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updated Tue. May 23, 2017

Taliban shadow governments appeal to Afghans because the alternative is an Afghan government always on the take. Paying bribes remains the norm for any Afghan who wants a crime or civil dispute resolved.
Sediq Sediqqi, an Afghan government spokesman tweeted, "Very false claims by Pakistani Frontier Corps that as many as 50 Afghan soldiers lost their lives in Pak (Pakistan) retaliation totally rejected.
Kabul is consistently losing control in Afghanistan's provinces, which are falling to ISIS and the Taliban, especially in the country's northern areas bordering with Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.
Afghan security personnel keep watch during fighting between Taliban militants and Afghan forces in Kunduz on May 10, 2017. Hundreds of Afghan families ...
Abdul Rashid Dostum flew to Turkey on Friday evening reportedly for medical treatment, according to sources in the Afghan government. Dostum is believed to have alcohol problems and claims to suffer from diabetes. His departure for Turkey makes it ...
Pakistans relationship with Afghanistan does not seem to be improving despite attempts made by both sides in recent weeks to cultivate an air of cordiality.
The political return of Mr. Hekmatyar, widely known in the international community as the "Butcher of Kabul", was made possible after the Afghan government inked a peace accord with Hezb-e-Islami in September last year. According to the agreement, ...
The US government is currently conducting a review of its Afghanistan strategy and support to the Afghan government in its efforts against the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State-affiliated armed groups.
The Taliban has categorically stated that seeking a peace deal with the current government in Afghanistan would be tantamount to a surrender to the "enemy" and contrary to Islamic faith.
Qaem's comments come amid growing international concern that the Taliban, who are fighting Afghan government troops in rural areas of the country, are fueling the poppy trade by engaging in trafficking and skimming hundreds of millions dollars in ...
The Afghan government says its forces have retaken control of a district center near the northern city of Kunduz from Taliban fighters.
The Taliban has categorically stated that seeking a peace deal with the current government in Afghanistan would be tantamount to a surrender to the "enemy" and contrary to Islamic faith.
Kabul, May 15 (Xinhua) -- Afghan print and electronic media have given wide coverage to the Belt and Road Initiative and urged the Afghan government to play a due role proactively in implementing the vital global project. "The Belt and Road Initiative ...
According to a statement issued by UNAMA, the meeting took place as part of the United Nations support to the Afghan government's efforts to engage all those interested in establishing equitable peace. Yamamoto welcomed the continued implementation of ...
Ultimately, the West would hope that providing support to the Afghan government will lead to either a victory over the Taliban, which is unlikely, or a political solution.
Islamabad: Afghan Taliban on Monday rejected a peace deal between the Afghan government and Hizb-e-Islami. The deal had been signed in September, 2016.
Is shoring up the Afghan government forces necessary to enable an ongoing counter-terrorism mission, and, if not, then what U.S.
Security analysts say a troop surge would not make a difference unless additional steps are taken including reforms within the Afghan government and convincing Pakistan to break ties with militant groups in Afghanistan. "The troop surge in itself won't ...
Before we send more troops, the Trump administration should establish clear benchmarks the Afghan government must meet within a reasonable amount of time.
Islamabad: The government will start documentation of nearly one million undocumented Afghan refugees, a federal minister said on Thursday.
Islamabad: The government is set to start the long-awaited documentation of nearly one million unregistered Afghan nationals in the country, officials said on ...
Mosazai said the Afghan government has done its part, including providing full security in the mining operation and preserving and relocating archaeological sites that have been discovered on top of the mine area.
Kabul, Afghanistan (4:00 P.M.) - Afghan National Army (ANA) units restored control over Zebak district in Badakhshan province, northeastern Afghanistan, ...
The Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) and the National database and Registration Authority (Nadra) on Thursday decided to begin documentation of illegal Afghan nationals in what is termed as a 'carrot-and-stick policy' for illegal Afghan ...
