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First up, Weymouth brewery Barrel House Z has opened its taproom at 95 Woodrock Road. Barrel House Z was founded by Russ Heissner, Harpoon Brewery's original brewer, and all of the beers will be aged in barrels, ranging from bourbon to wine to tequila ...
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My wife and I are on baby Step 2 of your plan, and I'm in graduate school while working full-time. We're trying to cash flow my education from this point forward after previously taking out student loans.
Have you ever had to deal with a tantrum while waiting on line at the supermarket or bank? Have you ever experienced those disapproving looks from others, or even critical comments when your child "misbehaves" in public?
The Department of public utilities has approved a rate increase that will add about 5 percent to residential electric bill in National Grid's service territory.
You can leave war behind, but war never leaves you. You always carry the memories of the guys who never made it home. And as the years go on, "you start thinking about how much time you have left to do something for these guys," says John MacGillivray.

In the mid-60s there was a favorite TV show entitled, "The Week That Was." It gave you the week's news in capsule form. The star of that series was a familiar name, David Frost.
Mars has fascinated humanity for centuries. The Red Planet has long been a source of study and speculation. science fiction stories have inspired scientists and the general public to learn more about the world.
She married and lived out her life in Sharon, Massachusetts. Also at the meeting, new officers were introduced: regent Marcia Bauserman, chaplain Benita Lackey, vice regent Joan Frith, recording secretary Pam Caudill; secretary Alice Shorter; treasurer ...
climate change will become a "huge focus" of the Baker administration's transportation efforts, according to a top state official who said the old method of building pilot-sized shared-use walking-cycling paths does not meet the demands for reducing ...
The drought that's plagued the state since late spring -- forcing water use restrictions, damaging crops and contributing to wild fires -- is not receding, but it also has not gotten any worse in the last two weeks.
PAUL BILODEAU/Staff photo Steve Connolly of Sharon Mass., left, with his wife, Nancy, react to winning the annual New England Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off with a 2075.5 Lb.
Christopher Fitzgerald, Boys Scouts of America Eagle Scout candidate with Troop 95, of Sharon, completed his Eagle Scout project to benefit the children of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
Rabbi Chaim Wolosow, co-director of the Chabad Center of Sharon, Mass., is getting ready for the crowds this High Holiday season.
TOPSFIELD FAIR - Sept. 30-Oct. 10, 207 Boston St., Topsfield. Exhibits, live music, "Great Pumpkin" contest and more. Information: http://www.
Q: I have a question about freezing. Can you successfully freeze breakfast casserole, quiche and apple butter? - E.M., Powell, Ohio A: Yes, all three of those items should freeze just fine, if stored properly in freezer bags or freezer containers.
The veterans' Club will host 1st Lt. Laura Lakin, of Home Base, for a presentation about the organization's services for veterans and family members struggling with post-traumatic stress syndrome and related invisible injuries from 10 a.m.

