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updated Mon. April 24, 2017

The film scored franchise records in Poland after opening to $2.5 million, and Serbia & Montenegro, in which it made $260,000.
The Dubai-government owned Kerzner International's upmarket resort brand One&Only is spearheading a major push into the development and sale of opulent ...

Podgorica (FIBA EuroBasket 2017) - The FIBA EuroBasket Trophy Tour rolled into Montenegro on Friday, stopping traffic in the nation's capital along the way.
Vulin said that a new war in the Balkans would also include Macedonia and Montenegro which have large ethnic-Albanian populations.
RUSSELLVILLE - The Russellville Parks and Recreation Department and the River Valley arts Center will present pARTy in the Park from 10 a.m.
... somebody for unproven allegations." Following Wednesday's announcement, O'Reilly called the decision "disheartening" especially based on what he calls "unfounded claims.

The old wall that has protected the city from invasion since the 9th century is still intact, so visitors can almost feel what it was like when the fortified town was under Venetian rule. Perast, another city in the Kotor Bay, is only home to around ...
FERRARA, Italy - Food was not what drew me to Ferrara, a walled city just east of Bologna, Italy, where the powerful Este family was in control for centuries.
Podgorica (Montenegro), April 19 (SeeNews) - Montenegro's Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism has issued a permit to China Road and Bridge corporation (CRBC) for the construction of the Vezesnik tunnel on the Bar-Boljare motorway.
So Sheffield Town Hall chiefs are to issue new "tough" powers to crack down on litter? Well after untold publicity, including David Blunket highlighting the problem months ago, maybe the town hall should begin with targeting Page Hall because they ...
In chaotic scenes, police last week evacuated the country's largest shopping centre, Delta City, and a night club, Beagle.
After a motorboat ride skirting the Bay of Kotor's 65 miles of shoreline, it was easy to agree: Over the course of four hours, we docked periodically to visit centuries-old churches on tiny islands, and to explore quiet, pantiled villages wedged ...
For Bonnie Gross, of Indio, it was a chance to update a photograph of her four sons with Santa, something she did with them when the attraction was Santa's Village and her sons were ages 3, 5, 7 and 9. On Easter Sunday, the youngest son, Kyle Duvall ...
Those sites most in peril in the Western Balkans include the Croatian coastal city of Dubrovnik, Byron's famed "Pearl of the Adriatic", and the Plitvice Lakes national park in the interior of Croatia, as well as the ancient seaside town of Kotor in ...
We pass the ancient town of Cavtat which, my guide says, was the Greek town of Epidaurus, founded in 6th century BC, later called Epidaurum under the Romans in 228 BC.
Occurring at midday Laureano de Jesus Ospina was meant to be enjoying a day out at the National Coffee Park in the city of Montenegro in Colombia. The man was rushed to La Sagrada Familia hospital immediately and is said to be in a 'critical condition'.
Steve Montenegro, R-Avondale. Like Hobbs, he is running for Arizona secretary of state next year. One would require the secretary of state to produce a manual each election cycle on initiatives, referenda and recall procedures.

