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updated Tue. March 28, 2017

Tammy M. Laraway of Westfield walked away with $526914 after hitting it big on a penny slot machine at Mohegan Sun Casino on Saturday night.
Those alerts ran in Massachusetts ahead of the presidential primary and general election. Voter turnout tends to be low in municipal elections.
prosecutors say a Massachusetts man charged with driving drunk and causing a crash that took down four utility poles, knocking out power to an entire neighborhood, told police he drank a dozen beers before the crash.
A fire broke out Monday at a large apartment complex in Waltham, Massachusetts, destroying one building's roof. No one was injured in the blaze at the Windsor Village Community, a complex on Hardy Pond, but police say most of the building that caught ...
AARP has launched a comprehensive campaign to protect Medicare in the face of proposals by some in Congress that would hurt hardworking Massachusetts residents who have paid into the program their entire working lives. AARP staff and volunteers ...
A Massachusetts prosecutor told the state's Supreme Judicial Court last week that D.A.'s would seek to keep fewer than 1,000 of the 24,000 convictions tainted by drug lab chemist Annie Dookahn, who pled guilty in 2012 to falsifying test results in ...
There may be a major tax cut competing with the significant tax increase that's already being prepared for the 2018 ballot in Massachusetts. retailers have conducted polling and are encouraged by results suggesting Massachusetts residents are receptive ...
Boston (AP) - The price of a gallon of gasoline in Massachusetts has inched up a penny in the past week to an average of $2.17.
Massachusetts securities regulators fined San Antonio-based Investment Professionals Inc. $100,000 for allegedly using aggressive sales practices that led to the sale of unsuitable investment products to elderly investors.
Boston (AP) - A conservation group that owns dozens of Massachusetts parks and beaches plans to create a new "jaw-dropping" park along Boston harbor.
Panel Reviewing New Pot Law to Hold 2nd Public Hearing. A panel of state lawmakers considering changes to the voter-approved recreational marijuana law is heading to western Massachusetts for its next public meeting. | March 26, 2017, at 3:57 p.m..
The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has decided to put its new solar incentive programme - the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Energy Target (SMART) - on hold in favour of extending its Renewable Energy Credit programme ...
A freezing rain advisory is in effect until 10 a.m. for Franklin, Hampden, Hampshire, Middlesex and Worcester Counties. "Icing may create slippery conditions on roads, bridges and sidewalks," meteorologists with the National Weather Service wrote in ...
Jean-Morose Viliena is a wanted man, under indictment for heinous crimes, including murder, in his native Haiti. Improbably, he is also a resident of Malden, where he has a Social Security card and a license to drive buses.
Dozens of state troopers marched through the streets of Natick Sunday to honor Trooper Matt Daigle at his wake. The 31-year-old died last week from a medical emergency while exercising.
ROCKLAND, Mass. -- A mother in Massachusetts is warning other parents after her young daughter was badly burned while making a popular DIY project for kids, according to WCVB.
Social services providers, environmental advocates and others warn that Massachusetts would suffer dire effects under President Donald Trump's budget proposal.
He allegedly delivered swapped-out water samples to a testing laboratory and forwarded the results to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.
The Massachusetts state Legislature hasn't forgotten the Houston police Department's role in finding Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey.
Applicants who wish to become a foster parent in Massachusetts must undergo a "sensible and rigorous vetting process," Mossaides said, which includes criminal background checks on the foster family and everyone over the age of 14 who might come into ...
AAA Northeast reports Monday that self-serve, regular in Massachusetts remains 12 cents per gallon below the national average, but it's still 21 cents higher per gallon than it was a year ago.
10 dolphins safe after being stranded on Massachusetts shore. by Associated Press. Monday, March 27th 2017. Rescuers from IFAW help two stranded dolphins at West Dennis Beach, Sunday, March 27, 2017.
(AP) - police in Massachusetts didn't have to look far for a suspect in the knifepoint robbery of a Pittsfield liquor store.
This is the language of the Wampanoag nation, the first language of Massachusetts. The fact that these children are learning it is due to a movement that began with one woman, Jessie Little Doe Baird, whose office is down the hall.
The U.S. Attorney's Office in Massachusetts said 36-year-old Albert Taderera was arrested Friday evening at Dulles International Airport.
