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"I'm not sure that the taxpayers of Texas, who are also taxpayers to the federal government, have untold tax dollars to support a role of the federal government." Bonnen said he was increasingly frustrated that federal agencies have not adequately ...
El Paso, Texas (AP) - Leaders of a West Texas county have voted to ban smoking on most county-owned property starting in 2017.

Two additional Azure government regions in the South West and South Central United States. They are expanding Azure Government from new regions in Arizona and Texas. Slated to be generally available in 2017, the new regions will add to their existing ...
Washington - The U.S. government Publishing Office (GPO) names the James C. Jernigan Library at Texas A&M University - Kingsville the 2016 Federal Depository Library of the Year.
Austin, Texas (AP) - The Texas education Agency has reviewed and rejected a complaint from Turkey alleging a charter school system engaged in employment discrimination and misused public funds.
Attorney General Ken Paxton at the 2016 Texas GOP convention in May, where he and other state leaders promised to keep trans Texans from choosing which ...

"Protecting the purity of the voter registration process goes directly to the heart of our system of government." Jordan said there is one case of alleged voter fraud in the local system right now - Rosa Maria Ortega of Grand Prairie, who was arrested ...
Part of the reason this is happening is because the federal government is not required to watch over Texas anymore - and state government hasn't picked up that work, either. "It should be something that the Secretary of State is looking at," Perales says.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- All eyes are on the third presidential debate slated for Wednesday, but don't forget that early voting in Montgomery County begins ...
The number of families that were apprehended or turned themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents in Texas' Rio Grande Valley swelled by 90 percent during the government's 2016 fiscal year over the previous year, according to Department of Homeland ...
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Bordering on Insecurity Logo The Texas Tribune is taking a yearlong look at the issues of border security and immigration. This part of the project focuses on how violent gang warfare and grinding poverty are driving new waves of Central American ...
Some Texas members of the U.S. House and Senate have been leaders in opposing the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., which uses federal credit to help American exporters sell products abroad.
In striving to protect the right of our citizens as afforded by the Public Information Act, the committee also considered whether the procedures for response are adequate for the citizens of Texas. However, it is also necessary to protect small ...
Judith Canales, U.S. Department of Agriculture Texas executive director, will speak on agriculture assistance government programs during Wednesday morning's Cattleman's College. Canales will cover several agency programs that were authorized by the ...
Some say the voter fraud investigation in Tarrant County is politically motivated; others say it's addressing a practice that has been a problem for a long time.
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Undoubtedly fearful of a similar rebuke, Texas officials retreated from their quest to bar Syrians from resettling there, yet held fast to Governor Gregg Abbott's plan to remove the state from the federal refugee program entirely.
The agreements -- not comprehensive of all offered in Texas government -- totaled more than $1.5 million, including more than $432,000 in emergency leave.
Stansel, one of the authors of the annual report Economic Freedom of North America, said the economic success of states can be predicted by the level of government meddling in the market. Texas and Florida are reliably near the top economic performers; ...
Texas works because its government was designed not to. That's the thesis of a new essay by Jon Cassidy, published in this month's City Journal.
Two members of the Texas A&M student body government are facing disciplinary investigations over comments they made about classmates in a group text chat, according to The Battalion, the university's student newspaper.
There also is evidence that innocent people have been "killed by the government on our behalf," said the statement by the Texas Catholic Conference of bishops, who added that capital punishment feeds the "false belief that violence is the only remedy ...
(NEW YORK) - The U.S. government agency charged with product safety is urging consumers to power down and stop using all Galaxy Note7 smartphones - whether they are a replacement or original.
This is the first presidential election where many of us are eligible to vote; it is one of polar opposites, in which whoever wins will cast stark differences from the other in terms of policies, supreme court justices, diplomacy, government reach and ...
Texas Insider Report: WASHINGTON, D.C. - Despite these repeated, foreign-sponsored cyberattacks, the Obama administration has done little more than wring its hands and issue diplomatic protests.
The last day to register to vote in Texas is Tuesday, Oct. 8. less. Edison high school student Ciara Barnes,18, (left) fills out a voter registration form Tuesday, Sept.
A 2015 ruling by a federal judge in Texas blocked President Barak Obama's efforts to greatly expand legal protections and job opportunities for undocumented immigrants in America.
A week after a deadly stampede brought anti-government protests and violence to a fever pitch, Ethiopia declared a six-month state of emergency Sunday.
The open records training section of the Texas Local Government Code states, "Each public official shall complete a course of training of not less than one and not more than two hours regarding the responsibilities of the governmental body with which ...
A Fort Worth man was arrested early Sunday morning after allegedly breaking into the Texas Capitol and defacing a portrait, according to the state Department of Public Safety.
In a short, three-page motion, Texas on Friday asked the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the state's appeal of a federal judge's June decision that threw out the state's case after finding Texas did not have grounds to sue the federal ...
In a short, three-page motion, Texas on Friday asked the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss the state's appeal of a federal judge's June decision that threw out the state's case after finding Texas did not have grounds to sue the federal ...
Matt Drudge, author of the conservative media site, is being ridiculed over his tweets in advance of hurricane Matthew's arrival in Florida.
COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The State of Texas has 27 days to explain why some schools in the state are reportedly denying special education services to ...
The U.S. government has charged a federal contractor with the theft of government property and removal of classified materials, including multiple top secret documents that would pose a threat to U.S.
The senator, for a time, seemed poised to force another government shutdown over the matter. Cruz's claims are without merit.
... right-wing lobby group Texas Values, and Houston anti-LGBT activist Jared Woodfill announced Tuesday that they're again asking the Texas Supreme Court to hear their lawsuit seeking to block the same-sex spouses of government workers from receiving ...
Instead of talking about the things that candidates want to do, maybe we should talk about the things they're doing. Texas voters put a bunch of new people in statewide office in 2014, but they were replacing a Republican government with a Republican ...
A longtime Texas government lawyer is advising the restaurant industry on how to respond to upstart third-party food delivery services like Amazon Prime Now and UberEATS.
Austin - The federal government on Monday ordered Texas state officials to eliminate an 8.5 percent benchmark on special education enrollment enforced in the state's 1,200 school districts unless they can show that it had not kept children with ...
On Oct. 2, 1835, a small group of rebellious colonists in what is now South Texas defied Mexican rule with the memorable battle cry: "Come and take it!
The federal government is again suing a Mississippi strip club, saying black strippers should be treated equally when they take it all off.
In short, Texans as a whole are horrible at voting, state and local turnout records show.
He said municipal leaders must collaborate with county, state and other government entities for a continuum of services for the homeless.
As reported by The Texas Tribune, refugee settlement in the state is funded by the federal government but managed by the state, who coordinates with local nonprofit groups to help refugees settle down in their communities.
That's because unlike most states and the federal government, Texas doesn't allow the incomes or losses from limited liability companies and S corporations to be treated as income to individual shareholders.
Groups from at least 11 universities, including Texas A&M, University of Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, Rice and Texas State, are gearing up for the November launch of the Texas student government Coalition, a lobbying partnership among student ...
Texas leaders say a plan for the Lone Star State to join the convention of states movement should be considered by the Legislature next year.
Abbott made the announcement on the day of a deadline for Texas and the federal government to negotiate next year's refugee resettlement budget for the coming year, Ashley Lopez of Kut reports.





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