He neither denied nor confirmed that the reason was either the possibility of terrorist attacks in Kosovo, or of protests organized by opposition parties unhappy that an agreement on demarcation with Montenegro was back on the agenda of the Assembly.
We docked directly in front of the Old Town (an advantage with Viking's medium size ships) with a great view of the 12th Century Cathedral of the Assumption.
Germany's foreign minister urged Kosovo's political parties on Thursday to approve the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro to end their status as the only Western Balkan country without free travel rights in Schengen zone countries. Minister ...
Montenegrins have "very fresh memories of NATO bombing our cities, killing our citizens and destroying our economy in 1999 when Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia." In addition, most citizens are opposed to NATO membership because it contradicts the ...
Trump on Tuesday signed off on Montenegro's upcoming accession into NATO, helping pave the way for the alliance's expansion in the Balkans.
U.S. Senator John McCain congratulated Montenegro on Wednesday for its upcoming NATO membership and blasted Russia for its alleged attempts to interfere in the Balkans and more widely in Europe.
The tiny Balkan country of Montenegro may be best known for its stunning coastline on the Adriatic sea - and as a setting for the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale.
A Unesco World Heritage Site, Kotor is a fascinating place and arguably the most rewarding cultural destination in Montenegro. The city's history stretches back to before the Romans, though it was during almost four centuries of Venetian rule that it ...
Mr. Montenegro said that some of those that have better cash flow do not have the expertise in projecting demand which is necessary for communicating their power requirements to the market operator, the Philippine Electricity Market Corp.
Not every European island is surrounded by wall-to-wall yachts, its streets lined with designer boutiques. From Scandinavia to the Balkans, Europe has plenty of intriguing islands offering unusual experiences for the intrepid traveller.
Berisha, who was a refugee from Kosovo and a witness in the Hague Tribunal's war crimes case against Ramush Haradinaj, made his statement to investigators in Podgorica, Montenegro, on May 11, 2004. But Berisha died before he could testify in court - he ...
President Donald Trump has signed off on Montenegro's upcoming accession into NATO, helping pave the way for the military alliance's expansion in the Balkans.
The second stop of the 24-country Trophy Tour saw the Nikolai Semashko Trophy visit the world's northernmost capital city, Reykjavik, where Iceland President Gudni Thorlacius Johannesson welcomed the trophy to the Presidential residence. President ...
New York City. A profit stream? Not in this biz. Regarding "Quick Takes: Drake Sets Streaming Records" [March 29]: Would you ask Drake, Ed Sheeran or the Weeknd what the royalty check amount from Spotify and other streaming services was for that action ...
Podgorica (Montenegro), April 10 (SeeNews) - Montenegrin tourism minister Pavle Radulovic has said that Karisma Hotels Adriatic (KHA) consortium has sent a letter of interest in the privatisation of local hotel operator Ulcinjska Rivijera [MNG:ULRI ...
One of the readers, who requested not to be named, wrote, "I fully agree with your comment that Marina (Maritime Industry Authority) should make a thorough inspection of the Montenegro fleet in view of the M/V Oliva incident that caused her to drift at ...
CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- More than 40,000 music lovers partied with some of the most popular Filipino bands during the third edition of the Castaway Music Festival held at SM City Pampanga over the weekend. It was a night filled with rock and pop songs as top music groups of the ... With the overwhelming reception of the Kapampangan crowd, Montenegro said the mall management is now planning to boost the event in the coming years. "We wanted to extend our deepest gratitude to the Kapampangan mall ...
BULLHEAD CITY - The Milestone Moms group Kids' Community Day event Saturday was a game-changer. Literally, a fun-and-games changer for ... Montenegro came with two friends and their total of eight children. She said she stopped by because she ...
... the Summer Festival (Dubrovacke Ljetne Igre), and of course, GoT. The article even comments on Dubrovnik's convenient geographical location and the ability for tourists to reach both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro from the city with ease.
Kotor, Montenegro: Our last stop along the Dalmatian Coast was a short one, sailing in the afternoon into the fabulous harbor of Kotor, a small fortified city built smack up against the water. The mountains that give the country its ... The cows grazed ...
Deputies say Felix Alling-Montenegro was a regular customer of the 48-year-old victim since she became the owner of a massage and foot spa in Sarasota in January.
The cubs were found last month by March Ilinka Bigovic, who lives in a village perched on the Pusti Lisac mountain, some 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the capital Podgorica, near the Bosnian border.
Two orphaned bear cubs have captured hearts in Montenegro after a farmer rescued them from starving to death in the wild. The cubs were found last month by March Ilinka Bigovic, who lives in a village perched on the Pusti Lisac mountain, some 80 ...
Podgorica (Montenegro), April 3 (SeeNews) - Hungarian low-cost air carrier Wizz Air said on Monday it launched its new service connecting Podgorica with Hungary's capital Budapest.
Albania's prime minister says neighboring Montenegro's upcoming accession into NATO is a "historic event" for the troubled Balkan region.
Australia can be a riot of colours and even the wildlife has various bright hues. This is demonstrated by a Crimson Rosella obtaining nectar from flowers that are equal in colour intensity.
Until this week he met mush in, of all places, the United States government thanks to Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky who used an arcane senate rule to block a vote on the accession of tiny Montenegro - the former Yugoslav republic on the ...
Advocates of allowing Montenegro to join NATO admit as much. The Senate hearing on admitting Montenegro to NATO was really just a Russia-bashing session.
THE GAGGLE: TALKING politics EVERY WEEK WITH THE AZCENTRAL TEAMThe Gaggle: Is the filibuster busted and will Michele Reagan show us the money?
French house DJ and producer Bob Sinclar will be one of this year's star of the third edition of the Festival City Groove Podgorica.
WASHINGTON (AP) - Montenegro is set to become NATO's newest member after the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tiny Balkan nation's entry into the alliance.
WASHINGTON - Montenegro is set to become NATO's newest member after the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tiny Balkan nation's entry into the alliance.
Even this past week our senate was debating whether to bring in Montenegro into NATO with their pathetic army of 1,900 troops!






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