Robert DeLeo, by his own reckoning, should no longer be speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Back in 2009, scolds like me howled at the idea that former Speaker Sal DiMasi's aide-de-camp and handpicked successor was replacing the ...
A Korean war soldier from Massachusetts is finally getting a proper farewell 67 years after he was reported missing in action.
(AP) - police in Massachusetts served a sixth-grader with no-trespass orders after neighbors grew wary of the girl cutting through their properties to get to and from her school bus stop.
"Massachusetts leads the nation in access to quality health care and I am pleased today's vote has been held as this bill would drastically affect the commonwealth's ability to ensure essential care for thousands of people," Baker said in a written ...
Trevecca Nazarene University reached a deal that set the stage for a merger with a sister institution outside Boston.
Has Daylight Savings Time got you feeling sluggish? Relief could soon be on the way. Last year, Gov. Charlie Baker formed a task force aimed at liberating Massachusetts from the tyranny of the twice-a-year time shift, a proposal met incredulously in ...
(AP) - prosecutors in Massachusetts say a man drove over his ex-wife four times in the driveway of their Quincy home, killing her, after they fought over his alleged gambling last year.
Massachusetts, which was recently named the best state in the country, does not have a particularly great reputation when it comes to traffic and.
Worcester, Mass. (AP) - A Worcester man has been sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for shooting a co-worker and leaving her body in a mall parking ...
We're jealous because Rhode Island has still not recovered all of the jobs it gave up in the recession, and Massachusetts has gained almost triple the number it lost. The unemployment rate in Massachusetts is 3.4 percent. In Rhode Island, it's 4.5 percent.
Amazon is giving a look inside its new facility in Fall River, Massachusetts, the latest in a series of projects in the state.
Praises Massachusetts legislators for their opposition to American health care Act that was pulled from vote by Republicans in U.S.
The group has not yet done any surreptitious recording in Massachusetts, but has indicated it wants to do an undercover investigation of public issues.
Massachusetts is the fastest growing state in the New England region for the sixth year in a row, according to Secretary of State Bill Galvin's office.
But Frigand and her colleagues are cautious. President Trump said he expects Obamacare to explode this year with higher premiums and deductibles.
The total unemployment rate for Massachusetts increased to 3.4 percent in February from the revised January rate of 3.2 percent, the state Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development announced Thursday.
The operators of a western Massachusetts power plant have been sentenced to pay more than $7 million after pleading guilty to tampering with emissions equipment and submitting bogus reports to regulators in violation of the Clean Air Act.
"The solar industry applauds Massachusetts Governor Baker and the Department of Energy Resources, led by Commissioner Judith Judson, for their efforts to extend the Solar Renewable Energy Credit 2 program," said Sean Gallagher, VP of State Affairs at ...
The National Weather Service reports a chance of snow before noon Friday - 40 percent chance in the Western Massachusetts, 30 percent in Central Massachusetts and 20 percent chance in the Greater Boston area. Any storms will transition into a wintery ...
The bill, amended from its original version, taps into the state's current fiscal year budget surplus for $1.15 million to fund five additional state troopers to work with law enforcement officials in Massachusetts on a new Cross-Border Drug ...
Massachusetts drivers had best keep a close watch on their car's gas gauge these days. The number of gas stations across the state has plummeted over the ...
prosecutors: Massachusetts Man Ran Over Ex-Wife 4 Times. Prosecutors in Massachusetts say a man ran over his ex-wife four times in the driveway of their Quincy home, killing her, after they fought over his alleged gambling last year.
A man from Massachusetts has been charged in the death of a 1-year-old toddler. New York City police say the child's mother was pushing her in a stroller across an intersection on 23rd Avenue in Queens when the driver of a pickup truck made a right ...
According to Wikipedia and Wallet Hub, Massachusetts receives only 81 cents for every tax dollar that we send in, while places such as South Carolina, where Budget Director Mick Mulvaney hails from, get $2.50 back for every dollar they send in to the feds.
The rush hour commute in Boston can be downright brutal - not to mention dangerous. NBC Boston dug through thousands of crash reports to find the top five intersections in Massachusetts where you're most likely to get into a car accident. These are not ...





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