberry Highway which falls under the perview of the Massachusetts Department of Community and Housing Development. I am ...
A sexual assault and car theft suspect has been killed in New Hampshire after allegedly firing on police during an hourlong chase which began in Malden late ...
Matt Perry, outreach coordinator for the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, said research shows that student who read four or more books over the summer perform better on reading comprehension tests when they return to school in the fall.
Putting a modern spin on the definition of manslaughter, a Massachusetts judge found Michelle Carter guilty in the death of an 18-year-old friend she had instructed to kill himself in a series of text messages and mobile-telephone conversations.
Voters in Southbridge, Massachusetts rejected a referendum to expand a landfill facility, according to an article on MassLive.
(AP) - Officials say a proposal to designate a 9/11 memorial in front of a Massachusetts fire station has been passed over without a vote due to "legal procedural problems.
City manager Louis DePasquale says Bard stood out because of his "cultural awareness and sensitivity, a commitment to department-wide equity and inclusiveness, a deep commitment to procedural justice, and visionary, effective and strong police ...
A Massachusetts mayor has paid $1 out of his own pocket to settle a dispute with a man who complained after unnecessarily paying for parking.
The bill allows to Massachusetts cities and towns to block aspects of the marijuana law through a vote of the city council and approval of the city or town's chief executive, like a mayor or town manager, rather than the referendum process laid out in ...
Boston (CBS) - A statewide inspection of 1,525 gas pumps led to the discovery of four skimming devices, officials say. Inspectors went to 263 in 74 Massachusetts cities and towns. On May 2, they found four skimmers on pumps at F.L. Roberts service ...
A 5-year-old girl is recovering at her home in Massachusetts after being bitten by a black widow spider. Kristine Donovan says she noticed a bruise on her daughter Kailyn's leg a week ago.
The body of an unidentified man was found in the Spicket River in Lawrence, Massachusetts on Monday. The man was pulled from the river shortly before 9 p.m.
Boston (AP) - Lawmakers reviewing the state's new recreational marijuana law plan to recommend sharply higher taxes and more control for city and town officials over retail pot shops in their communities, according to a copy of a House proposal ...
Two eastern Massachusetts cities cited in a new report for higher-than-recommended lead levels in water at several homes are taking steps to replace lead pipes.
Highlighted by the award-winning Nantasket Beach, this small town south of the city has a rich Native American history and later became an important fishing port.
Residents of Southbridge, MA will have the option to vote on a non-binding resolution today about the future of a local landfill operated by Casella Waste Systems that has become a very contentious issue for the small town. campaign finance records ...
Boston (AP) -- A Quincy police lieutenant has been convicted of what authorities called a double-dipping scam that defrauded the city out of about $8,000. Thomas Corliss was convicted in federal court on Monday of multiple counts of mail fraud as well ...
Boston (AP) - A Quincy police lieutenant has been convicted of what authorities called a double-dipping scam that defrauded the city out of about $8,000. Thomas Corliss was convicted in federal court on Monday of multiple counts of mail fraud as well ...
Smelly clothes From Gloucester fishermen Take Over City. Smelly clothes ... Which is why the town proud to be called America's oldest seaport may also have America's oldest laundry problem.
Here's how hot it was in cities around Massachusetts at 2 p.m. Monday, according to the National Weather Service.
Registering to vote in Massachusetts could become an automatic process for people who renew their driver's license or otherwise interact with a state agency under legislation supporters pitched Thursday as a way to boost participation in the democratic ...
Massachusetts' bid to become the nation's leader in offshore wind power is ramping up. The state's electric utilities - National Grid, Eversource and Unitil - are slated to release by June 30 their requirements for projects seeking to develop the ...
Massachusetts residents could have their voter registration information automatically updated whenever they renew their drivers' licenses or interact with other state agencies.
Medical marijuana users in Massachusetts don't have to treat their pain with the same old smokeable flower and cannabis-infused sweets weed consumers in ...
