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... to demand answers from the police department and the St. Louis city government. ... the city of St. Louis stands with Rossomanno and we cannot imagine why.
Opponents of the merger also worry about the county having to pay the costs of the city of St. Louis, such as government deficits and ...

The lawsuit was brought against the city of St. Louis and the owners of ... a court order directing a government official to fulfill his or her duties.
... boundaries of" the company's request for proposals, said Drew Erdmann, Gov. ... which is funded by St. Louis County and the city of St. Louis.
JEFFERSON CITY • Gov. Eric Greitens on Wednesday appointed Lynne R. Perkins to be an associate circuit judge in the 22nd Judicial Circuit.
Fortunately the voters in the City of St. Louis, including an ... city and county government and current member of the Missouri State Board of ...

From Mayor Lyda Krewson to custodians at government facilities, the city's ... above to see the top 30 highest-paid city of St. Louis employees.
Gov. Greitens promotes fire safety and jobs for vets in St. Louis ... They will be distributing them to families across the city of St. Louis," said ...
government offices • Most federal and state offices in Illinois and ... Most municipal offices will be open, including the City of St. Louis.
I have reviewed several law suits filed against the City of St. Louis for ... under my administration on the role of the police in our government.
Other business measures that quickly advanced for final passage in the final weeks of the session included other business lawsuit limitations; restrictions on the program that covers workers injured on the job; a bill to block the city of St. Louis ...
The city of St. Louis needs urgent help to avoid drowning in its vast sea of abandoned houses and buildings. The longer these properties go unattended, the worse their condition gets, and the harder it is to attract buyers who aspire to return ...
The city of St. Louis appealed to the Supreme Court. The high bench determined that laws in place since the late 1990's only set a floor for minimum pay.
Organized labor in Missouri experienced a major setback with the election of Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, as the legislature ... He has not yet met with Greitens, who is the first chief executive from the city of St. Louis in decades. "The impression ...
Despite coming out completely against using public dollars for a proposed new Major League soccer stadium in St. Louis, Gov. Eric Greitens met with those representing the Scottrade Center, which is owned by the city of St. Louis. "After meeting with ...
First in a five-part series about how all three branches of Missouri government helped prop up the Sheriffs' Retirement Fund by charging a court fee that many judges and legal scholars find unconstitutional.
On Thursday, St. Louis on the Air hosted a moderated, yet lively, conversation about Proposition A, one of the ballot measures that City of St. Louis voters will decide on during the April 4 election. Proposition A is a proposed amendment to the City ...

