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updated Sat. June 24, 2017

The proposed legislation would be a major step to reducing bird mortality in the Meadowlands, which feature a range of structures, from shining skyscrapers in Jersey City to smaller business buildings in Kearny. The Meadowlands is likely to experience ...
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CAMDEN - Offer them cash and they will come. Okay, clearly this city is no field of dreams. Yet a bunch of dreamers think Camden could become the shimmering East Coast hub for high-tech businesses.
New Brunswick, NJ - The person who was struck by an Amtrak train in New Brunswick on Wednesday is still alive, according to a spokesperson for the railroad company.
New Brunswick, NJ - Customers of the New Brunswick Water Utility can expect to pay more in sewer and water fees.
... the University of New Brunswick in the fall. "I mean, the first couple of days it's a little awkward when you're driving in and out and people are honking the horn at you.

The person was struck about 12:18 a.m. Wednesday.
The other New Brunswick stores, in Fredericton and Moncton, are not among the 20 full-time Sears locations across the country that will be shut down as Sears Canada reduces its workforce by about 2,900.
If you've seen this man, Michael Drew, the New Brunswick police Department wants to hear from you. He's been missing since March.
New Brunswick, NJ - The City Council could choose to fund $18.5 million in work on New Brunswick's incoming performing arts center tonight, according to a proposed ordinance.
New Brunswick, NJ - The city's former Board of education president has kept her seat on the panel, according to unofficial election results provided by New Brunswick's city clerk. Emra Seawood won the special election yesterday, June 20, for a ...
The short list will be narrowed again by July 10, when city council will be given the firm's first and second picks to consider, said Bill MacAvoy, managing director of real estate brokerage Cushman and Wakefield Atlantic.
If you find yourself in a small New Brunswick village and are looking for a cheap place to lay your head, there's always the old Dorchester jail.
New Brunswick - police detectives are investigating an early-morning shooting that took place outside of Building 1 at 33 Commercial Avenue.
Check out what's going on in government at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall. The New Brunswick city Council plans to meet at that time.
City Hall had kept it quiet that Rawls was back behind the wheel, with the blessing of Mayor James Cahill, until New Brunswick Today asked about it at a City Council meeting. Just ten weeks later, on May 18, Rawls crashed the new 2017 Chevy Tahoe that ...
A gas leak near a major hospital in New Brunswick prompted a major emergency response Thursday afternoon, including the evacuation of a nearby school, fire and city officials say. A construction crew hit the gas main in the area of Somerset and Little ...

