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updated Thu. February 23, 2017

Appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee this month, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John W. Nicholson, called for thousands of more Advisors to assist the Afghan Security Forces in their fight against the Taliban. U.S. forces have ...
There are no doubts about Afghan government's sincerity and efforts for bringing the desired peace and stability in Afghanistan; however, increased activities of Taliban and other extremists groups have mesmerized the Afghan security apparatus, if the ...
Bacha Bazi is having a detrimental bearing on the perpetual state of conflict in Afghanistan, helping the Taliban to infiltrate security ranks in provinces such as Uruzgan, officials say.
Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) - A motorcycle bomb went off at a busy market in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing three people, while a Taliban ambush targeting a military convoy in the country's northeast killed four civilians, officials said.
Trio's interests are, instead, better served by off and on highlighting that erstwhile safe heavens of Afghan Taliban continue to exist inside Pakistan; they are always shy of even mentioning Afghanistan-Pakistan trans-border areas for such activities ...
In the clarification, however, the Governor House spokesperson said Jhagra had been referring to the Afghan Taliban in the context of Pak-Afghan dialogue, not the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). ... The governor said the Afghan government supported ...
Ghazni, Afghanistan, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) -- A Taliban key commander has been confirmed dead after a drone attacked a Taliban hideout in eastern Ghazni province on Sunday, an army spokesman in the province Liaqat Ali Amini said Monday. "Acting upon ...
Although it's impossible for Russia to form a friendship with the Taliban, Moscow has opened communication channels with the Afghan group, with an eye on ...
An estimated 15 percent of Afghanistan's districts have slipped from the government's control over the past six months.
The real reason the Afghan Taliban is not on the list has more to do with political considerations than whether it meets the statutory criteria for a terrorist ...
Afghan security force members search a vehicle during a military operation in Ghazni province, Afghanistan, Feb. 20, 2017.
the Pentagon chief was scheduled to fly to Afghanistan to meet with commanders and leaders on Sunday, but he said bad weather prevented the trip.
India was not invited to a Russia-led conference on Afghanistan last December, which included China and Pakistan. The three countries then agreed to start an outreach for reconciliation with the Taliban, the Pakistan-backed terror group which wants to ...
However, Russia has forged ties with Afghanistan's rebel Taliban movement, seeing them as an ally against Islamic State, and that has put it at odds with Washington.
An Afghan provincial official says the Taliban have stormed several Afghan security posts in eastern Kunar province, killing five police officers.
government officials said the crackdown would continue nationwide over the coming days, following a week of bloody terror attacks claimed by both ISIS and a faction of the Taliban. Isis claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing ... An army offensive ...
Speaking before a Senate panel, the general said that Moscow has pushed a "false narrative" to "publicly legitimize" the Taliban. This band of bloody brothers is fighting bitterly against the Afghan government, which is supported by us and is most ...
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India and Afghanistan took a hard line at the six-nation talks in Moscow on Wednesday, opposing the dominant view from Russia, China and Pakistan to involve ...
"Afghanistan was urged to take urgent measures to eliminate the terrorists and their sanctuaries, financiers and handlers," the foreign office said in a statement.
Certainly some of them have moved into territory that are not under our control in Afghanistan. So, if indeed, these elements on Afghan soil plan certain things against Pakistan, that is not necessarily of course equated to attacks being supported in ...
Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) - Taliban insurgents attacked a village in northern Faryab province on Wednesday, killing five members of the local police force, ...
gunmen from Afghanistan kidnap 52 farmers, say regional officials - The men seized in Wednesday's incident were kidnapped from three villages in the district ...
Pakistan on Wednesday summoned a senior Afghan diplomat to lodge a protest over "continuing" terrorist attacks on Pakistani soil by the Taliban from their "bases inside" the war-hacked country, a foreign office spokesman said. ... Meanwhile, the ...
Factions of the Afghan mujahedeen backed by the Islamic world and the West fought for more than nine years until Moscow decided to pull out all its troops on 15 Feb. 1989.
