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updated Fri. May 26, 2017

I am grateful to the Croatian government." Once the men had obtained official refugee status, their families became eligible to apply for reunification.
The worm, also known as MicroBotMassiveNet, was discovered by Miroslav Stampar, a security researcher and member of the Croatian government's computer emergency response team (CERT), earlier this week. Once weaponised, he said, it could have a ...
MM> will provide no new financing for indebted food and retail company Agrokor until the lender has reached an understanding with the Croatian government, Sberbank's chief executive said on Friday. Sberbank is a major creditor to Agrokor, the biggest ...
In May last year, the former Croatian government removed eight big companies from its list of firms of strategic importance for the country and banned from being offered for privatisation.
The Croatian government's appointed commissioner Ante Ramljak, in charge of handling Croatia's largest private company's restructuring, has filed to remove a clause stating that Agrokor will incur the costs if its senior management gets sued.
EternalRocks was discovered by Miroslav Stampar, IT security advisor and expert for the Croatian government CERT, who caught the infection in an SMB honeypot.
Davor Ivo Stier expressed his satisfaction that the talks in Moscow confirmed the Russian side "understand very well what the Croatian government is doing with the goal of stabilising this important concern of systematic importance for the Croatian ...
A seven-year-old agreement between the Croatian government and public sector trade unions requires the government to raise public sector wages if the country's GDP growth exceeds 2% on average in two consecutive quarters.
The annex remains in force even though all employment contracts of former Agrokor board members were terminated on April 10 when the Croatian government launched extraordinary administration procedure in the company, Ramljak explained. Earlier this ...
The worm was identified by Miroslav Stampar, a researcher with the Croatian government's computer emergency response team, and has been dubbed "EternalRocks.
"One can hardly blame the Croatian government for acting. They would surely have been accused of inaction if they simply did nothing," he says.
But Stampar, who is part of the Croatian government CERT, discovered the network worm EternalRocks that is much more impactful than WannaCry and has no kill-switch.
The European Union wants its members to recycle much more waste than they currently do. Although Zagreb is known as "the capital of garbage", the Croatian government is silent about issues it wants to negotiate. In March, the European Parliament voted ...
But as the clouds around the company darkened, he handed control over to the Croatian government. Nenad Zakosek, a professor of political science at Zagreb University, believes the tycoon was given too much leeway by political allies, with disastrous ...
"When in early 2017 it appeared the corporation was close to bankruptcy, the Croatian government reacted in haste to avoid an implosion," he said.
... worm component of the WannaCry ransomware, this one is using seven NSA tools instead of two. The worm's existence first came to light on Wednesday, after it infected the SMB honeypot of Miroslav Stampar, member of the Croatian government CERT, ...
"The Ukrainian Parliament ratified the agreement on economic cooperation between the government of Ukraine and the government of Croatia. This agreement is very important, as we have a free trade regime with Croatia as the EU member state.
On April 10, the Croatian government appointed Ramljak as receiver of Agrokor to lead a restructuring process in the country's largest private concern under a new law adopted by the parliament a week earlier.
CJFE is deeply concerned about the state of impunity that continues to exist for the perpetrators of attacks against journalists in Croatia.
ZAGREB (Croatia), May 17 (SeeNews) - Croatian food, beverage and drug producer Podravka said on Wednesday it plans to pay a gross dividend of 7 kuna per share ($1.0/0.9 Euro) from its 2016 net profit.
The Verkhovna Rada has adopted the law "On Ratification of the Agreement on Economic Cooperation between the government of Ukraine and the government of the Republic of Croatia.
In 2006, the Croatian government declared a nature reserve around the Island Losinj , where the sea serves as home to more than 120 dolphins, specifically the bottlenose dolphin.
"It is in the interest of Croatia, but I believe also in the interest of the Russian side, to have stability in that segment. With that goal, we have passed the special law.
As it became clear that Agrokor would be unable to make upcoming debt repayments, the Croatian government stepped in to appoint emergency management at the group, which is the country's largest employer.
Beijing, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Chinese premier Li Keqiang and his Croatian counterpart Andrej Plenkovic on Saturday exchanged congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties.
Hungarian oil company MOL is ready to sell its stake in Croatian energy company INA to the Croatian government, Sandor Csanyi, vice chairman of MOL and CEO of Hungary's OTP Bank, said on May 5. Croatia owns a 44.85% stake in INA, while MOL holds ...
After Great Britain decided to leave the European Union, a major battle has begun among other member states about where the headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be located.
CEO of the Hungarian OTP Bank and Vice Chairman of MOL's Board of Directors, Sandor Csanyi, said on Friday in Split that the Hungarian oil company was willing to sell its stake in the Croatian national oil company INA to the Croatian government ...
Sedlar was then assigned by the Croatian government to find an author to write a biography that would improve the international image of Tudjman, who was often criticised for human rights violations and issues with media freedom after the 1990s war.
The Croatian government recognises Agrokor's strategic importance to Croatia, where it has over 30 000 employees and accounts for 16% of Croatia's gross domestic product.
Agrokor, a food and retail giant whose revenues account for 15% of Croatia's GDP, has basically been taken over by the Croatian government in an effort to avoid its collapse. Agrokor's crisis might spread its negative effects to the whole Balkan region ...
In Croatia, the anniversary of the operation, that is interpreted as the liberation of Western Slavonia, this year took place in the shadow of the crisis of the Croatian government, and without any mention of the Serb victims. Speaking during a ...
Agrokor, a food and retail giant whose revenues account for 15% of Croatia's GDP, has basically been taken over by the Croatian government in an effort to avoid its collapse. Agrokor's crisis might spread its negative effects to the whole Balkan region ...
After dramatic events last week, the Parliament will continue its regular session by discussing MOST's proposal to amend the Law on Archives, which is in the second reading.
ZAGREB, Croatia - The junior party in Croatia's ruling conservative coalition says it is leaving the government of Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic following a dispute over the finance minister.
The Croatian government has passed a special law which has allowed it to take over the management of the company, in an attempt to salvage it.
It is day two of the current government crisis. After the Prime Minister dismissed three of MOST's ministers yesterday, they reacted by saying that they would continue to come to work until they are dismissed by Parliament as well.
"The government of Croatia, as the majority owner of Petrokemija, is ready to engage itself in finding the resources necessary to back Petrokemija's liquidity.
INA has exploration and production operations in Croatia, Africa and the Middle East and operates a filling station network in its home market and in neighboring countries.
The acquisition of the helicopters for a purchase price of $65 million was part of the Croatian government's efforts to replace its Soviet-produced defence equipment with 'modern Western-made assets', according to a statement from the MoD.
Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic speaks during a press conference in Zagreb, Croatia, 27 April 2017. Reports state Plenkovic on 27 April dismissed three ministers from his coalition partner 'Most' (Bridge) party in a disagreement over the ...
According to INA's privatisation plan, MOL was supposed to be a strategic partner, enabling further growth and easier access to resources and markets.
A delegation of Croatian government, which includes representatives of the Ministry of finance and the Croatian National Bank (HNB), will participate in the spring meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington.
The ceremony Saturday was held a day before the Croatian government plans to mark an attempted escape in 1945 of 1,073 prisoners from the Jasenovac camp when hundreds were killed.
ZAGREB, Croatia -- Croatian anti-fascists and Serb minority groups on Saturday held a commemoration ceremony at the site of a notorious World War II death camp, boycotting the official event over alleged government inaction in curbing the surge of ...
The ceremony was held a day before the Croatian government marks the attempted escape in 1945 of 1,073 prisoners from the Jasenovac camp when hundreds were killed.




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