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updated Wed. March 29, 2017

However, we do not believe that Peterborough's Town Meeting is the right forum for such a debate. Towns in New Hampshire cannot pass articles that supersede state and federal laws; even if an article to make Peterborough a sanctuary city were to pass, ...
Although New Hampshire fish and Game has been asked to relocate the bears, New Hampshire Fish and Game wildlife biologist Andrew Timmins said that moving the bears out of Hanover to the northern region of the state would not make much sense.
A downtown expo highlighting New Hampshire-made products. A half-marathon along Elm and nearby streets. A two-day NCAA regional hockey tournament.
(Top) In downtown Hamtramck, teenagers hang out in Pope Park, which commemorates the Polish Pope John Paul II's visit to the city in 1987. (Bottom left) ... "It's now more like a Bangladeshi town, so, that's a different story," says Fidler. "Seems like ...
Bruce Rauner's office says he is working to make Cairo and other small Illinois towns competitive. But in Cairo, that's a tough task.
By PAUL FEELY New Hampshire Union Leader. MANCHESTER - A city couple is facing assault charges after police say the pair kicked, and threatened to defecate on, officers responding to a report of a domestic incident on Dover Street early Monday.
From left, Bob Bartis and George Russell have purchased WSMN 1590 from Thomas Monahan's Absolute Broadcasting. The purchase closed on March 16, creating the newly formed Bartis-Russell Broadcasting.
Under a deal announced Monday, the City Council and Eversource agreed that Laconia is on the hook for an additional $150000, not $475000, to bury power ...
Officials in New York, California and elsewhere say they'll fight Attorney General Jeff Sessions' move to cut off billions in federal grant money to cities that don't share the Trump administration's strict approach to enforcing immigration laws ...
Our cities are so noisy that just last month, the Central pollution Control Board banned "sharp, shrill and alarming" car horns and urged drivers to curb their honking: no needless honks, no nonstop honks, no honking more than necessary.
As a teenager, Hyunouk Hong took care of his ill father. As a physician, he sees how hard his patients' families work to keep them healthy and safe.
Cheap labor from waves of immigrants, including French Canadians, as well as cheap power harnessed from the river, fueled the prospering city. Amoskeag sponsored baseball teams, theater troupes and public health campaigns. "So it was a company town ...
Reaction in the Queen City on Sunday to news that 165 Manchester city employees brought home six-figure salaries in 2016 ranged from controlled anger to ...
HOOKSETT, N.H. (AP) - A New Hampshire town is joining other communities in offering help at its fire stations to addicts in need of treatment.
The salaries listed here, provided to the New Hampshire Union Leader and Sunday News by city Human Resources Director Jane Gile, show dollar amounts for wages earned in 2016 by city employees. According to Gile, these include base wages, overtime, ...
Under the state Department of Health and Human Services' Military Liaison Initiative, each of New Hampshire's 10 community mental health centers have a dedicated staff member to direct veterans, military service members and their families to available ...
The city's airport director once again tops the list at over $230000 in compensation annually, according to 2016 salary and benefit data released by City Hall.
Bektash Shrine clowns "Girlie Girlie" Michele Thomas, left, and "Bo Bo" Ralph Sommese, a married couple from Mont Vernon, pause before the start of the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Manchester on Sunday.
A warrant article to create a new fund for purchasing or building new town offices was approved 364 to 286. The goal would be to add $50,000 each year.
"It has been an honor to serve as Alderman for our great city and for the residents of Ward 6," said Pappas. "My time serving on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen has been both rewarding and humbling, having the opportunity to make a difference in the ...
Under the headline of "Overtaxing Utility Poles Hits NH consumers," Kreis described his support for HB 324 that would require all Municipalities to utilize the valuation established by the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) for ...
After running the local clothing and memorabilia store, Town and Campus, for 56 years, former owner Jesse Gangwer has passed his business on to new owner, Peter Murphy.
NEWPORT - Town officials are proposing a $9,999,496 operating budget for the 2017-18 fiscal year at the May town meeting.
SANDOWN - Starting March 30, repairs will be made to the flooring in the lower hallway at the Town Hall in Sandown. The project, which may last through April 3, will close the Main Street entrance to the building.
