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updated Fri. July 28, 2017

A mysterious former representative of the Danish government called Thorkild Hegn intervenes to get them off the hook if Susan will in return do ...
... the energy crisis and loadshedding by 2018 through its five-year energy plan and the government of Denmark is actively supporting Pakistan ...
The six-day training which was attended by 75 legislators was funded by the Danish government through its funding to the AU Mission's ...
Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | The Danish government through its development cooperation agency, Danida, has given the ICC's ...
... Programme Support, and supported by the government of Denmark. ... Edgeryders, Nesta, cognitive Edge, Danish government's MindLab, ...
The Danish term "Skaeve Huse" roughly translates to special houses for special people. Since the early aughts, the government has been ...
Since the 70s the Danish government integrated community energy into its core policies and by 2013 70-80% of existing wind turbines is ...
The Danish government is led by the liberal Venstre party, which has ruled by the grace of the nativist far-right Danish People's Party ...
The UNDP Innovation Facility was launched in 2014 with the support of the government of Denmark. It supports UNDP offices and partners in ...
... percent after Brexit even if Britain agrees a free trade deal with the European Union, a study commissioned by the Danish government found.
The Danish government reached an agreement over a new public pension system but will not increase the retirement age, said the Danish ...
Activities promoting effective and safe energy use for construction works under the MoC have received active support from many international organisations including International finance corporation, Danish government, Global Environment Facility, the ...
Visiting the Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uffe Wolffhechel, Ambassador of Denmark to Thailand, got to see first-hand how Denmark's development cooperation, Danida, projects make a long lasting difference.
"This year, because of Swedish/Danish government environmental issues, they're only allowing the use of steel shot, not lead," he added.
Arla, Organic Denmark, Meyers Food and other industry players will become advisers to the Danish government in a bid to cement the country's reputation as a food and gastronomy powerhouse, cut food waste and improve eating habits.
... France leading towards closer EU foreign and security policy integration. The Danish government should reckon that any rebooting of the French-German "engine" of deeper European integration will revolve around issues where Denmark has EU opt-outs.
... Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Department for International Development (DFID previously known as Organization for Development and Cooperation- ODC), United Mission to Nepal (UMN), government of Denmark, government of ...
Denmark - The increase in the supply of pigs to Danish Crown's abattoirs can be ascribed to the combined effects of Danish Crown's own growth package, the subsidy scheme for new housing units and the Danish government's agriculture package. Danish ...
The meat processor and one of the world's largest pork exporters said the increase in pig supply is down to three things: its growth package for pig farmers; subsidies for new housing units and the Danish government's controversial agriculture package.
The island's government voted last year in favor of same-sex marriage. Danish government had to approve the marriage Act amendments for it to officially go through.
However the legislation required a change in law from the government of Denmark in order to be put into practice. gay marriage.
But facing budget constraints and wanting to level the playing field in fall 2015, the government of Denmark - "a global leader in wind power" populated by "bicycle-loving people" - announced it would phase out those tax-break subsidies by 2020.
The strategy follows from the extensive 2016 review of Denmark's foreign policy and covers all areas of the government's foreign policy work.
However, the Danish government approved the export, partly because its own intelligence service and foreign affairs advisers had not objected.
The strategy follows from the extensive 2016 review of Denmark's foreign policy and covers all areas of the government's foreign policy work.
In addition, the Danish government has invested $36 million on 'bike Super Highways,' which connect major urban cities with their surrounding suburbs and rural areas so that even trips between cities are safely accessible on a bike.
The project is co-funded by the European Union and by the government of Denmark; and implemented by Expertise France, the French international technical cooperation agency.
The Danish government aims to raise the maximum penalty for money laundering to eight years in prison from six years currently, Justice Minister Soren Pape Poulsen told lawmakers on in April.
Only once they approve the agreement CETA comes fully into force. The Danish government has prioritized a fast an expeditious approach to the Danish ratification of CETA and presented the legislative proposal in the Danish Parliament 28 February 2017.
Recently, the Danish government approved the next phase of the $2.5 billion project, which involves mapping out its Sustainability.
But it seems the motivation to buy so many EVs in the past was not entirely due to environmental concerns but mainly because of the generous subsidy offered by the Danish government in the form of a waiver of the 180 percent import tax imposed on ...
In a speech on Monday, Rasmussen criticised Trump over his decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, a move considered a significant break with the Danish government's established pro-US foreign policy. Rasmussen described the US president's ...
COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark should cut taxes to encourage people to work more, which would increase the supply of labour and help prevent the economy from overheating in 2018, finance Minister Kristian Jensen said on Friday.
A Danish government investment fund is one of four investors in a huge new pig breeding and processing project that has just broken ground in ...
During a speech on marine pollution at the conference, Luhut cited previous partnership studies with the World Bank and the Danish government, as well as a separate study with the United States, that have uncovered a significant rise in plastic waste ...
The Danish government has in the past few years helped in the construction of about 30 new courtrooms countrywide to improve service delivery in the judicial system.
As well as inherent uncertainty in the energy ministry's calculations rendering a margin of error necessary, the Danish government should also expect the EU to change its targets for 2030, according to the report. The Paris agreement, signed by 197 ...
Don't look now but the United States is now publicly being criticized by one of its closest allies. For the last two decades, Denmark has been among the most loyal American allies.
The Danish government cooperated with the ministry and the Kelola Foundation by providing grants to 10 local artists and art communities.
According to what the Danish government is hearing, Trump is likely to be isolated in his decision to abandon the Paris accord.
The commitments to KIF are split between the Danish government, IFU - Denmark's investment fund for Developing Countries, and the institutional investors PKA, PBU and PensionDanmark.
The European Commission (EC) has permitted the Danish government to open up its online bingo and horseracing wagering markets, ending the monopoly position of state-owned gambling operator Danske Spil.
The Danish government's new political programme for pensions and retirement has received a less-than-enthusiastic reaction from the pensions industry, with criticism that the plan should do more to remove disincentives to save.
... them to implement the future project. This project is supposed to become a certain contribution to solving the above mentioned problems in the labor sphere of Ukraine.
In the week when Donald Trump looked like he might be about to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement the launch report of the Energy Transition Commissions was a welcome injection of common sense.
A few months earlier the Danish government revealed its plans to make its horse race betting and online bingo market more liberal as soon as possible, by shrinking the nationwide monopoly of Danske Spil.
The most important spying was on the Danish government where the US leaked a draft of a plan for enforceable emissions standards; and on China where the US intruded into a meeting where the Chinese, Indians and others were working on a similar plan.
"If there are more credits for degrees from Chinese universities, I could get a lot of financial help from the Danish government as well," she said. Elsborg said, as far as she knows, only Peking University offers degrees that are acknowledged in Denmark.
The Danish government also demanded the NGO return its money in the wake of a growing international outcry over the issue. "I am outraged that the WATC (women's Technical Affairs Committee), which claims to work for human rights, has not only glorified ...
According to what the Danish government is hearing, Trump is likely to be isolated in his decision to abandon the Paris accord.






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