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updated Sun. April 30, 2017

Norway secretly negotiated an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians known as the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s. The Pope expressed his deep concern over the crisis, saying: "This question of missiles in (North) Korea has been brewing for more ...
Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende said Saturday on twitter that "new missile test violates SC (Security Council) resolution.
Rescuers work at the site where the helicopter has crashed, west of the Norwegian city of Bergen on April 29, 2016. Text Size: A A A. Reuters/Oslo.
Four candidates will seek three open seats on the Norway City Council. They are incumbents Mark Bubloni and Scott Popp, former mayor Jeremy Oja and newcomer Bret Kraemer.
Since Norway maples are the most common street tree in Medford and the majority of cities in Massachusetts, as well as abundant on private property, their early flowering brings bright spring color to our local landscapes.
Bergen, Norway's second-largest city, now has light rail to its airport with the opening of a two-station extension from Birkelandsskiftet to the airport April 21.
Town manager David Holt said that in the mid-2000s the town created a downtown plan and "decided it'd be nice to have a town square." After the town received federal funding for the project, Holt said, he reached out to Longley, who since passed away ...
Code Enforcement Officer Scott Tabb said that while he was reading through the town's rental ordinance, he noticed a number of issues that he wanted to address to bring it up to date.
This dynamic little city, the second largest town in the Kingdom of Norway, was for a long time one of the main trading posts of the Hanseatic League.
One of the best is Hardangervidda, a Norwegian national park that is the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe. The 3,000-square mile field is devoid of power lines and tall buildings and feels remote, but is just a majestic three and half hour ...
In the NRK Brennpunkt documentary, entitled Lykkelandet (The Land of Happiness), which was filmed over a two-year period, hidden cameras follow residents of a house in the city connected to the Romanian begging community. A 140-person strong ...
Leader of the regional party office in Murmansk, Andrey Kapitonov, was recruited by Russian agents as part of a plot involving liberal Parnas and the Norwegian secret police. ... Then Kapitonov was sent to the Norwegian border town of Kirkenes where he ...
Norwegian police were ordered on Tuesday to stop carrying firearms and return them to locked containers inside patrol cars.
After a caught-on-dashcam moment, the majority of elected town leaders in the Town of Norway are speaking out against Councilman Michael Singleton, who police say broke the law when he interfered in a recent traffic stop of his relative.
The Norway City Council got a chance to review the suggested amendments Monday ahead of the DDA Board's anticipated approval of the plan Wednesday.
Built between 1996 and 2001, the Hopperstad Stave Church Replica in Moorhead, Minnesota, stands as a testament to Norwegian culture and heritage in the Midwest. It serves as an educational tool in the local community and is operated by Clay County's ...
The unit was started after Norway's armed forces' Special Command saw an increased need for female special operations soldiers - particularly in places like Afghanistan where male troops were forbidden from communicating with women.
New business on the agenda includes approval of a grant agreement for the Scrap Tire Cleanup program, no charge requests from Camp 911 and Iron Mountain schools Parent-teacher Organization to use the City Park Pavilion, contribution for the summer ...
Three young men who have been tied to Islamic extremism in the past three years all grew up in a small town in Norway's northernmost county of Finnmark. They had all arrived in Norway as asylum seekers from former Soviet republics in the Caucasus and ...
In 2015, the city of Oslo, Norway gave itself an ambitious goal: create a car-free city center by within four years.
... the movement of people. And it is by no means free - Britain would need to pay for access to the market. But May's nation would be able to strike trade deals elsewhere.
As the frontman and principal songwriter of the band Klangstof, Van Der Wardt conjures up the dark atmospherics of rural Norway in guitar rock that breaks free from traditional song structure. He was kicking off Coachella on Friday, ... "It was very ...
Efforts by the Norway Opera House Corp. to determine the feasibility of renovating the former second-floor theater of the historic downtown building are continuing after the organization received a grant from the Davis Family Foundation for a study.