A zoning amendment was the only item on this year's town meeting ballot that failed to win voter approval.
DERRY - Voting Tuesday in Derry, postponed last week because of a snowstorm, brought slightly more than 1,900 voters to the polls out of 23,404 registered voters.
A warrant article to create a new fund for purchasing or building new town offices was approved 364 to 286. The goal would be to add $50,000 each year.
Other failed warrant articles included: raising $65,000 to support picking up trash along the town's collector roads (ones that have a double yellow line); extending a water main about 1,200 feet from the intersection of Longwood Avenue and Shady Lane, ...
The city of Manchester remains the only defendant in the suit, which was brought by the New Hampshire branch of the American Civil Liberties Union and New Hampshire Legal Assistance. The organizations claim the city and officer Ryan Brandreth violated ...
In the April 2017 issue of New Hampshire magazine, Howard Mansfield pays fond tribute to a print predecessor. He telescopes back to the early 1930s, when advertising executive Thomas Dreier, buoyed by big city success, bought a farm in Melvin Village, ...
HAVERHILL - City officials said Tuesday night that last week's blizzard, which clogged city streets for days, was the worst they'd ever seen.
"It's one thing to bring business software into the world, but it is something altogether different to bring fresh drinking water to a village of several thousand people for the very first time," Petr Palas, Kentico's founder and CEO, said in a ...
Lisbon selectmen resign on eve of Town Meeting. LISBON - Moderator Robert Cook may have made New Hampshire history Tuesday when he appointed three pro-tem selectmen to replace the three who resigned Monday night.
... state does not legally ratify the votes taken at town meetings or voting days postponed because of last Tuesday's blizzard, bonds approved by voters at those meetings will be moot, according to the leading bond attorney for New Hampshire cities and ...
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - A New Hampshire Senate committee passed the buck Tuesday on whether to ratify the results of town elections postponed by last week's snowstorm, sidestepping thorny questions about who controls the election calendar and ...
Two members of the planning board met with the Town Council on Monday after concerns were raised that they might have voted unethically at a recent meeting.
Selectman Aboul Khan said he felt it was a "lucrative business" and pointed out that no others could come into town to do business, according to the minutes.
MANCHESTER - Changes are coming in the way that Manchester Development corporation loans money to business owners and developers, after an aldermanic committee expressed unanimous support Monday for the proposed Queen City Loan Fund.
Derry, Londonderry, Litchfield and Newfields are among the communities that chose not to hold their Town Meeting elections last Tuesday.
Several more New Hampshire towns will hold town/school district elections this week following last week's postponement due to the weather.
By and large, towns and cities in New Hampshire can only do things the legislature says they can - actions that are spelled out in what's called 'enabling legislation.
Citing long-term frustration with personal criticism directed against selectmen and town administrators by a group of residents, Demers said he, Peter Nightingale and Matthew Yeramian tendered their resignations about an hour into Monday's regularly ...
While most institutions focus on preserving the past of their cities and towns, the future is at stake for many of them, as changing times and issues of relevancy bring pressure to maintain consistent funding and programming.
"On January 23 we were told that the city wanted to expedite the project and complete our work by March 15," said Eversource spokesman Kaitlyn Woods.
Only one warrant article failed, a petition warrant article asking voters if they were in favor of approving a tax abatement for a qualifying charter school in town. This meant any school meeting the requirements could either have their taxes reduced ...
BEDFORD - About 14 percent of the town's registered voters appeared at the polls on Thursday, electing a new town councilor, approving the school budget and supporting wage increases for local teachers. Catherine Rombeau, a newcomer to local politics ...
PEMBROKE - Residents passed all eight remaining warrant articles at this year's town meeting Saturday that lasted a little over an hour.
Residents also approved a 2 percent wage increase for nine employees at the Rodgers Memorial Library; a $1,307 wage increase for the town clerk and tax collector; and two-year collective bargaining agreements with the Hudson police Employees ...
The U.S. Department of the Interior is going to help establish populations of the threatened Puritan tiger beetle on state owned land in Vermont and New ...
Residents passed all eight remaining warrant articles at this year's town meeting on Saturday that last a little over an hour.





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