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The son of a retired New York City homicide detective, he graduated from Stetson University College of Law in Gulfport, where he won a number of accolades and later helped start the school's veterans Advocacy Clinic.
Additionally, a Republican National Committee source told CNN's Sara Murray Thursday that the Trump campaign decided to pull resources from the swing State of Virginia, essentially conceding the state to Clinton. According to CNN's latest battleground ...

Delegate Terry Kilgore of Gate City, Virginia helped to draft the document and is hoping the points highlighted will help clarify why the merger is important.
The Fairview Observer highlights the five candidates running for three seats on City Commission, posting questions and responses from one candidate each day in alphabetical order.
McCrory said the historic town of Princeville was underwater after a nearby river spilled over. McCrory says the town of about 2,000 people will need to rebuild. It's one of the country's first towns created by freed slaves in 1865. It was devastated ...
As reported by NBC News, the Trump campaign shocked its staff in the key battleground State of Virginia on Wednesday by announcing that is was "pulling out.

"We are now less than four weeks away from a great victory all across the State of Virginia and all across the United States of America.
Some members of the public raised concerns Wednesday about transparency and the ballooning cost of a proposed new pier at Fort Monroe during Hampton City Council's meeting. The City Council ultimately adopted an adjustment to the city's fiscal year ...
In South Carolina, there were 768,856 power outages. Georgia was experiencing 205,220 outages, while Florida still had 561,862 outages, as of early Sunday morning.
The number of deer strikes more than double in the last months of the year. Virginia leading studies on efforts to prevent these wrecks.
Since neither the board of supervisors nor town officials in Halifax and South Boston nor the citizens of Halifax County have any alternative to complying with a consent order that will require them to ante up the $20 million via increased taxes over ...
They are giving aid and comfort to those who would literally erase all of Judeo-Christian history in order to give Islamists control over the Holy City. gary-bauer Israel's enemies are not interested in half of Jerusalem. They want all of Jerusalem ...
Jess Wetterau, a registered Republican, was leaning to Hillary Clinton. Then she watched Mike Pence in Tuesday's vice presidential debate.
Jess Wetterau, a registered Republican, was leaning to Hillary Clinton. Then she watched Mike Pence in Tuesday's vice presidential debate.
What do Hempstead, New York; St. Louis, Missouri; and Las Vegas, Nevada, all have in common with Farmville, Virginia? Besides being home to universities, they don't have much in common.
South Main Street in Farmville, Va., the town that will host the vice-presidential debate on Tuesday between Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia and Gov.
Vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debate on Tuesday in Kaine's home State of Virginia, although it's unlikely to command the attention of 80 million Americans like last week's presidential debate.