CHABAD CENTER OF SHARON - 162 N. Main St. Sharon; Tel: 781-784-4269, Fax: 781-784-8346, www.chabadofsharon. Rabbi Chaim H. Wolosow.
mothers are women. What else is new? The reason to focus on that fact is that women's voices get frequent criticism. A mother in a mothers' group complained about her interaction with a repair man who accused her of yelling at him.
From space, they appear as a giant mass of swirling clouds that can cover half of the continental United States, but this hides the chaos below.
State Representative Walter F. Timilty (D-Milton) applauds 9-year-old Syrian student Ahmad Khalaf at Sunday's 'A Time for Unity' event celebrating diversity in Sharon.
Several million year ago scientist tell us that the world was dominated by dinosaurs. Despite my grandson asking me if "In the olden days, I had ever killed a dinosaur," we have to visit movies like Jurassic Park just to know what one looked like.
Hex Casters, a card game created by Samuel Sternklar, of Sharon, and team has been licensed by Hasbro and is available on Amazon for $14.99.
With each celebrating 100 years of service worldwide, two local organizations are banding together to create programs in the upcoming year that emphasize the diversity residents from over 75 different countries bring to the town of Sharon.
THE BIG E - Sept. 16-Oct. 2, 875 Memorial Ave., West Springfield. The Big E, the largest fair in the Northeast, is gearing up for its centennial celebration with Entertainment, an exhibit showcasing the rich history of Eastern States Exposition, fun ...
The preschool preview is a time when parents and children who may be interested in enrolling for the 2017-18 school year can visit the preschool.
Can't wait to step out of those sweaty summer sandals and snuggle into those velvety boots? Well, fall has officially arrived and so have the new fashion hits of the season.
Sharon-Stoughton Hadassah will hold its annual Godmother's Dinner at 6 p.m. Oct. 26 at Temple Sinai, 25 Canton St. Aliyah Carol Goodman Kaufman, chair of youth, will speak about Hadassah's Youth Aliyah child rescue villages, which provide services to ...
My wife and I recently sat through a timeshare pitch at my mom and dad's community as a favor to them. We're trying to get out of debt and take control of our money, so when the salesman said we could put the whole thing on a credit card, I told him ...
I own a 2007 Chevy Malibu. It's nothing fancy, but it's got me where I've needed to go. And it's been remarkably reliable.
The specter of terrorism and random gun violence has raised fears and ongoing discussion about the accessibility of guns. Constant media coverage makes it increasingly difficult for parents to monitor what their children see and hear.
Consider this a challenge. If you could read a column like this one, do a few simple calculations and predict who the next president will be, would you do it?
In the United States, the leaves and stalks of the plant are known as cilantro, while the seeds are called coriander. In the United Kingdom, the exact opposite occurs with the leaves and stalks defined as coriander while the seeds are known as cilantro.
Not long ago, driverless cars were more a joke than a realistic prospect. Now, suddenly, they're here. Driverless Uber cars hit the streets of Pittsburgh last week, with humans behind the wheel ready to intervene if something goes wrong.
Nikola Tesla was a man of genius and mystery. He came to America as a young man with dreams of transforming the world through his inventions.
Anyone who watches SEC college football knows that game-day fashion is a very big thing in the South. The first time I wore jeans to an Alabama football game I was in graduate school - and to this day, I feel odd if I'm not a little bit dressed up.
It's critical that we learn moderation - but it's one of the hardest things to get a handle on, isn't it? It's a precarious balancing act, and how can acrobats be taught to stay on the high wire?
Facing persistent calls for a stronger response from government, Gov. Charlie Baker on Fridaydirected his administration to develop and implement a statewide, comprehensive adaptation plan and come up with regulations addressing emissions reductions ...
education Secretary James Peyser received a raucous reception at the University of Massachusetts Boston on Thursday, where his entreaties to spur growth outside campuses and cut dead wood within state higher education ran up against faculty demands ...
While more than 10 percent of eastern Massachusetts residents struggle to put food on the table, Greater Boston Food Bank President and CEO Catherine D'Amato characterizes hunger as a largely invisible problem.
... of Boca Raton, Rhett Gordon, 43, of Boca Raton, William Earl, 73, of Boca Raton, Frederick Thomas Giampa, 52, of Sharon, Mass., Dr. Peter Williams, 56, of New Port Richey, Dr. John Johnson, 54, of Hollidaysburg, Penn., and Dr. Brett Nadel, 48, of ...
Beacon Hill Roll Call records local senators' and representatives' votes on roll calls from both branches' overrides of some of Gov.
Last Sunday shortly before 2pm, officers from the Sharon PD responded to a residence near the Sharon Heights Shopping Plaza on a reported breaking and entering that had just occurred.
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Sharon, MA - With the start of school this week, there's good news for Sharon High School. In the recently released list of Boston Magazine's top high schools in Greater Boston, SHS came in at 11.
He was born on December 26, 1923, in Sharon, Mass., to the late Howard Stone Whitney and Helen Andrews Whitney. He was also preceded in death by his son, Richard Stone (Rick) Whitney Jr.
Christopher Mucha, 30, of Davie, FL, Ian Flaster, 34, of Delray Beach, FL, Kyle O'Brien, 28, of Boca Raton, FL, Rhett Gordon, 43, of Boca Raton, FL, William Earl, 73, of Boca Raton, FL, Frederick Thomas Giampa, 52, of Sharon, MA, Dr. Peter Williams, 56 ...
The presenter will be Ronit Ziv-Kreger of Sharon, Massachusetts. Ziv-Kreger combines a passion for Jewish learning and life with her MIT training in management science to help institutions navigate systemic changes and adapt pedagogies to manifest ...
He was born on December 26, 1923, in Sharon, Mass., to the late Howard Stone Whitney and Helen Andrews Whitney. He was also preceded in death by his son, Richard Stone (Rick) Whitney Jr.
Christopher Mucha, 30, of Davie, FL, Ian Flaster, 34, of Delray Beach, FL, Kyle O'Brien, 28, of Boca Raton, FL, Rhett Gordon, 43, of Boca Raton, FL, William Earl, 73, of Boca Raton, FL, Frederick Thomas Giampa, 52, of Sharon, MA, Dr. Peter Williams, 56 ...






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