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updated Tue. June 27, 2017

At Kosciuszko Middle school in Hamtramck, at least seven different languages are spoken by students, whose ethnic backgrounds include Yemeni, Bengali, Bosnian, Albanian, Polish, and Lebanese. While this may not be your typical American school, it is a ...
Sanaa, June 26 (Xinhua) -- Saudi-led coalition airstrikes killed nine civilians in central Yemeni province of Marib on Monday, local residents and official told Xinhua.
Over the past few months, the Trump administration has settled on a strategy for the ongoing conflict in Yemen that it knows will lead to more suffering and violence in the country.
The nation's highest court on Monday said it would let a limited version of Trump's ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries take effect.
This January, the first counter-terrorism exercise under President Donald Trump went south when a U.S.-Emirati raid on a Yemeni village killed one Navy Seal, along with at least six women and 10 children under the age of 13. The journalist Iona Craig ...
This week, in New York City, representatives from more than 100 countries will begin collaborating on an international treaty, first proposed in 2016, to ban nuclear weapons forever.
Meanwhile, in Riyadh, Yemeni President Hadi ordered members of Yemen's parliament to convene in the port city of Aden, the base of the internationally-recognised government. Boosted by improving security in the strategic city, Hadi instructed a group ...
The U.N. health agency says there are now more than 200,000 suspected cases of cholera in an outbreak in war-torn Yemen, many of them children.
Yemen's internationally recognized government on Saturday ordered the creation of a committee to investigate allegations of human rights violations after reports that U.S.
Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is a huge terrorist group that is still capable of attacking our country and the US citizens." The Yemeni leadership is working with Arab allies to eliminate the Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from its provinces," he added.
The southern Yemeni port city of Aden is held by the UAE, and it is the symbolic headquarters of President Hadi, who lives in exile in Saudi Arabia.
A UNICEF nutrition volunteer measures the mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) of a child during a health screening as part of a UNICEF Rapid Response Mission to the village of Aburoc, South Sudan. Photo: UNICEF/Hatcher-Moore ...
In this file photo, Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. speaks on Capitol Hill in Washington. McCain and Sen. Jack Reed, D- R.I.
The 18 lock-ups are run by the UAE and by Yemeni forces it created, according to accounts from former detainees, families of prisoners, civil rights lawyers and Yemeni military officials. At the Riyan airport in the southern Yemeni city of Mukalla ...
According to information gathered by the UN human rights Office, the airstrike hit a house on the western side of the marketplace in the village of Moshnaq at about 12:30 pm on Saturday. Local people told our Yemen team that the house is used by Qat ...
Taiz- Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr has directed the Health Ministry to provide emergency medicines and propose funds for some Taiz hospitals to help them fight cholera and treat the wounded and patients.
Human Rights Watch and the Associated Press have just published explosive new reports on a secret network of prisons in southern Yemen run by the United ...
The U.S. military says an American airstrike in Yemen has killed a top commander for the al-Qaida affiliate there and two of his associates.
U.S. forces have been involved in interrogations at secret prisons in Yemen where al-Qaeda detainees have been tortured involving methods such as "the grill," where they are effectively spit-roasted, according to an Associated Press investigation.
"This illustrates just how deadly these battles have become. This is all the more alarming as new offensives get underway in cities like Raqqa in Syria, or intensify in Mosul, Iraq. A new scale of urban suffering is emerging, where no one and nothing ...
(Photo: US Air Force)This week, in New York City, representatives from more than100 countries will begin collaborating on an international treaty, first proposed in 2016, to ban nuclear weapons forever.
According to a United Nations (UN) report about Yemen published in January, the elite Forces were created to counter al Qaeda in the southeastern port city of Mukalla once the Yemeni government reestablished control of the city in April 2016. Mukalla ...
At least 25 Yemenis have been killed in a Saudi-led coalition air strike on a market in the latest in a string of deadly bombings in the conflict.
The ERC brought smiles on the faces of the children living in these villages and gave them joy during the difficult circumstances caused by the policies of the Houthi and Saleh militias, who have brought destruction and inflicted misery on the Yemeni ...
