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updated Sat. March 25, 2017

On March 23, 2017, at the Suffolk police Academy in Brentwood, Matias Ferreira, a 28-year-old Marine veteran who lost both his legs from the knees down in ...
... our village and bring peace to the people of Samarkhail [her native region]." Nazdana is a pupil at the school for the children of internally displaced people (IDP) set up by the Norwegian refugee Council (NRC) outside Jalalabad city in Nangarhar ...
Afghan children, Deprived of school, Tell of Their Deepest Fears. By THE New York Times MARCH 23, 2017 ... When the first day of the new school year starts in Afghanistan on Thursday, 3.7 million boys and girls won't be in attendance, because of ...
The lawyers said it was possible that New Zealand soldiers had committed war crimes during the attack on two villages in Baghlan Province.
Sangin's capture shows the Taliban's growing strength in the south and it has symbolic significance for the US and NATO, which lost more soldiers there than in any other district in Afghanistan. Since security responsibility was handed from Nato-led ...
A small village in the mountains of southern Afghanistan. USACE ... SpeedCast International announced that it is connecting residents in remote villages in Afghanistan through a partnership with one of the country's largest Code Division Multiple ...
veterans Service Agent Michael Johns told the selectmen Tuesday that he is hoping to have the ribbon cutting ceremony for the town's Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial prior to the town's Veterans Day program. The new memorial is slated to be constructed ...
A doctor who helped the wounded following botched raids on two Afghan villages in 2010 involving New Zealand troops says the killing of civilians was not justified.
And this year, there are also creeping suspicions among some in Afghanistan that the governments in Turkmenistan and Tajikistan are dealing with people in Afghanistan whom the Afghan government considers the enemy. It's a chaotic situation that ...
Britain is being credited with an apparent reduction in political tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan and reopening the border between the two countries.
In the warmer months in Afghanistan, picnics are the social events of the season, with the Nowruz picnic serving as the unofficial kickoff.
Kate Clark, from the Afghan analysts Network, says Afghanistan would fail if Mr Trump were to cut aid. "Clearly ... "I would argue that one of the sources of terror that tends to be overlooked in this town is al Qaeda, which has never gone away," he said.
Rickey Pinckney, a military veteran who has made inroads in the community since his return from Afghanistan in 2012, is city Democrats' pick to fill the vacant House seat in Hartford's northwest corner. Democrats are looking to hold on to the post ...
An 18-year-old female novice singer and a 23-year old barber-turned-rapper are the unlikely finalists of a televised talent contest providing Afghans a welcome distraction from the daily bloodshed in their country.
Introduction This report presents the findings of a Link Nutrition Causal Analysis undertaken in the Dari Suf Bala District of the Samangan Province in ...
Kabul, Afghanistan - A feud that began when one police commander in western Afghanistan was accused of killing the civilian son of another has set off days of clashes, leaving four police officers dead, Afghan officials said. Fighting between the ...
An Afghan official says that at least six members of an intelligence service unit were killed when a suicide car bomber targeted them in southern Helmand province.
Powerful politicians and their entourages have an unpleasant habit of shooting up the city, and even assaulting police officers.
But recently, U.S. Air Forces Central Command released a breakdown of airstrikes that shows a recent uptick in the number of monthly airstrikes that have been conducted by the United States in support of the Afghan Security Forces who have been ...
What the city has in the Pennsylvania native is a former jet fighter pilot with Afghan war experience, exceptional organizational skills, an unusual insight into the fabric of Memphis and a footnote in naval aviation history.
A suicide truck bomber struck a military checkpoint in Afghanistan on Friday, killing one soldier and wounding 10, while another suicide bomber elsewhere in the country killed the brother of a local religious leader he had targeted for assassination ...
The Waldorf school in the eastern city of Cottbus is trying to raise money to fight the legal case of the three Afghan teenagers, who say they will face forced recruitment to the Taliban, or death, back home. ... All three came from "small villages in ...
The innocent inhabitants of 36,000 villages in Afghanistan have sustained carnage over the last 16 years culminating in the longest U.S.
Afghan officials say Islamic State militants killed three Shiite elders as they were returning home from a graduation ceremony at a local religious school.
Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet received an American flag that flew in Afghanistan from Danielle Ullman, a Mahwhah resident who serves in the U.S.
Gen. Helaludin Helal, deputy defense minister speaks during a news conference in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, March 15, 2017.
I hate agreeing with Donald Trump. "We made a terrible mistake getting involved in the first place," he told CNN in October, referring to the war in Afghanistan, ...
A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the deportation of an Afghan man trying to enter the United States on a special visa for people who helped the U.S.
The closure of the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is more than inconvenient; it is costly. Officials on both sides of the border say in just one month, the closure has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost trade, and tons of ...
The Taliban have cut off a suspected thief's hand and foot in public, the latest brutal punishment to be meted out by the Islamic extremists in the growing areas under their control, Afghan officials said Tuesday. The young man, identified as Ghulam ...
The ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has the country firmly in its grip. Security advisor Philipp ... Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan and Iran on the one hand and a big number of internally displaced people on the other are additional stresses ...
In December the Royal Irish took over duties as the Kabul Protection Unit, providing security, training and support for their partners and allies in Afghanistan. The 600-strong battalion is based around three locations - the army academy, the city ...
Britain will host top officials from Afghanistan and Pakistan to discuss Afghan and regional security and try to resolve Kabul's current political tensions with Islamabad.
A Pakistani police official says a truck loaded with sand toppled over, collapsing a mud shack and killing seven members of an Afghan refugee family living there. police official Aslam Bokhari says the incident happened on Tuesday in the southwestern ...
Afghan officials say that the Taliban have carried out another brutal punishment under their interpretation of Islamic law by cutting off a suspected thief's hand and foot in public.
women for Afghan women's Naheed Samadi Bahram is interviewed outside City Hall during the Women's March on New York City in January. When a woman leaves Afghanistan for New York City, she is likely to find kindred souls in Fresh Meadows, Queens ...
Developments in the context of Afghan women's rights are undeniable; with a number of policies and plans codified, including the Gender strategy of Afghanistan National Development Strategy (2008-2013), and the National Action Plan for the women of ...
Business representatives from Pakistan and Afghanistan have called on Islamabad to immediately reopen the border between the two countries, saying the closure is hurting economic and social ties and resulting in massive monetary losses and mutual trust ...
Seeking to help Afghan girls learn coding skills and to empower them both financially and socially, Fereshteh Forough founded Code to Inspire, the first coding school for girls in Afghanistan. At a dinner discussion in the Wilson College PDR on Friday ...
Then, in November 2016, shortly after the second collapse of the city's defenses, U.S. forces assisting Afghan troops in an operation to capture Taliban commanders in the village of Boz came under heavy fire. They called in airstrikes, which resulted ...
Pakistan is defying calls for permanently opening the border with landlocked Afghanistan, asserting that terrorist attacks emanating from the neighboring country continue to hurt Pakistani citizens and security forces.
Hundreds of mourners gathered Thursday at a graveyard on the northern edge of Kabul to bury a 37-year-old pharmacist - one of 31 people killed in an attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital the previous day that was claimed by the Islamic State group.
The opening of the crossings came a day after Pakistan said a group of militants crossed over from Afghanistan and attacked several military posts, setting off clashes that killed six soldiers and 10 militants.
Deepak Agarwal, CEO, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority, said, "Afghanistan will host Ireland in a series of nine matches across formats in Greater Noida, their adopted home ground in India this month.
Officials plan to release no more information about the travel plans of an Afghan family detained in Los Angeles on their way to resettle in the Tri-Cities. A spokesman for the family's attorneys said their privacy is being protected out of concern for ...
A glimpse of daily life of Council Bluffs and its sister city of Herat, Afghanistan, will be shown through the work of several women photographers.
Lahore, Pakistan - explosives in a building under construction ignited, ripping through a market in an upscale neighborhood in the eastern city of Lahore, killing eight people, officials said. It was not immediately clear whether the explosives were ...
police display seized weapons and ammunitions at the Chamkani police Station in Peshawar. PHOTO: INP. PESHAWAR: The Counter terrorism Department ...
Their asylum applications rejected, Afghan refugees in Germany face an uncertain future as they fear deportation now more than ever.






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