Municipalities need more power to make decisions about immigration, the head of the New Brunswick Multicultural Council told a Commons committee on Wednesday.
... will lead to less competition and higher prices for the municipality. On Monday, CBC News reported the policy of keeping the "plan takers list" confidential is recommended practice, according to the City or Toronto's auditor general, Beverly Romeo ...
Although Fredericton has seen some fine design, he said, a lot of people are calling for some character in the new buildings going up in the city. "What's been really happening over the past say, 30, 40 years of development is that it's become a little ...
Through that lens, TAPinto New Brunswick intends to provide a comprehensive look at an energetic year of on-campus activism at New Jersey's flagship university.
The future is still unclear for the Forest City dam and homeowners in the area expressed their concern at an annual meeting on Tuesday night.
New Brunswick, NJ - The city expects 1,500 people to apply for municipal identification cards within the first six months of the program, which gained approval last week after roughly a year and a half in the making, according to officials.
The City of Fredericton will consider 18 recommendations put forward by the Mayor's Task Force on homelessness, to help increase affordable housing and end chronic homelessness in Fredericton.
Arcand, senior planner for the City of Moncton, said both ideas are key to the "rejuvenation" of the downtown and will be proposed at a public meeting Tuesday at 8 a.m.
New Brunswick is the latest city in New Jersey to offer municipal identification cards to residents who want to use of city services, regardless of their immigration ...
New Brunswick, NJ - Too hot and sweaty in your apartment? Cool down with some of the most interesting events and activities that the Hub City has to ...
New Brunswick, NJ - The city expects 1,500 people to apply for municipal identification cards within the first six months of the program, which gained approval last week after roughly a year and a half in the making, according to officials.
New Brunswick -- A 23-year-old city man was shot in his buttocks early Thursday morning, police said. At about 12:50 a.m.
Saint John's senior real estate manager predicts there will be a lot of interest in a municipally owned parking garage now on offer as a development site.
New Brunswick, NJ - City cops are investigating a shooting early this morning that sent a New Brunswick man to the hospital, according to a press release.
New Brunswick - The city's water utility is drawing water from a single source, due to an invasive plant that has spread through the Delaware & Raritan Canal, according to the head of the utility.
Vimy plane involved in incident during takeoff east of New Brunswick town ... A Nieuport 11 World war One replica aircraft is reported to have had a runway excursion at the Grafton airport near Woodstock, New Brunswick on Wednesday, June 7, 2017.
Donald Gould, mayor for the Village of Minto, said the fire was a shock to the community, and said council met Monday to figure out a plan to ensure residents who are unable to drive to neighbouring towns for groceries are able to get food. ... "It ...
New Brunswick, NJ - The city's long-awaited municipal identification program could go online by September if all goes as planned.
On Monday, the city voted to subcontract some of the work to a private contractor, which will be responsible for almost 3,400 of the city's 24,000 weekly garbage pickups. Don Morehouse, director of public works with the city, said there were a couple ...
Laurann Hanson, the general manager of corporate services, said 29 per cent of total time lost to injuries in the city's workforce originates witih problems with sanitation, although that operation department only encompasses one per cent of the workforce.
New Brunswick, NJ - An intruder has taken to one of New Brunswick's two sources of drinking water, threatening drinking water for residents here and beyond, according to City Hall. The New Jersey Water Supply Authority, the public entity that oversees ...
A family in Salisbury, N.B. with a passion for horses may be fighting a losing battle with the village after being informed they violated a municipal bylaw.
New Brunswick, NJ - Three Republicans are running unopposed in tomorrow's primary election, June 6, to represent the party this fall in the election for the ...
ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL - When it all started, we had big dreams of Cory Booker v. Phil Murphy v. Steve Sweeney v. Steve Fulop in a bloodbath of a Democratic primary for governor.
New Brunswick, NJ - A New Brunswick man captured this video Monday of an incident that he says happened in the New Brunswick Sears on Rt. 1 earlier today. The video shows a long line of customers and one female customer becoming very angry ...
Irwin's running mates, New Brunswick resident Heather Fenyk and Piscataway's Ralph Johnson, will take on Smith's team of incumbent Assemblymen, Franklin's Joseph Danielsen and Joseph Egan, of New Brunswick. Irwin, Fenyk and Johnson are all first-time ...
WATCH ABOVE: A small town has been left reeling after a fire burned the area's only grocery store to the ground. Adrienne South was on the scene.
MINTO, N.B. - The only grocery store in a small town in central New Brunswick has been destroyed by an early morning fire.
Moments after the Weequahic high school marching band paraded away, Essex County Democratic Chairman Leroy Jones Jr, trumpeted the plurality vote number needed from Newark and the surrounding towns to help ensure that Murphy gets a chance in the ...
The Doncaster's heritage home was built in 1820 for William McStay, the doctor who served the British Garrison in the town. The couple recently won an award from the St. Andrews Civic Trust for "sympathetic renovation" of the home, which includes a ...
FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's auditor general says she will review the province's property assessment system in the wake of a series of errors.
"Most importantly we believe that since New Brunswick is a multi-cultural city with people from different backgrounds, the art exhibit would artistically showcase the diversity of our community.
The only grocery store in a small town in central New Brunswick has been destroyed by an early morning fire.




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