WESTFIELD -- The building housing Westfield District Court was dedicated Friday to John M. Greaney, a Westfield native and retired justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court described as the "epitome of public service." Greaney served as an ...
Boston (CBS/AP) - immigrants and advocacy groups crowded a Beacon Hill hearing room to voice their opinions on whether or not Massachusetts should become a so-called sanctuary state. The Legislature's Committee on Public Safety and Homeland ... They ...
"Tauton" was written on every diploma handed out last Saturday, though other city references were spelled correctly. "It's really funny, because it's like, who would let that slip?
Leaders in Brookline and several other Massachusetts Municipalities, say local efforts to combat global climate change will now take on increased importance following President Donald Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate ...
For Stamford, the first step came May 31 with overwhelming voter rejection of a proposed Act 46 merger with the towns of Readsboro and Halifax, along with the Twin Valley school District, which includes Wilmington and Whitingham.
Cities, towns decide whether to allow sales. Thursday. Jun 8 ... Town-by-town, city-by-city, residents of Massachusetts are deciding if they want to be able to drive to the corner store to buy marijuana. ... Click on each town to learn what each ...
NEWTON - More than 100 people called for the impeachment of President Trump at a rally Wednesday outside Newton City Hall, ahead of a hearing by city councilors on whether to back a congressional probe of the president. ... Despite being nonbinding ...
Boston (WWLP) - Smart Growth America has recognized the towns of Chester and Wales for leading policies that support safe, convenient and reliable street designs.
SPRINGFIELD -- Sears Holdings has plans to close its Kmart location in Newburyport on Massachusetts' North Shore in September.
The initiative, called Somerville Community Choice Electricity, aims to reduce and stabilize the cost of electricity for customers in the city and increase the share of renewable green energy in the electricity supply. The city joins 60 other ...
Barbara A. L'Italien, seeks to "prohibit the use of Native American mascots by public schools in the Commonwealth," and comes after the town of Tewksbury refused to change the name of its high school mascot, the Redmen. The bill defines the issue as "a ...
A Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensary has created cannabis-infused pizzas for patients who don't want to smoke their pot or eat it in the form of sweets.
PEABODY, MA - More than 1,700 Brooksby Village residents contributed to scholarships for 45 students this year. The students will each receive $6,000.
THE ISSUE: Many state and municipal leaders say cities and states are poised to take the lead on climate policy. THE CAUSE: President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he will withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, an international ...
Ipswich has joined the growing list of Massachusetts "sanctuary" cities and towns. The definition and level of sanctuary varies in each community, but the compassionate ... finance Committee member Janice Skelton spoke against it at Town Meeting ...
Jim Miceli, who represents Tewksbury, citing a well-known statue in the town "of an Indian brave overlooking the community," and the recent opening of a bowling alley and recreation complex named after the Wamesit village. Miceli ... Residents of ...
While the use of renewable energy sources, including solar power, has spiked in recent years, many say state and local governments will need to now take the lead in climate and energy policy following President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from ...
Massachusetts took in more than $1.9 billion in tax collections in May - about $30 million or 1.6 percent above expectations, revenue officials said Monday.
Sure, Boston has long been featured on TV shows, including "Cheers," "Boston Public," "Ally McBeal," and "Fringe," but production was based elsewhere, in cities such as Los Angeles and Vancouver. Massachusetts ... Now, sources tell the Globe that Hulu ...
While the use of renewable energy sources, including solar power, has spiked in recent years, many say state and local governments will need to now take the lead in climate and energy policy following President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from ...
Lexington, MA - It's about that time of year again - the Old Reservoir and Irving H. Mabee Town Pool are nearly open.
A bill that would ban the use of Native American mascots in public schools in Massachusetts is heading to a public hearing.
LAWRENCE -- The waves of Latino immigrants that arrived here in the last half of the 20th century saved "a dying city" from abandonment by stabilizing its population as whites fled the decay for the suburbs, an American studies professor at the State ...
Massachusetts Democrats gathered Saturday at their annual state convention, where they criticized President Donald Trump and strategized ways to unseat Republican Gov.





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