"We are working with the Taliban in order to implement the United Nations Security Council's decision taken at the Afghan government's request, which says that the Taliban should join the political process provided they recognize the current ...
On their return, they were upbeat but unfortunately none of these visits have become fruitful in breaking the belligerent stance of the Afghan government. Taliban have risen again and Afghan government has no control or influence over the rest of ...
Islamabad: Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz said on Tuesday that the Bab-e-Dosti border at Chaman between Pakistan and Afghanistan will not be opened till the Afghan government addresses Pakistan's reservations. Sartaj Aziz said ...
But it also reflects the assumption that maintaining the current level of forces could leave the United States presiding over a slow deterioration in security, with fading hopes for a negotiated settlement between the Taliban and the Afghan government.
Not all teachers need coercing. Some are themselves active members of the Taliban, swapping chalk for Kalashnikovs after completing the day's lessons.
The most recent (April 30) report of the U.S. government's Special Inspector General for Afghanistan reconstruction (SIGAR) says the Afghan government "controls or influences" only 59.7 per cent of the country's districts, "a nearly 11 percentage-point ...
The Taliban's annual message largely follows the pattern of previous messages, although there is no reference to peace talks with the government.
Last month, Afghan government released its achievements vis--vis protection of freedom of expression and supporting media, while a journalist was not allowed to ask question in the last President's press conference.
The Afghan government withdrew police from the border area and deployed army personnel. The authorities concerned asked the people living in the villages close to the border to shift to safe places.
(MENAFN - WADSAM) The Afghan Ministry of agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) plans to build 248 cold storage facilities worth USD 40mn across #Afghanistan in the next two years.
(MENAFN - WADSAM) The Integrity Watch #Afghanistan (IWA) has once again flagged corruption as the biggest problem in Afghanistan's mining sector.
The Afghan diplomat was conveyed that Pakistani authorities were undertaking the population census and this information had been shared with the Afghan government earlier, said a foreign ministry statement. "The unprovoked firing from the Afghan side ...
Kabul, Afghanistan (1:40 P.M.) - Media wing of Afghan Islamist movement, Taliban, has published a statement claiming that at least 26 Afghan National Army (ANA) troops were killed in clashes with militants in Badakhshan province in northeastern ...
"We urge the Afghan government to take immediate steps to bring an end to the unprovoked firing from the Afghan side. Action should also be taken against those who are responsible for this violation," the Foreign Office said in a statement after the ...
Fresh analysis suggests 'mother of all bombs' caused far less damage than was originally reported - raising questions over why it was dropped in the first place.
"In this regard, the Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) that involved both US and China along with Afghanistan and Pakistan made serious efforts for bringing Afghan government and Taliban to Afghan-owned and Afghan led peace talks," he added.
Islamabad: Pakistan on Friday warned the Afghan government of retaliatory action if Kabul failed to stop its forces from carrying out unprovoked firing and shelling on innocent civilians on the Pakistani side of the border.
(MENAFN - WADSAM) The Integrity Watch #Afghanistan (IWA) has once again flagged corruption as the biggest problem in Afghanistan's mining sector.
Afghanistan has made significant progress toward equal workplace participation, with the government developing measures to advance women's participation and protect them from harm.
(MENAFN - WADSAM) The Afghan Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) said 46 more vocational training centers would be established in the near future.
Beijing has, however, used the ISI to strengthen ties with the Taliban while backing Pakistan's efforts to promote a 'dialogue' between the Taliban and the Afghan government. These joint Chinese-Pakistani efforts, earlier backed by the Obama ...
The military authorities as well as the Pakistani government have been lodging strong protest with the Afghan government over this naked aggression asking those at the helm of affairs to check the ambushes launched by the miscreants from their safe ...
Hekmatyar once curried favour with the U.S. when the Soviets were the enemy, then spent a stint with the Taliban when the U.S. and the Afghan government became the enemy before finally going solo (allegedly with Pakistani backing) in a bid to oust the ...





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