Jamaat-ul-Ahrar is based in the Mohmand area - part of rugged, lawless regions along the Afghan border which have long served as safe havens for local and al-Qaida-linked foreign militants, who have killed tens of thousands of people in over a decade.
A Taliban suicide bombing targeted the administrative headquarters of a tribal region in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing three policemen and two passers-by, according to officials.
Afghanistan's once-stable north has become a hotbed of kidnappings and shootings in recent years, as the militant Taliban gains ground, along with small groups loyal to Islamic State, mostly defectors from the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban. The men ...
Fourth, Afghan opium is another headache for Moscow. Afghanistan supplies 90 percent of the world's illicit opiates, which are mostly being produced in territory controlled by the Taliban. The opiate producers target Russia as one of the largest ...
Kabul, Afghanistan - Taliban insurgents attacked a village in northern Faryab province on Wednesday, killing five members of the local police force, an Afghan security official said. Karim Yuresh, spokesman for the provincial police chief, said.
For just 11 months of 2016, 6,785 Afghan forces were killed, according to the United States Special Inspector General for Reconstruction in Afghanistan. (Other sources say the number is much higher.) That is three times the United States toll for the ...
"Those Taliban who can think independently and have the spirit for Islam and Afghanistan, I call upon them that Afghanistan is joint home to all Afghans; come and live with pride with your countrymen and take part in its development, not [its ...
He requested additional troops for advising the Afghan Army. The Trump administration should meet this request, but only with a serious change in strategy.
In other words, irrespective if it is the anti-non-Muslim and anti-Shia sectarians of the Taliban (Taleban) - or the corrupt government of Afghanistan that is also anti-non-Muslim, more taxpayers money will be wasted on a nation where women suffer by ...
Bilal Ahmed Askaryar was the man charged with assault, according to Politico, in the effort to block Betsy DeVos from entering a public school.
The Independent human rights Commission (AIHRC) on Monday called for action to secure justice in cases where Afghan citizens have been attacked or killed.
Iran also has started supporting the Taliban to keep IS influence away from areas bordering Iran. China has had contacts with the Taliban for a while, hosting several secret meetings between the Taliban and Afghan government officials or peace envoys.
And the Taliban is also associated with al-Qaida? Therefore Russia indirectly is helping al-Qaida in Afghanistan," said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.
Kabul, Afghanistan - analysts say the Taliban are placing a new emphasis on symbols as a part of a wider attempt to portray themselves as a modern political force, hoisting their flag to stamp their mark on captured territory and flooding social media ...
A Taliban group leader has been killed as his explosive device went off prematurely in the eastern Logar Province, a local news agency reported on Monday.
At least 10 militants have been killed and 14 others injured as clash erupted between government forces and Taliban in Jarm district of the northern ...
BERLIN - German authorities have arrested a suspected member of Afghanistan's Taliban who is accused of taking part in an attack in which an American soldier was killed.
Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) The Taliban have claimed responsibility for a car bomb blast Saturday that killed at least eight people in southern Afghanistan. In a text message to journalists, Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said the group was behind ...
In addition to spreading a narrative that the Taliban is fighting the Afghan branch of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Russia has also organized a series of meetings to discuss the future of Afghanistan without inviting the Afghan ...
Kabul (Reuters) - When a convoy of Red Cross workers drove into remote northern Afghanistan on Wednesday with supplies for victims of snow storms, they were entering a region that had recently seen dangerous and unpredictable changes.
The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said Thursday that he needs several thousand more troops to help Afghan government forces break a stalemate with the Taliban less than a year after President Obama drew down American forces. Gen. John W.
BERLIN (AP) - German authorities have arrested a suspected member of Afghanistan's Taliban who is accused of taking part in an attack in which an American soldier was killed.
Making deals with low-ranking Afghan Army officials since 2013, Mohammad is living witness to last month's report by the U.S.
Making deals with low-ranking Afghan Army officials since 2013, Mohammad is living witness to last month's report by the U.S.
The Afghan Taliban denied any involvement in the murder of six workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross Afghanistan and the disappearance of two more workers today in Jawzjan province. Instead, the Taliban said the attack was the work ...





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