A six-year-old boy gets water from this water point in Musaik, a neighbourhood of Sana'a, Yemen. (Photo: OCHA/Charlotte Cans).
At least 25 Yemeni civilians have been killed by Saudi-led coalition's aerial bombardment of a market in the northern Saada province, according to a local health official.
Tens of thousands of war-related fatalities among city dwellers accounted for 70 percent of civilian deaths in the two countries during the period, the agency said.
In an attempt to shed light on the devastating human toll of this type of conflict The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has released a special report: 'I saw my city die: voices from the front lines of urban conflict in Iraq, Syria and ...
GENEVA (Reuters) - Urban warfare is taking root in conflicts across the Middle East, with five times more civilians in Syria and Iraq killed in cities than in rural areas over the past three years, the International Committee of the Red Cross said on ...
Yemen's cities are built so that everything one may need is always within a walking distance. So, right around iftar (breaking of the fast), everything turns hectic.
Faded pictures of the dead line the walls outside what once was this battered city's grandest reception hall. At least 140 people perished here in the Yemeni capital last fall when a Saudi Arabian-led military coalition carried out a pair of airstrikes ...
"After 15 hours of fasting you need something to break your fast, as a gift you give yourself," says Rodaini, a Yemeni man who left a career in journalism to work full time helping to relieve Yemen's hunger problem. His organization, Mona ... The Saudi ...
Sanaa, June 9 (Xinhua) -- At least four civilians were killed when Saudi-led coalition warplanes fighting Houthi rebels struck a house in the Yemeni capital Sanaa overnight, medics and residents said on Friday. "Four members of a family ... On March 10 ...
Hussain Albukhaiti , an activist based in Sanaa, told Al Jazeera on Friday afternoon that three people were still missing from the late-night raid that struck the south of the city. "Four members of the al-Mahdi family, including an elderly woman, her ...
A cholera outbreak in Yemen has claimed almost 800 lives and is suspected of sickening about 100,000 people, according to the World Health Organization and a Yemeni health official. Nasser al-Argaly, health undersecretary in the rebel-run government in ...
Al Mukalla: Yemeni army has deployed a brigade in the district of Dowan to boost security and prevent al Qaida terrorists from gaining a foothold in rural regions of southeastern province of Hadramout, local government officials and army commanders ...
Taiz - Command of Forces of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen raided on Houthi and Saleh's warehouses and clusters in Midi front of Hajjah governorate, on the Saudi border.
Yemeni forces shoot down a Saudi f-15 fighter jet over the capital Sana'a.
In 2015, US logistics coordinator Scott Darden was captured by Houthi forces in the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa, and held for six months before his release.
Al Mukalla: The US ambassador to Yemen, Matthew Tueller, has hailed the Yemeni government's acceptance of a recent proposal by UN envoy Esmail Ould Shaikh Ahmad about Hodeida and their full support to the envoy's effort to push for a new round of peace ...
Al Mukalla: The internationally-recognised government of Yemen has accepted a proposal by the UN Special Envoy's Esmail Ould Shaikh Ahmad during his recent regional tour stipulating an Al Houthi withdrawal from the western city of Hodeida and sending ...
Once upon an Arab Spring, Yemen, the poorest, most unruly nation of Southern Arabia chose to raise a new political dawn under its skies so that its people would no longer have to cower before the tyranny of foreign meddling.
MUKALLA, Yemen - The governor of this southern Yemeni province has some advice for Donald Trump on how to destroy one of the world's most dangerous terrorist organizations: think beyond the current whack-a-mole strategy of U.S.
Yemen's Shiite rebels and their allies said Monday they have rejected the U.N. special envoy to the country as a peace negotiator, calling him biased.
Al Mukalla: The Omani and UN diplomatic efforts to forge a peace settlement between the internationally-recognised government and Al Houthi movement or at least striking a lasting truce during the month of Ramadan have apparently reached a deadlock as ...
Yemeni government forces fought on Saturday to capture a rebel-held presidential palace in the southwestern province of Taez after clashes that killed 27 people, medics and military sources said.
A suspected cholera outbreak is spreading quickly in war-ravaged Yemen, with an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 new cases every day, the U.N.





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