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updated Thu. March 23, 2017

She serves on many boards of directors for foundations and community initiatives across Arizona, notably Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona, the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, Arizona town Hall, and Arizona Business Leadership.
TRUMP'S US-Mexico border WALL GIVES Arizona town A SENSE OF WORRY AND HOPE. John Ladd has seen just about every incarnation of the border fence separating his cattle ranch in Arizona from Mexico.
The Empire ranch Association is keeping his Arizona legacy alive, and there is a town in Arizona named Vail. 3-17-17-local-cattle-baron-walter-vail-.
... that tries to attract investment, and rural areas typically have a harder time attracting it," Zamora said, though there have been projects that benefitted rural communities, such as a hospital that opened in a rural Arizona town with the help of ...
Even though the purpose of last week's Arizona town Hall gathering in Sierra Vista was primarily intended to promote the organization and its exceptional problem-solving process, one nugget of information provided at the meeting deserves more ...
John Ladd has seen just about every incarnation of the border fence separating his cattle ranch in Arizona from Mexico. His family has owned 16,000 acres of land on the border with Mexico for 120 years, Ladd, 61, told ABC News.
CAVE CREEK - With Commissioner Peter Omundson absent and an announcement that there were no cases scheduled for the April planning commission meeting, Associate Planner Luke Kautzman introduced the first agenda item, a site plan review for a ...
The 89-year-old Stanton plays an 89-year-old loner in a tiny desert town in Arizona. His name is Lucky, but that luck seems to be running out after he passes out in his own house.
Intentional or not, the law gives tremendous clout to the plastic bag lobby to rein in cities and towns that want to do something about litter in their communities, and effectively gives giant Canadian mining companies veto power over a small Arizona ...
SIERRA VISTA - Local decision-makers solved one of the state's most difficult challenges in a little over 90 minutes on Thursday, gathering at Cochise College to learn more about the Arizona town Hall process before putting into practice. Tara Jackson ...
This is especially true in Yuma, a majority Hispanic town in Arizona's southwestern corner on the borders with Mexico and California.
Fiesta Park Apartments at 1033 S. Longmore Rd. has been sold for $20 million. A California-based real estate company acquired the property to expand its portfolio of apartment communities in the Phoenix area.
The Arizona Legislature in this year's session, which began in January, has already considered several bills expanding gun rights, such as one that would ban any Arizona town or city from enacting any laws that would require background checks at gun ...
MAMMOTH, Ariz. (KSAZ/AP) - A murder mystery is unfolding in a small Arizona town, as a couple was found shot to death in their yard back in January.
An outside group, Arizona town Hall, a nonprofit organization, will facilitate the meeting. Town manager LaRon Garrett said the focus of the meeting would be how the town should use money from a proposed sales tax increase.
Produce from Sinaloa is trucked through Nogales, creating distribution jobs in the Arizona town. High-value parts made in Nogales and Douglas are shipped to maquiladoras, the U.S.
In his speech to CPAC, LaPierre is trying to turn the United States into a huge Tombstone USA, instead of just a little jerkwater town in Arizona with 1881 OK Corral attitudes. He claimed the "leftist media" (that's me) and the violent left have joined ...
Sometimes, I wonder if having grown up dorky and closeted in a small Arizona town is what ultimately brought me here - to a field in which overcoming our differences and striving for human connection are daily currency.
Parade, live PRCA Rodeo events, Mutton Busting, Rodeo Dances, Golf Tournament and more to round out weeklong celebration of Arizona town's Western heritage. CAVE CREEK - Cave Creek Rodeo Days is slated to take place Saturday, March 25th ...
GLOBE, Ariz. - Is it fine art or historical blight? The owner of a cafe in the eastern Arizona town of Globe is in trouble, all because of a mural.
The decision came in response to a 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning an Arizona town's ordinance about signs.
PHOENIX - Figuring out the origin of any name can be a long journey, but it could be worth the time put in, as there is usually a meaningful reason how any name comes about.
Other proposed infrastructure projects include building a new well for the northern Arizona town of Williams, repairing a reservoir in Jerome and completing upgrades to State Route 189 near Tucson.
Home to Spring Training, the Arizona town hosts the Giants, Rockies, and Diamondbacks, as they get back into the swing of things for the 2017 season.
peace, serenity and its stunning red rock towers have made this mystical Arizona town a perfect choice for couples looking for a different romantic experience.