A man who was arrested on Tuesday in a child pornography bust in Sargodha had planned on travelling to Norway with children from his town to produce pornographic content, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) told on Thursday. Saadat Amin ...
A Norway Town Council member has been arrested after police say he tried to interfere with an officer making a traffic stop on one of his family members.
There were ice hotels available in Sweden and Finland but we decided to stick to Norway where several towns fall within the technicolor embrace of the Aurora Borealis Oval, the zone around the poles where they are normally visible.
Even though it's only been around since 2015, Skam, which is produced by NRK, a government-owned public broadcaster, and the biggest media company in Norway, is one of the most adored programs in the nation's history, with about a quarter of the four ...
While Norwegian-Russian relations have been put on the back burner in recent years following the overall cooling of Moscow's ties with the West, Norwegian ...
Other cities have opted for different pricing schemes that either charge commuters for driving at peak times or for driving in congested urban areas; or fine people for driving cars with high emissions.
Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Norway's prime minister on Monday as the two countries sought to move beyond a six-year rift following the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an imprisoned Chinese dissident.
Norway, Mich. (WLUC) - The city of Norway has some major projects in store, beginning this spring and throughout the summer.
Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Norway's prime minister on Monday as the two countries sought to move beyond a six-year rift following the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an imprisoned Chinese dissident.
Norwegian police raised the country's security threat level to "probable" from "possible" after the device was found late on Saturday.
Officers evacuated late-night bars and restaurants near the Groenland underground station as bomb disposal experts rushed to the scene.
In Sealers: One Last Hunt, a Norwegian documentary film about the end of a way of life that is anathema to most of us in Europe, a group of hunters leap between the floes as the pack ice rises and falls on vast Atlantic swells, a scene that stays with ...
Norway - The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Thursday evening to approve a new policy that would require the town to set enough undesignated funds to operate the town for two months.
Twenty-nine year old Dillon Anthony has spent the last several weeks in the tiny fishing village of Akkarfjord, Norway observing life and documenting nearby Indigenous populations. These are just a few of the images he's captured while he's been there.
FALLBROOK - The daughters of Norway Hulda Garborg Lodge #49 will be learning about the Kingdom of Denmark at their next meeting on April 8. Although, it's the smallest of the Scandinavian countries, the people enjoy a high standard of living and it is ...
Norway - The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously Thursday evening to approve a new policy that would require the town to set enough undesignated funds to operate the town for two months.
Turkey's Foreign Ministry summoned the Norwegian ambassador for an explanation while the officers remain in Stavanger, a city on Norway's west coast that lies 3,800 kilometers (2,360 miles) from Ankara. "We see that this is a difficult decision for ...
police in the Norwegian capital of Oslo said they neutralized an explosive device found in a busy area of downtown Oslo late Saturday night and said they had arrested a suspect.
That was good news for the Waffle Queen of Norway. "I don't want to talk bad about Eggos," she said, referring to the ubiquitous frozen waffles.
Many Norwegian head for their own private cabins at Easter, but many others also opt to use cabins belonging to the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), which has a great network of both serviced and unserviced 'hytter' throughout Norway. But do you ...
It is a reward system whereby executives and/or employees receive shares or other rewards based on the fulfilment of certain conditions.
Norway's prime minister began a visit to China on Friday as part of a restoration of full contacts between the two countries, more than six years after Beijing froze Oslo out over the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to an imprisoned Chinese dissident.
The 200 block of Iron Street, pictured above, is among more than a dozen streets included in Norway's upcoming water and sewer main improvement project.
Hasti, who asked that her last name not be included, is one of the approximately 65 refugees the ski town of Lillehammer takes in every year, from some of the most volatile places on earth.
Preliminary discussions have been conducted by officials in the city that last hosted the Games in 1994, and local news reports that the municipality has hired an external consultant for a fee of 300,000 kroner (USD $35,000) to provide a 100-page ...
Holt was hired in 1989, succeeding Larry Todd, who still lives in the Oxford Hills. Holt is only the second town manager to serve in the position in the past 43 years.







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