I would like to point out that there's an automatic built-in escalation feature whether it be in sales or property tax and government needs to learn to live within its own means. As the amount of goods and services increases or the price increases ...
Conservative millionaire and political activist Rex Sinquefield and Missouri Democrat State Senator, Jamilah Nasheed are behind the controversial proposition.
Couples leaving the city of St. Louis often head west or across the river in search of larger homes or better school districts, says Ness Sandoval, a St. Louis University professor who studies the city's demographic trends.
An oil spill off the California coast in 1969 coated 400 square miles with slime and killed hundreds of birds. scientists announced that auto exhaust was at high enough levels in some places that it could cause birth defects.
"We need to see why people aren't interested in participating on the local level,'' she added, observing that local government often has a stronger impact on what happens in people's daily lives than in Jefferson City or Washington, the state or nation ...
On April 4, City of St. Louis voters will be asked if they want to get rid of the Recorder of Deeds Office. Proposition "A" says any money saved would be put in a fund to buy police body cameras.
St. Louis ( -- The City of St. Louis is taking preliminary steps to explore the idea of privatizing St. Louis Lambert International Airport, according to a source.
Missouri Gov. Kit Bond appointed Haley to the board of curators at Lincoln University in Jefferson City, where she was elected board president in 1977.
"We have a very very serious problem in the city of St. Louis with police and community relations, and I truly believe that the only way we can bridge that gap is to put body cams on police officers.
LOUIS, Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - The City of St. Louis and the SC STL ownership group working to bring a Major League soccer expansion team to St. Louis today jointly announced an unprecedented agreement to invest millions of dollars in our children ...
The city of St. Louis would lose about $16.7 million a year, most of it spent on grants to dozens of agencies doing everything from feeding kids and seniors to boarding up nuisance properties to repairing homes for needy citizens.
Griesheimer explained another major roadblock for the bill would be full support of all of the counties and government entities involved.
And the burden is on the government." Missouri recently has had legislation affecting individual religious freedom. In the City of St. Louis, the Board of Aldermen approved Board Bill 203, which makes pregnancy and reproductive decisions protected classes.
The problem is that Owen's Highland Avenue home of 50 years is sandwiched between two severely-dilapidated, abandoned buildings, both owned by the city of St. Louis. Ton says "there's steady crumbling and we're worried it will crumble onto her home."
In the fall of 1832, when the population of the fledgling city of St. Louis was around 6,000, an outbreak of cholera killed hundreds of people.
Griesheimer explained another major roadblock for the bill would be full support of all of the counties and government entities involved.
Business groups on Wednesday asked for a rehearing in their case against the city of St. Louis regarding its minimum wage hike.
The Archie League Medal of Safety Award is named for Archie W. League, the first person to direct planes on the tarmac, according to the FAA.
Regarding her influence, Krewson intends to improve the City of St. Louis for the benefit of all its residents. Alderwoman Krewson expressed her ... strong law enforcement," Krewson said. "We need a more diverse police force, we need a better-paid ...
... Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri, the Daily Journal covered issues pertaining to American education, the proposed Republican replacement for Obamacare and investigations into possible ties between President Donald Trump and the Russian government.
... government, federal data shows. Blunt's email: "In addition to increased costs, families in Missouri and across the nation have lost the ability to choose a plan that best suits their health care needs.
The former St. Louis Rams shouldn't have to pay state sales tax on a portion of their receipts from ticket revenue that was used to pay an Entertainment tax to the city of St. Louis when the team was still located there, an attorney for the Rams told ...
There is no ruling class of Black elite government officials with the intention to fight the white establishment in St. Louis.
Last year, the program worked with 200 businesses in both the city of St. Louis and St. Louis County in 14 different industries such as restaurants, Corporations, community-based stores, government, retail and others. Joining Frey in studio were two ...
... immediately after Gov. Eric Greitens signs it. That's because Republicans added an emergency clause to the bill, which further irked Democrats.
Krewson also sold herself as the candidate best positioned to usher in new economic development opportunities and to modernize the city's bureaucratic layers of government. She claimed she was unafraid to take on big fights. In 2003, she pointed out ...
St. Louis (AP) - Fed up that Missouri is the only state that doesn't track the prescription and sale of opioids, some of its biggest cities and counties have created their own monitoring system to help combat the increasingly popular and highly ...
Representative Bruce Franks Jr., a Democrat from the City of St. Louis, opposes the measure, but is committed to implementing it.
"Missourians went to the polls in November and elected a lot of Republicans who ran on platforms of small government and more local control," said UFCW Local 655 President David Cook.
The 2015 General Assembly overrode former Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of Shaul's HB ... "We are looking to ensure there is as little or no interruption to the operation of businesses in the City of St. Louis as possible," Chipman, R-Steelville, said. "Like ...
Roy Blunt, Gov. Eric Greitens, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and other Republican officials. Waving American flags and wearing "Make America Great Again" hats, supporters marched around the state capital, offering praise for what they've liked about ...
... who previously owned the old Buster Brown Shoe Factory at Cass and Jefferson avenues, speaks to reporters but does not participate in mayoral forums and has not mounted much of a campaign.
Gov. Eric Greitens says he's receptive to having Missouri's transportation department spruce up state land to make way for a professional soccer stadium in St. Louis.




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