... tightly controlled machine without the threat of ever going rogue. At Tuesday night's vice presidential debate in Kaine's home State of Virginia, the senator's challenge will be to keep that steady message going. ... But unlike his rival Mike Pence ...
The Public Interest Legal Foundation sought information from 19 cities and counties in the state, but got the data from only eight.
People in Bristol, Va. are even more worried about the future of the city. As Bass Pro Shops buys out Cabela's, the ... "We need an audit in this city, desperately. Ask the State of Virginia, the Commonwealth's of Virginia to come audit this mess ...
David Kenny gives a snapshot from the swing State of Virginia where there is "a lot of enthusiasm for a Donald Trump presidency".
Richmond, VA. (AP) - In the span of a year, the cost for the State of Virginia to obtain lethal injection drugs has leapt from about $525 per execution to $16,500.
Green and gold: The Empire State Building was illuminated in green and gold Thursday evening in honor of the nearly 13,000 W&M alumni, parents and friends in the New York City area and over 97,000 alumni around the globe. As of Friday morning, nearly ...
Santa Clara, CA--(Marketwired - September 29, 2016) - The State of Virginia's first Smart City is poised to set the standard for cities of the future, thanks to a new initiative driven by 22 capital Partners in partnership with Avaya. 22 Capital ...
I signed a teaching contract based on promised retirement benefits and longevity pay, both of which have been taken away in the last seven years by the school Board and the State of Virginia. That is what we get for being loyal, hard-working teachers ...
"Most people in Virginia believe that cities and counties have the same taxing authority they don't, cities have a lot more flexibility a lot greater opportunity to raise revenue through taxes than counties do," said 57th District Delegate David ...
Both the city of Norfolk, and the State of Virginia seem to have a vested interest in Mapping Lambert's Point. "The initial phase of the project was partially funded by a grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and a gift from the Norfolk ...
The campaign is the fruition of the LGBTI Tourism Task Force set up by the state's governor Terry McAuliffe in late 2014. A few months earlier, the city of Richmond within the state has also launched OutRVA, promoting LGBTI tourism to draw tourists to ...
"As I've watched this race unfold, I said there comes a time when I've got to stand up, even though I'm basically in retirement, and assert my own views and say to those people in my great State of Virginia, and particularly those people who are still ...
That was Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor talking to The Sacramento Bee about the vote by the Benicia City Council to deny a new oil-by-rail facility that oil company Valero was seeking.
McInerney could have done without the bright lights, but he needed the big city. Bright Lights, Big Metropolitan Statistical Area falls flat.
For months, children up and down the East Coast have been reporting creepy clown sightings of mysterious origin and intent. One boy told police he heard "chains and banging" on the front door of his home.
Trump has loudly spoke of "out of control" crime rates and asserted that inner cities have reached "record levels" of crime.
Voters cast ballots during the 2014 midterm elections at a polling place in Arlington, Virginia. "Every ineligible voter on the rolls could end up being an eligible vote that cancels out the vote of eligible voters," the leader of a watchdog group says ...
... York City or Boston. It's right here in Virginia. That's the pitch behind the Virginia Velocity Tour, a startup showcase that resulted from a partnership between the Commonwealth of Virginia and the nonprofit, Washington, D.C.
A Chesterfield County man is behind bars following a pursuit that ended in the City of Richmond Wednesday night (Sept. 21).
You play as Anne Tarver, an FBI agent who has been assigned to investigate the disappearance of a boy named Lucas in the town of Kingdom, located in the US State of Virginia. But you're also performing an internal investigation of your own partner ...
Soon, indentured servants hired to do menial labor were joined by African slave, and both were lumped with Native Americans in their inability to enjoy any political or legal rights in the "City on a Hill." ... "The circumstance of superior beauty is ...
... Buchanan, Carroll, Dickenson, Giles, Grayson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Smyth, Tazewell, Washington and Wise and the cities of Galax and Norton).
NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (WHSV) -- Of of the most iconic and historic sites in the State of Virginia (which has many such sites) is set to become the 37th Virginia State Park during a public ceremony on Saturday, September 24.
The Virginia Velocity Tour, a Rise of the Rest-inspired and Village capital-hosted bus tour through the State of Virginia, kicks off on Monday. Over the course of this week the tour will visit five Virginia cities and hold five days worth of meetings ...
The Virginia Velocity Tour, a Rise of the Rest-inspired and Village capital-hosted bus tour through the State of Virginia, kicks off on Monday. Over the course of this week the tour will visit five Virginia cities and hold five days worth of meetings ...
By the Norfolk police Department's own count, fatal police shootings in the city in 2016 include Keith Richardson, a 58-year-old white man who was shot in January; Tyre Privott, a 25-year-old black man who was killed in March; India Beaty, a 25-year ...
However, Kaine said, others can be won over -- pointing to progress in his home State of Virginia, which when he was born still had segregated schools and wouldn't let women into the University of Virginia.
Eventually both couples divorce, and Bert and Beverly marry and move to Bert's home State of Virginia with Beverly and Fix's two girls; Teresa remains in California with the Cousins children, two boys, two girls.
Blackwater has a long relationship with the State of Virginia. The firm has developed shopping centers in Harrisonburg, Williamsburg, Dulles, and Manassas.
"I'm extremely excited," said David Trimmer, the city's director of agriculture. "Virginia Beach has always been a leader in the State of Virginia as an agriculture community and what goes on here, from technology to city support to the crops we produce.".
But it's happening in one of the wealthiest areas in the State of Virginia: Old Town Alexandria. "I think it's a ... Every year, about 70 million gallons of the mixture flows out though a large pipe at the end of Oronoco Street at the north end of Old ...
Roanoke, as many know, is an actual place - it's a modern city in the southern U.S. State of Virginia. But Roanoke's claim to historical fame came much earlier than that.






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