Pickels said to his knowledge, Sedona is the only city or town in Arizona that has a stand-by fee. He's received conflicting information as to whether or not Camp Verde has one.
When Marlene Fowler wakes up in the northern Arizona town of Kaibeto, she can see a yellow-green haze on the horizon. But Fowler's not worried about the pollution.
Desert towns are certainly having a moment - Marfa, Joshua Tree, Sedona, Santa Fe. While those destinations may be dreamy for those who crave a free spirited desert jaunt, they may not appeal to those who prefer a slightly more high end Southwest ...
As a census-designed place (CDP), Sun City West began with Del Webb beginning in the late 1970s when Sun city in Arizona had outgrown its boundaries. In response, Sun City West was completely built out in 1998 and a sister city, Sun City Grand, to the ...
As a "census-designed place (CDP)," Sun City West began with Del Webb beginning in the late 1970s when Sun city in Arizona had outgrown its boundaries. In response, Sun City West was completely built out in 1998 and a sister city, Sun City Grand, to ...
Martha McSally at Arizona town hall. Schweikert took questions in the teleconference, the first being a complaint from a woman who wanted to know why he was doing this on the phone.
She and a group of voters from Rep. David Schweikert's 6th Congressional district have been wanting to express their views to their representative for some time, without much luck.
The Town of Snowflake was also the first town in Arizona to have an investigation request filed with the Attorney General by state Rep. Paul Boyer under the new A.R.
... offices while there are 28 health centers across her district. While some shouted their disapproval, McSally said she considered the centers as providing equivalent service.
Protesters demonstrate outside of U.S. Rep. Martha McSally's town-hall meeting at a church in Sahuarita on Feb. 23, 2017. Mark Henle/The Republic.
Two US-based online retailers have come under fire for offending the religious sentiments of the Hindu community by selling beer with Lord Ganesha's picture on its label and footwear sporting the 'Om' symbol.
Manuel Robles Arambula was 14 when he caught a train from Jalisco, Mexico to a border town in Arizona. It was the summer of 1948, and the teenager had no trouble finding work in the fields of the Southwest.
No ma'am, when anyone is deported for violating immigration laws, it is his personal responsibility. He should be banned from returning legally, and if caught again violating our immigration laws a second time, he should be sent to Tent city in Arizona ...
He followed it to a town in Arizona, and then saw this other Hispanic guy who was working on the side of the road. He went up to the guy and started speaking Spanish, and the guy told him to pretend to be doing road work.
Despite pledges to look for alternatives, closing the Navajo Generating Station in Page could devastate the economy of the small Northern Arizona town, where hundreds of jobs rely on the plant and affiliated coal mine and where experts see few, if any, ...
The film is the inspirational true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots - how a wildland firefighter created the first municipal "Hotshot" crew and, together with his men, faced one of the worst wildfires in history to save an Arizona town." Josh ...
BORDER Patrol agents in Arizona have dismantled an enormous drug catapult that was being used to launch illegal drugs into the United States from Mexico.
I grew up in a rural mining town in Arizona, a couple of hours east of Phoenix. I took up golf as a kid because there wasn't much else to do in my hometown.
NOGALES, Arizona (Reuters) - For up to 16 hours a day, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and mangoes grown in Mexico flow north through a border checkpoint into Nogales, Arizona, helping to ensure a year-round supply of fresh produce across the United ...
Arizona must overhaul its tax code and change its priorities to adapt to the 21st century and protect its children, according to a far-reaching report issued after the 109th Arizona town Hall, a gathering of hundreds of state and community leaders. The ...
Just as it was the first town in Arizona to legalize gay marriage and to ban plastic bags in grocery stores, Bisbee has long gone against the political grain.
Nine members of an AmeriCorps group and their leader toured the Neosho National fish Hatchery on Saturday. These young people are spending three months doing public service work for the Eastern Shawnee tribe in Seneca.
Border patrol agents in the Arizona town of Douglas seized two bundles of marijuana that were catapulted across the border from Mexico last week.
Another Arizona town, Willow Beach, comes in at number four on the list, with an average temperature of 93.5 in the summer., part of the National Council for Home Safety and Security, has released 2017 data for the safest cities in Arizona. Florence was named the safest city in Arizona with just 34 violent crimes and 174 property crimes reported. Here in the ...





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